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  • Threads: Supernatural 12.10 "Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets"

    They say “Still waters run deep”.  That adage certainly applies to Supernatural’s “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets”. Such an understated title for Lily’s life being completed destroyed by an obsessed, evil supernatural being and her future being completely dictated by her obsession with revenge!  

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. As with its title, on the surface the story seemed straight-forward and simplistic but once I started analyzing its underlying messages, I found layer upon layer of character development, symbolism and foreshadowing. This turned out to be the longest Threads analysis of the season thus far, so settle in and enjoy!

  • Threads: Supernatural 12.11 "Regarding Dean"

    The Morning After

    Emotional masterpiece. Totally wrecked me. Blown away. These were the types of reactions expressed by viewers after seeing Meredith Glynn’s “Remembering Dean”.  It was a very emotional hour for most of the Supernatural family. Fans were left in puddles of empathy after witnessing Dean and Sam’s pain - Dean from losing himself to the ravages of a fading existence, and Sam from losing his brother one memory at a time. The power of the episode was once again due to the unbelievable performances of Jensen and Jared.

  • Threads: Supernatural 12.12 "Stuck in the Middle (with you)"

    The Morning After

    Well that was a unique and surprisingly creative episode! “Stuck in the Middle (with you)” kept the audience guessing from the first seconds in the diner to the last second when red eyes glared at us out of the darkness! The script, the direction, even the music, all worked together to keep us off balance. Fans were constantly trying to catch up and sort out what was happening.

  • Threads: Supernatural 12.13 "Family Feud"

     The Morning After

    I am intrigued by “Family Feud”. A lot happened, maybe too much too quickly, but while there’s a lot to say about ship wrecks, true love, bringing Gavin back only to kill him, the commonplace use of time travel, and yet another human trusting a demon who spins a great story, I find myself pondering the characters. These family reunions were deeply complex with competing motivations and mistrust all around. Let’s take a look!

  • Threads: Supernatural 12.14 "The Raid"

    The Morning After

    I totally, totally loved “The Raid” (yes, even the ending)! It gave us an hour-long vision of Sam alternating between the sensitive soul who teared up when he realized all the betrayal that led to the BMoL having the Colt, to the outrageously hot, smart hunter who fired that Colt killing one of the “old ones”, the alpha vampire.  “The Raid” also broke the British Men of Letters (BMoL) story wide open. It gave us our first look at the BMoL operation in America, a command center that supposedly rivals NATO Strategic Air Command. I was certainly impressed, and it was enough to thoroughly impress Sam. We learned more about Mary’s motivations and the secrecy between her and her boys ended. There’s so much to discuss! Let’s start with Dean.

  • Threads: Supernatural 12.16 "Ladies Drink Free"

    The Morning After

    Welcome back to Supernatural Threads! After a three week mid-season hiatus, Sam and Dean are once again Saving People and Hunting Things. In this week’s hunt, they were joined by two amateurs, or to be more generous, hunters in training, Mick and Claire.

  • Threads: Supernatural 12.17 "The British Invasion"

    The Morning After

    In the WFB writing team’s “Impressions of Supernatural Season 12” discussion a few weeks ago, I categorized the show this year as “mysterious and surprising”. True to form, episode 12.17 “British Invasion” was full of surprises. Some of the unexpected events and revelations were surprises to the characters, while others shocked the viewers.

