Supernatural Season 5

  • Mallena's Supernatural Musings: 5.01 "Sympathy for the Devil"

    This week, I’ve been musing about family dramas.  There are many great examples of the genre in television, films, and novels.  I wanted to review an episode of Supernatural that had some poignant family drama, so I picked the premiere episode of season five.  This episode has incredible drama between our favorite brothers and also has the evil machinations of my favorite bad angel Zachariah and his family.

  • Ode To The Trickster

    Editor's Note: In case you hadn't yet heard this important piece of American trivia, today is National Tell A Joke day in the U.S.A! Since it's also a Thursday, which signifies Throw-Back-Thursday in social media, it seemed appropriate to pull out Karen's magnificent ode to Supernatural's favorite jokester, the Trickster!  

    When this article was originally published on March 5, 2010, it was run as pure poetry without the interuption of the associated images of each scene. I thought we could have some fun with it today by adding appropriate pictures for each stanza, only instead of me doing it, I would turn creative control over to you for a day! Pop over to WFB's Photo Galleryand pick the pictures you'd like to see in each verse. You do not have to choose the most obvious choice of the scene being referenced. You know Supernatural! Is there another scene that also illustrates or is funny given the lines? Note the exact episode name and picture number (hover over or click the image) in the comments below. I added verse numbers as a reference. I'll choose the best option if there are multiple offerings for each verse and slowly add them over the next few days. Have fun looking through images of some of the funniest episodes in Supernatural's history! Too much work? Then just enjoy the artistry of the poem and picture the action in your mind!

  • Mallena’s Supernatural Musings: 5.04 “The End”

    I love a good apocalypse, don’t you?  The first novel in that genre that I read wasAlas, Babylon, and I remember watchingThe Omega Man and the originalPlanetof the Apes with my family when I was a kid.  These days there are many good books, movies, and TV shows in the apocalyptic and dystopian genre.  It’s a good time to be alive…until the start of the Zombie Apocalypse, that is.

    I’m a child of the Sixties, so I remember all the duck and cover drills that they had us do in case of nuclear bombings…or were they just earthquake drills?  I did live in Southern California, after all.  Anyways, when I was growing up, I was pretty sure that the Nuclear Apocalypse was probably going to happen, someday.  Later, when the Cold War abated, I pretty much stopped worrying about that.  Now I just have to worry about ISIS, North Korea, and anyone else with bombs.  I think I’ll go hide under my desk, now.

    Okay, in honor of the great Apocalyptic Genre, I give you my musings on a Dean-spectacular (or speck-tack-cu-lack-u-lar according to Sammy) episode: “The End.”

  • Fan Video of the Week: Supernatural Reflections "First Blood"


    "Place me behind prison walls - walls of stone ever so high, ever so thick, reaching ever so far into the ground. There is a possibility that in some way or another I may be able to escape. But stand me on that floor and draw a chalk line around me and have me give my word of honor never to cross it. Can I get out of that circle? No. Never." — Karl G. Maeser

    How the Winchesters got into this situation was controversial but it was a juicy idea. I loved 2.19 "Folsom Prison Blues"and thought if "First Blood" was as well executed, we would have a grand old time. As it turned out, it was good but it could have been better. It would have been great if it would have lasted like two episodes.

    My chosen word for this fan vid article is, of course, "prison" so I checked up on a few episodes where our boys have been in prison or jail. Also, I might have chosen the weirdest song about prisons as a fan video but it works.

  • “How am I then a villain?”: Crowley as Supernatural’s Shakespearean Antagonist (Part One of Four)

    Part One: Seasons Five and Six

    "Cannot be ill, cannot be good." - Macbeth, Act I, Scene 3

    Villains and heroes share one important trait - they often act to build a better world, to right perceived wrongs, to bring justice to an unjust system. They diverge, many times, in motivation. Heroes tend to act from a place of common good, a common good that is shared by the audience, whereas the villain acts from a place of common good not shared by the audience. Good villains (and heroes) are not easy to create. There is always the danger of caricaturism, of creating one-dimensional personalities that speak words but are unconvincing in both action and motivation. Good villains are ambiguous - they require the audience to sympathize, perhaps even empathize, with their acts. One of the best writers of both heroes and villains was William Shakespeare, and this essay seeks to align some of Shakespeare’s most complicated villains with Supernatural’smost complicated villain, Crowley. I hope to delve into Crowley to show how he echoes a long line of valued antagonists, how he inherits and translates the villain for today’s genre audience.

  • “I’m Sorry, have you met me? I'm Nightsky!” By Wednesday

    “I’m sorry, have you met me, Nightsky?” By Wednesday

    “I’m Sorry, Have You Met Me?”


