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  • Far Away Eyes' Deeper Look Supernatural 12.01 "Keep Calm and Carry On"

    The title “Keep Calm and Carry On” perfectly sums up the season 12 Supernatural premiere. The phrase, a British saying that originated in World War II, points to so much of what happens. The obvious example can be found in the introduction of our newest villains---the British Men of Letters in Lady Toni---but that is only the surface.

  • Far Away Eyes' Deeper Look Supernatural 12.02 "Mamma Mia"

     “If you ever wanna talk. I know what it's like to come back and not feel like you really fit,” Sam tells his mother at the end of “Mamma Mia.” In many ways, the statement blankets the entire episode.

  • Far Away Eyes' Deeper Look Supernatural 12.04 "American Nightmare"

    “Well, maybe we should focus on the case and less of the Dr. Phil crap,” Dean retorts to Sam at the morgue. And yet, the case itself reflects the real problem the Winchesters have in “American Nightmare”: the inability or unwillingness to talk.

  • Far Away Eyes' Deeper Look Supernatural 12.06 "Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox"

    “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” is perfectly named. Amidst mourning a death, we see life truly cherished and celebrated. After all, dying is easy. It is living that is hard to do.

  • Far Away Eyes' Deeper Look: Supernatural 12.03 "The Foundry"

    Sometimes, to better understand or grow the Supernatural universe, we must examine secondary characters center stage. By doing so, we grow closer to the Winchester brothers and learn about another person within their world.

  • First Look At Supernatural Season 12 DVD

    We have the first information on the season 12 DVD.
  • In Defense of Supernatural Season 12, Part One

    To title this article a "defense" is actually a bit of a misnomer; it's more a ringing endorsement of the season.
  • In Defense of Supernatural Season 12, Part Two

    Part 1 of "Defense of Supernatural Season 12" makes the case that the return of Sam and Dean's loving relationship and the harmonious blending of the season's arcs added up to one of the best years in the Supernatural series.  In Part 2, Samandean addresses the other major characters and storylines, and how they contributed, or detracted, from season 12's enjoyment.
  • Interview with Jared Padalecki - Comic Con 2016

    Here's Jared's interview!  Transcribing a Jared interview is always a challenge.  He says a lot in five minutes.  In this interview he gives us a small glimpse as to what Sam's situation is in season 12 and judging by his description, it's not pretty.  What's new?  

    Below is the transcribed interview and the video.  Again, apologies for the grainy video, but the room was pretty dark and using proper lighting on our cameras just would have been rude.  There is a pleasant treat in this video, as Misha and Jared almost kiss with tongues.  But alas, the time was short.

    Right, one more thing...SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

  • Interview with Jensen Ackles - Comic Con 2016

    Here it is, our annual press room interview with Jensen Ackles!  This one is pretty exciting for us.  We only had four minutes with Jensen, but out of the three questions asked, I got to ask one and Nightsky got to ask the other!  

    Apologies up front for the video quality, but the room was super dark.  Far worse than other years.  It really was asking a lot of an iPhone to fix the lighting.  But the content and what Jensen said is pure gold, so enjoy.  We were very lucky to score 8 interviews in the press room, as Ruth Connel and Samantha Smith were surprise guests.  So all of those will coming in the next few days.  

    Below is the transcript of the interview and then the video on Youtube.  Grainy as the quality may be, Jensen does some pretty funny things in this video that do not show up in a transcript.  So I'd advise watching.  One more thing...

    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Interview with Misha Collins - Comic Con 2016

    Ah, Misha.  He was actually our first interview of the day.  We were told by the CW publicist before he took a seat to make sure we asked Misha a question about GISHWHES since registration closes tomorrow.  So that's exactly what we did!  How Misha finds time for all this is beyond me!  

    Below is the full transcript and video for Misha's interview with us in the San Diego Comic Con Supernatural press room.  Both Nightsky and I got to ask questions.  Misha does share some interesting tidbits.  Could it be that my dream of the return of warrior Castiel come true?  Misha talks a bit about that in this interview too.  

    You know what's coming...the disclaimer.  SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Interview with Ruth Connell - Comic Con 2016

    Ruth started out our talk by mentioning that she was having trouble hearing out of her left ear.  So if you notice in an answer or two her complaining about hearing, you’ll know why.  Otherwise Ruth is someone who loves to talk, and that’s not a bad thing.  She was having so much fun talking to us about Comic Con that she had to be put on track to address what she was supposed to talk about, season twelve.  Ah well, we didn’t mind, it is her first crack at this roundtable press conference thing.  I just love listening to her Scottish accent.  Between her and Henry Ian Cusick in “The 100” press room, I got a good fill of Scottish accents over the weekend. 

    Below is the full transcript and video. 
  • Interview with Samantha Smith - Comic Con 2016 aka Asskickerage!

