Supernatural Season 4

  • Mallena's Supernatural Musings: 4.09 "I Know What You Did Last Summer"

    This episode introduces us to Anna Milton.  She isn’t a normal girl, like she appears, but is really an angel who fell to earth by her own choice.  We also get to spend some good times with Sam and Ruby and to take a journey down Memory Lane. 

  • Supernatural Fanmade Intros/ Opening Credit Videos

    "The most imaginative people are the most credulous, for them everything is possible." ― Alexander Chase

    After I made the first articles "Top 10 Supernatural Opening Sequences: TV Show Overlay Videos - Part 1" and Part 2 , I found many more  Supernatural introduction videos! Those first two articles showcased videos that introduced Supernatural with the style of other shows, but how about fans' original intros for specific Supernatural seasons or even episodes? What I found is pretty awesome. There is not that much writing in this article but there sure is a lot of eye candy to watch, so grab a coffee cup or a bowl of ice cream because there is lot to see! All of the videos are fairly short but so are the opening credits usually.
  • Nate and Alice Make Supernatural "Frenchy Mistakes"

    I was bopping around the Internet the other day when I came across the "what could have been" section on Supernatural's TV trope page.  "What is this?" I thought.  "It is real world impacts on the SPN stories," I realized.  It was all pretty fascinating!  So fascinating I knew I had to ask the person who knew most about what goes on behind the scenes of the show... Jensen Ackles!  Unfortunately the court order is still in effect so I had to use my editor signal and summon the person who knows the second most about what goes on behind the scenes, our own site-overlord, Alice Jester!  So we had a sit down to discuss rumors and story possibilities about what could have been (and if this proves popular enough, submit more rumors you've heard and Alice & I will do another one).

  • “I’m Sorry, Have You Met Me?" I'm Percysowner!

    The best way to get to know someone is to have a little heart to heart chat.

    With this in mind, let's have some fun getting to better know our Contributing Staff here at The Winchester Family Business.

    The entire writing staff was challenged to select eleven questions to answer from an extensive list. 

    When you are done reading, we would like to challenge you to answer a few of the questions that our staff member answered. Long-time visitors or new ones... We'd like to get to know you better, too.

    Welcome our next courageous writer who accepted the SEASON ELEVEN/ ANSWER ELEVEN CHALLENGE!

  • “I’m Sorry, Have You Met Me?" I'm Nate!

    Too much time passes and old friends seem like strangers.
    Not enough time can make strangers stay strangers.
    With this in mind, it's time to POP by for a visit with our Contributing Staff at THE WINCHESTER FAMILY BUSINESS.

    The WFB Writing Staff was challenged to select eleven questions to answer from an extensive list. 
    When you are done reading, we would like to challenge you to answer a few of the questions that our staff member answered.
    Long-time visitors or new ones, we'd like to get to know you better, too.

    Welcome another brave writer who accepted the SEASON ELEVEN/ ANSWER ELEVEN CHALLENGE!

  • “I’m Sorry, Have You Met Me?” I'm KAREN!

    There are people we've heard of, but never really got to know (Like Sully was to Dean). 
    Sometimes we run into old friends and realize we've changed and we need time to reconnect with each other (Like Sully and Sam's friendship).
    With this in mind, it's a sensible idea to visit with our Contributing Staff here at The Winchester Family Business.

    The WFB Writing Staff was challenged to select eleven questions to answer from an extensive list. 
    When you are done reading, we would like to challenge you to answer a few of the questions that our staff member answered.
    Long-time visitors or new one, We'd like to get to know you better, too.

    And, I hope all y'all are thirsty....

    Welcome another brave writer to accept the SEASON ELEVEN/ ANSWER ELEVEN CHALLENGE!

  • “I’m Sorry, Have You Met Me?” I'm Elle! By WEDNESDAY

    Sometimes we think we know someone, or assume others know us, when actually we really don't know each other at all.
      Things also have a way of changing. People come and go.
    With this in mind, perhaps it's a good idea to delve a little further into getting to know our Contributing Staff here at
    The Winchester Family Business.