  • Threads: Supernatural 12.19 "The Future"

    The Morning After

    Another shocking Supernatural season 12 episode! I honestly thought “The Future” was one of the most exciting and interesting episodes of the season, an opinion which by itself is probably a shock to many members of the Supernatural family! After being whiplashed with surprises that were sometimes so close together I couldn’t process one before being stunned by the next, I was in for one more surprise – seeing diametrically opposed reactions to “The Future” on social media. The most frequent disappointment expressed was that the episode was boring and predictable. How does one show elicit such polar reactions from fans? How can some fans be elated by the ingenuity and heart of the story while others judge it to be the worst of the year? This was a textbook example of viewers looking for different qualities in their entertainment. What did I see in this show, though, and what did the writers (Robert Berens and Meredith Glynn) weave into the script?
  • Threads: Supernatural 12.20 "Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes"

    The Morning After

    Well that was a depressing, nobody wins episode! Supernatural’s “Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes” (“Tasha”) brought back twin hunters Alicia and Max Banes, who I have loved since their introduction in “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” (what’s with these LONG episode names??). I eagerly awaited their return, hoping for many years of double date hunting partnerships alongside the Winchesters brothers.

  • Threads: Supernatural 12.21 "There's Something About Mary"

    Six Days Later

    I’m a little late to the party this week. Usually "Threads" is The WFB’s first review of a new Supernatural episode but due to travel, I’m posting last this time. By now, you have all discussed, debated, questioned and clarified probably every frame of the show (good for you!). There is no value in “piling on” so I’m going to narrow the focus of my analysis to a new thread I detected.

  • Threads: Supernatural 12.22 "Who We Are" and 12.23 "All Along the Watchtower"

    The Morning After

    I am overwhelmed. Emotionally drained and intellectually stunned. THAT is the Supernatural we all know and love.

    The morning after watching the Supernatural season 12 two episode finale, 12.22 “Who We Are” and 12.23 “All Along the Watchtower”, my heart is aching with joy. Truly overflowing with happiness. I’m guessing those are not the emotions you would expect after we all watched nearly every supporting character we love die. To be fair, I am still in shock and I expect waves of different emotions to hit me over the next several days but our immediate reaction to an episode is a valuable and often the most revealing measurement of its impact.

  • Threads! Supernatural 12.15 "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell"

    The Morning After

    I thoroughly enjoyed “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”. Happily, I was totally engrossed in the Sam and Dean portion of the story. The hellhound special effects, the mystery surrounding the hound’s target, then the intended victim’s claim to not have sold her soul all kept me intrigued. Dean and Crowley’s conversations and the Impala talks between Sam and Gwen were also layered with implications for their characters and the show so I was emotionally and intellectually engaged.

  • Top 10 Clues to Supernatural Season 13 and Beyond

    As the Supernatural fandom eagerly awaits (and simultaneously dreads) the final chapters in season 12’s story, we have a one week break to consider what heartbreak might be in store for our heroes this year. A recent Supernatural convention participant reported that Jensen said this finale will be the hardest he and Jared have ever had to film. I don’t know about you, but my heart gets tied up in knots just thinking what that could mean!

  • Top Ten Supernatural Stories of 2016

    Looking back at 2016 overall, I think most of us are in agreement that this was hardly a banner year.  Wait, I take that back, there were plenty of banners, all commemorating some pretty awful and troubling events.  Bottom line, this year pretty much sucked.  
    When looking back at “Supernatural,” it wasn’t a marquis year for the show either.  Lord knows I’ve made that point very well known through my reviews and other commentaries.  However, this is a time of year where it’s best to let bygones be bygones, running on hope that a new and much better year is on it’s way.  It’s time to forget all the bad and focus on the good, and despite the weaknesses, “Supernatural” wasn’t all bad.  There were some grand achievements and memorable moments to come from this year and they should be noted.  
    Below are my picks for “Top Ten “Supernatural” Stories of 2016,” which covers the last part of season 11 (episodes 11.10 - 11.23) and the first part of season 12 (episodes 12.01 - 12.08).  They are in order from best to bestest, at least according to my humble opinion.  No science went into this ranking, just pure gut feel, and maybe a coin toss or two. 
  • TV Fanatic Roundtable: Supernatural 12.16 - "Ladies Drink Free"

    Claire, Claire, Claire.  It seems that any time she pops into our lives, there's a divide among reviewers as to whether she brings any value or not.  Our set of "Supernatural" pundits at TV Fanatic - myself, Nightsky, Christine Laskodi and Sean McKenna - were a little divided this week.  Two of us definitely aren't fond of her (yes, I'm one of them) and weren't all that invested in her story.  The other two did give some analysis on Claire's plight, discussing the cure and her honesty with Jody.  Mick was a more unifed subject of conversation as we all reflected on how his actions will impact his relationship with Sam and Dean and the British Men of Letters going forward.  
    It all can be found here:
    Here's Sean McKenna's review.  As you can tell, he's the other one that doesn't think much of Claire and focused a lot of his review on Mick.  I knew I liked this guy for a reason!
  • TV Fanatic Roundtable: Supernatural 12.17 - "The British Invasion"

    At this week's TV Fanatic Roundtable, the good news is our group, myself, Nightsky and Christine Laskodi and Sean McKenna of TV Fanatic were unified in our thoughts on this episode.  The bad news, we all thought that "The British Invasion" was a real stinker.  You can read all our thoughts on the matter here:
    Here's Sean McKenna's review.  The episode only earned a 2.4 out of 5.0 and I think he was being generous!
  • TV Fanatic Roundtable: Supernatural 12.18 - "The Memory Remains"

    It's really funny how Nightsky and I seem to be on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to analyzing "Supernatural."  That's not a bad thing, that's what makes us unique and entertaining, but I always find it interesting how the roundtable format really shows those differences.  That's especially true for our roundtable for "The Memory Remains."  She and I were in agreement on a couple of points, but we were on opposite ends for the others.  Sean McKenna and Christine Laskodi of TV Fanatic had their own opinions too, giving some good variety to this particular roundtable.  

    Sean McKenna, like myself, was a real fan of this episode.  Here's his review which praises the fact that we got an actual Sam and Dean MOTW story and it was back to basics, like Sam working on the lore and Dean working on the ladies.  He finds this type of story more intriguing than the crap we have been getting with the British Men of Letters.  Once again, I'm in total agreement!  All in all, he gave this episode a 4.3 out of 5.0.  

  • TV Fanatic Roundtable: Supernatural 12.20 - "Twigs & Twines & Tasha Banes"

    Apologies, but the total **** storm generated by 12.21 made me forget to put up the link for the TV Fanatic Roundtable 12.20.  
    Overall, we all were pretty close on this one. Myself, Nightsky, and Christine Laskodi and Sean McKenna of TV Fanatic had a lot of the same views.  Overall the vibe was positive about this one, and we all even agreed on one question.  I will brag a little, one of my predictions (see Winchester, Mary) came true this week.  So I'm considering myself a bit of a prophet!  Except, I'm actually pissed I was right.  What a terrible plot twist!  The link to the roundtable is below:
    Here's Sean McKenna's review.  He gave it a 4.5 out of 5.0.  Very impressed!
  • TV Fanatic Roundtable: Supernatural 12.21 - "There's Something About Mary"

    Well, we were uninamous, but that's not necessarily good.  All four of us at the TV Fanatic Roundtable, myself, Nightsky, Christine Laskodi and Sean McKenna, all pretty much though "There's Something About Mary" was crap.  We all thought that Eileen's death was pointless and handled poorly, and we aren't very pleased the way Mary and Crowley's characters have been butchered.  On the plus side, there is some awesome opportunity now for a rat/hamster romance.  The fan fiction writes itself.  
    Here's Sean McKenna's review.  He gave it 2.1 out of 5.0. Trust me when I say, that is super low for him.  He was not happy with this one. 
  • TV Fanatic Roundtable: Supernatural 12.22 - "Who Are We" and 12.23 "All Along The Watchtower"

    Oh yeah, we had a LOT to discuss!  This is a supersized TV Fanatic Roundtable this time, designed to tackle a lot of crap happening in just two short hours.  Myself, Nightsky, and Sean McKenna and Christine Laskodi of TV Fanatic took time to consider the ramifications of the British Men of Letters fallout and the whole Luci baby thing.