    We have a new word to describe Supernatural Season 12, and Samantha Smith deserves all the credit.  In this interview she has coined the term that pretty much describes Mary's return, and the female presence in general for season 12...Asskickerage.  It has a nice ring.

    Samantha was a surprise guest and in twelve seasons this is the first time I've ever got to interview her.  I've met her at cons before though and she's always been so sweet and pleasant. No doubt the whole experience of being back on "Supernatural" has thrown her for a loop, but she's digging in and having the time of her life. 

    There are some mild teasers in there, but no big spoilers, unless you find Mary being a hunter a big surprise.  Considering that reveal was done in season four, that info shouldn't be new.   

    Below is the full transcript of the interview and the video for it.  Again, yet again, apologies for the quality of the video.  Dark rooms just mess up everything, but at least Samantha wore white, which softens the video a bit.  
  • Interview with Supernatural Executive Producer Robert Singer - Comic Con 2016

    Mr. Singer took his seat and in a pleasant surprise, recognized Nightsky right away.  It could have been from last year's Chicago Con when Singer made an appearance (we were both there), but also back in season nine when “Bloodlines” was shot in Chicago, Singer was the director.  Nightsky went to the filming sites and she talked with the producers for a bit.  It’s all in the report she did for us back in season nine.  Trust me when I say, the behind the scenes filming report is way better than the actual episode!

    After having a few mishaps with adjusting the camera (as you see in the video clip), we were on our way.  This ended up being our longest interview of the day, clocking in at over 8 minutes. 
  • It's a Supernatural Life - Part 4


    Are you ready for part three of the Christmas story? If you missed the opening chapters of this year's Christmas in the bunker with the Winchesters, you'll want to go back to read Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 before continuing. After this we have still one part to go.

     The original idea for this story was to make it ready before Christmas day but unfortunately that didn't come to pass. Sometimes I plan too many things to do and I realize that there is only so much you can do in a day. I didn't have a holiday (vacation time) to finish it but so much was already done. I decided just to relax, keep the idea for the story in mind and slowly let it reveal itself. That was good as I could fully focus on it and write all that was needed. So finally we have arrived at the part that is my favorite.

  • Let's Discuss: What are your Impressions of Supernatural Season 12?

    Season 12 of Supernatural began the reign of a new showrunner, Andrew Dabb. In addition, Robert Singer, who tried valiantly to retire after season 10 (he worked on only 9 episodes in season 11), officially came out of retirement to act as co-showrunner for season 12.  Under their direction is an almost entirely new writing team, supported by a new editor and new leads in various key pre- and post-production departments. Amidst all these changes, Andrew and Robert promoted season 12 in the media and to fans as a revival of classic Supernatural. They touted a return to simpler stories and the basic tenets of the show.
    With 15 episodes aired, or almost two-thirds of the season known to fans, it's seems like a good time to ask, "What do fans think of the "new" Supernatural?" Do we yet have an idea of the show's style or direction this year?  Do we see any differences in the approach of this new writing team? Does the show feel different or the same as prior years? I asked The Winchester Family Business review team to tackle these questions. In order of their submission, Nate, Wednesday, myself and Alice each offer observations of Supernatural'sseason 12 style, tone and direction thus far. 
  • Let's Speculate: Supernatural 12.05 - "The One You've Been Waiting For"

    Greetings, this is your friendly neighborhood admin/founder of the site, filling in this week for Bookdal.  Are you ready to speculate?  Great, because this week, everything is coming up Nazis.
  • Let's Speculate: 12.12 Supernatural "Stuck in the Middle (with you)"


    This week’s episode, “Stuck in the Middle (with you),” was written by Davy Perez and directed by Richard Speight, Jr. The episode’s preview focuses on the British Men of Letters storyline and begins with a man (Mr. Ketch), British accent, who looks at the camera after sipping some tea and says, “Tell me a story.” Please note that the entire episode is told in a series of vignettes that unfold the story through overlapping as well as disconnected snippets, which reveal the plot as points rather than a traditional linear chronology.

  • Let's Speculate: Supernatural 12.02 "Mamma Mia"

    In this second episode of the season titled “Mamma Mia,” the story begins with a surprising sex scene between Sam and his torturer, the British Toni.

  • Let's Speculate: Supernatural 12.03 "The Foundry"

    This week episode was written by Robert Berens and directed by Robert Singer and is titled “The Foundry.” The cold open begins with a hipster couple leaving a swanky restaurant. They are talking when they stop in front of an abandoned house and hear a baby crying. The woman goes into the house while her partner calls 911. She ventures further into the house to find the baby and an old crib with a flickering light above it. She pulls back the cover and a creepy doll is there. Her partner shows up and something runs in front of them. They run to the door but it slams shut. She screams.