    Welcome to another:


    People change and grow. We must stay in contact or, sadly, we lose touch with each other’s evolution. 


  • Supernatural Fanmade Intros/ Opening Credit Videos

    "The most imaginative people are the most credulous, for them everything is possible." ― Alexander Chase

    After I made the first articles "Top 10 Supernatural Opening Sequences: TV Show Overlay Videos - Part 1" and Part 2 , I found many more  Supernatural introduction videos! Those first two articles showcased videos that introduced Supernatural with the style of other shows, but how about fans' original intros for specific Supernatural seasons or even episodes? What I found is pretty awesome. There is not that much writing in this article but there sure is a lot of eye candy to watch, so grab a coffee cup or a bowl of ice cream because there is lot to see! All of the videos are fairly short but so are the opening credits usually.
  • Nate's "Official" Supernatural Viewing Guide

    As the Season 11 hiatus begins for real, many of us are making Supernatural rewatch plans. Fans who are new to Supernatural may be contemplating how to catch-up on ELEVEN years of our fantastic show. Nate Winchester's Official Supernatural Viewing Guide to the rescue!

  • Supernatural Haiku Episode Guide, Season Five

    Welcome back to Season Five of the Supernatural Haiku Episode Guide! This season saw the completion of creator Eric Kripke's vision - but not the end of the series! By this time, thinking in episode haiku had become second nature for me... Enjoy! What would YOUR haiku be?
  • Go Beyond the Gag Reel: Supernatural Season Five

    Deleted scenes, commentaries, and special extras expanded much on Supernatural season four's DVD set, and season five continues that tradition.
  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 5.22 - "Swan Song"

    Remember when the Apocalypse and Lucifer were the biggest issues Sam and Dean had to worry about? Sigh. Good times. Today’s Hiatus Hunting look back is all about one of the greatest Supernaturalepisodes to date: Swan Song. Gather your Kleenex box close and take a trip down memory lane with us…
  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 5.18 "The Point of No Return"


    It's Hiatus Hunting time! Today we look back at the 100th episode of Supernatural, "The Point of No Return".

  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 5.16 - Dark Side of the Moon

    Hiatus Hunting - 5.16: Dark Side of the Moon

    It's that time of year again - mid-season hiatus. Luckily for you, our lovely readers, that brings another edition of Hiatus Hunting! This week we take a look at the moody, memory-tripping visit to Heaven in Dark Side of the Moon.Even looking back all these years later this is still one of my favourite episodes: it holds it's own pretty well as a stand alone but given what was happening in the series at the time, it took us into such a rich and darkly emotional place by the end. Ready to look back?

  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 5.13 "The Song Remains The Same"


    Since we are going to be on hiatus until January we are back with more Hiatus Hunting. This week we will go back in time to see Sam and Dean go back in time in "The Song Remains The Same".

  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 5:10 - Abandon All Hope

    Grab your guns, get your whiskey and be prepared for the emotional onslaught, because this week, Hiatus Hunting is going to look back at one of those Supernaturalepisodes that, while not only being incredible, it also reaches into your heart and crushes it until you’re a bumbling mess of tears. That’s right – join us won’t you, for a look back at Abandon All Hope...
  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting episode 5.08 "Changing Channels"

    This week's Hiatus Hunting episode is the classic "Changing Channels"
  • Supernatural Season Five: Hits & Misses - Part 2

    Season Five- Hits & Misses: Part Two

    As always, excuse the nitpicks – this is harder than it looks. Also, on review I owe a Hit since Part One was a bit off kilter and off by one hit.

    Here we go….

  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 5.04 "The End"


    Welcome to Hiatus Hunting, Season Five edition! We’re kicking off season five with an iconic episode - one that gives me chills just thinking about the incredible acting and intense level of emotions captured on the screen. So, enjoy an in-the-moment look back at The End.

    **Recap of The End by Alice - originally published October 7, 2009 (photos added by Elle)**

    "The End." The episode that answers the burning question, what if you held an apocalypse in Kansas City and no one came? Let’s get started.

  • Supernatural Season Five: Hits & Misses - Part 1

    Season Five Hits and Misses: Part One

    Okay, this was challenging for a couple reasons. First, season five is a particular favourite of mine and as such there are so many key moments that I think stand out. Which sort of bleeds into the second reason. Season five was a good season. There were some problems, and yes, there are some issues among the fans about it, but on the whole, it had some good content. Having said that, if the write-ups for why it is a Hit or a Miss are a bit lighter than usual, in a lot of cases it’s because it just rings obvious.

  • Season 8 Countdown: Jeremy Carver Episode Reviews, "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"

    It's almost premiere time, and that means we're almost done with Carver episodes to review.  This is my last review for this series, and I'm ending with the zombie shoot-'em-up "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid."