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  • Fandom Controversies and Impact on Fan Sites - Our Official WFB Position

    Today I was utterly dismayed to hear about the closure of a long time fan site which the Winchester Family Business has had interactions with in the past, Whedonesque. I’ve met the creators of the site a few times at Comic Con and other cons as well and I know that they were dedicated, passionate, and very supportive of their fandom and discussion.  They were in a sense early role models for me as I started this site and their demise mirrors a lot of the problems that has mired fandoms in recent times.  
  • A Deep Loss in Our SPN Family: A Tribute to Janet

    (Photo by Lady_MickeyD - a truly amazing picture)
    On August 9th, we were all saddened to hear about the passing of Janet McDannald, aka Lady_MickeyD, from her recent battle with cancer.  Janet was a dear friend to our staffers FarAwayEyes, Bardicvoice, and Tigershire.  Alice and Nightsky also had a chance to meet her a few times.  She was an amazing person with a deep passion for the "Supernatural" fandom.  A few of us have chosen to share some words about our experiences with Janet and how she touched our lives.     
  • In a World of Civility - A Wish for the SPN Family

    It’s been a disheartening few days in more ways than one.  In the past two days, I’ve been fighting online battles both on Twitter and on this website among a lot of other tragedies that have been going on in the world  as well as our own SPN Family.  I sat down to write an apology for the events of the last day and came up with this call for unity instead.  
    Before I share this crazy lament of the state of the SPN fandom today, I will say I’m sorry.  I apologize if I’ve offended or if I’ve done something that didn’t meet approval.  On behalf of the Winchester Family Business, I offer apologies for anything a WFB staff member has done that my have offended, even though offense is never the intent.  It’s impossible to please everyone, but we don’t do anything with the intent to attack or bully.  If the intent construed otherwise, well, read what I have to say below.  Thank you.  
  • Family Don't End With Blood - Revelations from Supernatural Cast and Fans

    Family Don’t End with Blood: How Supernatural Has Changed Lives

    Edited by Lynn Zubernis, Released May 9, 2017

    When one thinks of Supernatural or the SPN Family that has formed around it, many thoughts can come to mind. No matter your thoughts or opinions on various seasons, characters, story-lines, or more, it is the fandom community that has really and truly made this show special. The television series may be the common bond that drew every fan or cast member providing a story in this book together, but it is the bonds of humanity that really keep them together for life. Supernatural, as a television series, has changed lives. It has provided inspiration, escapism, and good storytelling that allows us to face our own inner demons. It has given us a chance to see the world differently, awakening passions in us that we may not have realized we possessed. 

    What we find in Family Don't End With Blood is the essence of the show and the fandom that surrounds it distilled to its very best. It gives us a real glimpse and a real understanding as to why so many fans have lasted with the series for well over a decade. It explores the beautiful relationships that the cast has built first as fellow cast members and through the convention circuit that has formed around the series. We have stories of triumph and defeat, hope and despair, joy and sorrow, and everything in between. We have people at their highest and their lowest---sometimes all within the same essay. Many of the essays discuss the reasons why the show drew them in and kept them there---and why the fandom that they found is the real reason they stayed. It's a snapshot of what the power of our combined goodness and humanity can really bring to the world---a hopeful glimpse of what the world could really be if we simply got out of our own way and accepted one another who we really are---warts and all.

  • Supernatural Fan Projects April, 2017

    The latest on what Supernatural fans are up to!
  • Happy Supernatural Day!!! A Day of Fan Celebration...and Fan Participation

    September 13, 2005...a day that has really gone down in infamy.  Who knew what was going to happen in the course of 12 years when this little sci-fi show premiered on the nearly defunct WB Network?  This show has survived, thrived with age, and changed lives in ways that could not be possibly imagined!  We've built an archive on this website chronicling for years everything that this show and it's amazing fans have accomplished.  It's staggering all the stories and life events that have occurred.  
  • How Supernatural Ruined My Life

    Before everybody takes out their guns to virtually shoot me, let me first clear up that the heading above is just an irony...but it did make you reach your guns, didn’t it?  I have always voiced my love for this show. This article is another way to demonstrate my love for it. This article is about how this show has ruined my life and how glad I am that it did.
  • It's Not Just a TV Show or How "Supernatural" Changed My Life - by Team WFB

    Recently I was sitting at the airport chatting on the phone to my mum whilst I waited for my flight to happiness, AKA Vegascon. Out of the blue mum said to me, "You know, I get why you do this, I was a fan of Georgie Fame (an English pop-star) and travelled all over to see him." "Yes mum, I remember, you dragged me to watch him once!" (insert daughter eye-roll here). She carried on, "And I can see how happy it makes you and I might not totally understand it all but, I'm just happy it makes you happy" We lost dad at the end of last year, so any moment of happy makes us all happy! I said, "It really does mum, it makes me crazy happy, the show, the friends, the conventions, the writing…it's changed my life."
  • The Fan Meetup Page

    Want to meet other fans?  Decided that going to a con is impossible, but you'd like to get together with other local fans?  Want to have a viewing party or a get together to talk about your favorite show?  Then this is the place for you.  

    Tell us about any viewing parties or get togethers in your area, or if you'd like one in your area.  Not sure how to organize and need suggestions?  Bring that up here too.  
  • The Con Page

    Planning on going to a Supernatural Convention?  Have been to a Supernatural convention and plan on going again?  Are you done with conventions but will always cherish the memories of the one(s) you attended?  This is the page for you!  

    -  Are you a first timer and want to meet up with other fans?  Are you someone who's been to cons before and would like to welcome first timers?  Are you a con veteran and are always looking to meet other fans?  Plan your get togethers here.

    -  Got a con story to share?  This is a great place to do it too. 

    -  Got any other con questions?  I'm sure someone here will have an answer.  

    For more information on upcoming cons, go to http://www.creationent.com for cons in the US and Canada.  For international cons, Supernatural Wiki has you covered!  http://www.supernaturalwiki.com/index.php?title=Convention_Calendar