  • Nate's "Official" Supernatural Viewing Guide

    As the Season 11 hiatus begins for real, many of us are making Supernatural rewatch plans. Fans who are new to Supernatural may be contemplating how to catch-up on ELEVEN years of our fantastic show. Nate Winchester's Official Supernatural Viewing Guide to the rescue!

  • Supernatural Haiku Episode Guide, Season Four

    Welcome to season four of the haiku episode guide! This may well be the most tightly-outlined season of the entire series; it hangs together brilliantly when viewed in order. I will admit, I always rewatch it slightly out of order in terms of how it aired; I favor the "as shot" order that puts "Monster Movie" third in the season's sequence, not fifth. The CW was worried about this black-and-white, artsy, high-concept, funny episode coming so early in the season; the network ordered the move. But if you view the episodes in the order in which they were both written and shot, with "Monster Movie" coming third in the season, I think you'll see that both Dean's and Sam's reactions are much more time-appropriate, relative to Dean's very recent resurrection, than the way in which they were aired. Try it for yourself and see what you think!

    What are your super-brief takes on these episodes?
  • Auld Lang Syne: Elle2's Favorite Reflections on Supernatural

    Auld Lang Syne, literally translated from an old Scottish dialect means ‘Old Long Ago’, and as most of us probably already know, either intellectually or emotionally, it is about love and friendship in times past.  Supernatural is an old friend, and like many an old friend, I have had good times and bad times with it.  I am happy to say there have been many more good than bad, and while it is not quite the closest friend as it once was, it does still bring a smile to my face and a warmth to my emotional heart, and I feel that it will always be fondly remembered by me, even when its time has passed, which is not yet.

    During this year’s winter hellatus, I have joined my fellow writers here at WFB in remembering some of my past literary efforts.  I do not have 1600 articles as Alice does to choose from; in comparison my offerings are paltry.  I do have over six years of writings at my disposal to peruse, from weekly reviews to closer looks at various writers, musings on the music and the sets.  I remember those heady days in 2009 and then 2010 when Alice and I plugged away at our computers week in and week out, loving every minute of it, and happily seeing conversations, some quite lively, blossom online.
  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 4.22 "Lucifer Rising"

    Lucifer Rising is one of the most powerful episodes of Supernatural. It gives us the payoff from story lines going back to season one.
  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 4.21 "When The Levee Breaks"

    We are getting to the end of our Hiatus Hunting Hindsight. This week we are looking back at 2 recaps of the penultimate episode of season four When The Levee Breaks.
  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 4.17, It's a Terrible Life

    Hiatus Hunting: Season Four, Episode Seventeen: It’s a Terrible Life
    Recap by Alice [Originally Published April 5, 2009] Photos added by Elle

    Cause he gets up in the morning,
    And he goes to work at nine,
    And he comes back home at five-thirty,
    Gets the same train every time.
    Cause his world is built round punctuality,
    It never fails.

    And he's oh, so good,
    And he's oh, so fine,
    And he's oh, so healthy,
    In his body and his mind.
    He's a well respected man about town,
    Doing the best things so conservatively.

  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 4.16, On The Head of a Pin

    Everybody brace yourself - here comes one of those episodes that even in retrospect, no matter how many times you see it, read about it or talk about it - it takes a deep breath and some mental preparedness before you dive in. Even this recap, written in the emotional wreckage that was the aftermath of 4x16, had to be divvied into two pieces. So if you’re ready, here they are again for this week’s Hiatus Huntingfeature:

    Hiatus Hunting: Season Four, Episode Sixteen: On The Head of A Pin
  • Go Beyond the Gag Reel: Supernatural Season Four DVD Special Features

    Post Writer's Strike, season four returned to the standard 22-episode schedule---and along with that special features like deleted scenes and commentaries came back, too. There's also an extra titled “The Mythologies of Supernatural: Heaven to Hell---3 Section Featurette Gallery Bridging Heaven, Purgatory and Hell to Examine Key Mythological Precepts”. While season three's sparse extras tackled a lot of the special effects, season four focuses in on writing in big ways---each commentary is done by a writer or a writer and director. As such, they add richness to the season, giving us new understandings of television writing while the mythologies Supernatural relies upon to tell its unique story are explored in-depth in the featurette. Whether we're seeing a deleted scene show us new layers of character or hearing a commentary about directing and writing, we're left with a deeper appreciation for all the hard work that goes into making this show each week.

    Let's start with my highlights of the deleted scenes first.
  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 4.09 "I Know What You Did Last Summer"

    Originally published November 21, 2008 by Alice Jester

    Ah, the polarizing episode. I love recapping these. The episode that sharply divides the fan base between loved it and hated it. I understand the hated it part. After all, Dean was relegated to supporting character and there was probably way more Ruby than people would have liked. I also understand the loved it, because that's me. Ruby had to be there, for its not like Sam could pull himself out of that rut. He was too far gone. There were so many great little details on this one, so prepare for the long recap.
  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 4.07, It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

    It’s another Throwback Thursday!  As we make our way through season four, I’m remembering how much fun it was to experience this season for the very first time. This was my first live viewing of Supernatural, having only come to the fold through DVD viewings during the season three summer hiatus - what a way to be exposed for the first time! The Great Pumpkinwasn’t one of my most favourite episodes. However, on reflection it is still done so very well - in particular the final battle between Sam and Samhain. So much of season four, certainly the first half, was jaw-droppingly incredible.
  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 4.03 "In The Beginning"

    Welcome to the second installment of our new series, "Hiatus Hunting"! In honor of "Throwback Thursdays", each week until season 10 begins we will lead you on a treasure hunt through our archives, seeking reviews on some of the best episodes of Supernatural! These reviews were all written in the moment, so they are sometimes insightful...and sometimes dead wrong... but it is fun to peek at what the fans were thinking before we all had the benefit of finding out what would happen to Sam and Dean (and Cas and Bobby and...) in subsequent seasons. 

    Today we are revisiting In The Beginning, one of THE most important episodes in the mytharc of the series. We get to meet young John and Mary. We see Samuel, who will come back in season six, and we see the whole tragic beginning of the Winchester saga. I hope you enjoy!
  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 4.01 "Lazarus Rising"

    Greetings readers and welcome to our very first edition of "Supernatural Hiatus Hunting"! In keeping with the theme of "Throwback Thursdays", every week Percysowner and/or Elle will honour a popular past episode of Supernaturalby featuring The WFB reviews and recaps that were written when the episode first aired years ago! This is a fun way to look back and remember some of the fantastic episodes that Supernaturalhas featured over the years, and to see the interesting and twisting road the show has taken to get to season 10! Long-time fans can relive the innocence we all had when we first watched plots unfold…before we knew Ruby was going to betray Sam, that Sam was going to say “Yes” to Lucifer, that Castiel was going to become “god” or that Dean was going to become a demon! This series will also be a great opportunity for newer fans to experience the emotions and anticipation the Supernatural Family felt as the story slowly developed, week by week, year by year! We've recently learned (via our survey) that many of you joined The Winchester Family Business in just the past two years, so this series will share with you the piece of the journey you missed.

  • Supernatural Season Four: Hits & Misses - Part 2

    Here it is – the second half of the season four Hits and Misses: and let me tell you, this was not easy so please pardon all the nit-picky misses. They were the only way to get enough misses to compile the list. The hits could go on and on, that’s true and I’m sure there are tons that aren’t mentioned between this and Part One. Season Four was awesome and there could be an entire book dedicated to all the great moments. So state your favourites in the comments below and stay tuned for season five H&M Part One in the next few weeks!