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  • Supernatural Season 11 Hits and Misses: Part Two

     The list you’ve all been waiting for! The second half of the season eleven hits and misses. Let’s dive right in…

  • Retrospective Thoughts on Supernatural 11.16 – "Safe House"

    Safe House was a great welcome back after a long hiatus when it first aired. It offered old friends, a fresh case, interestingly transitioned flashbacks and simple but unique Monster of the Week all for a good story and a perfect, timeless spotlight on the connection between Bobby Singer and his boys.
  • A Tribute to the Badass Men of Supernatural - Part 3

     After I made "A Tribute to the Kick-Ass Women of Supernatural" and part 2 , I wanted to write a similar article about men. I value both in Supernatural because the show has some of the most remarkable guest actors and actresses, so the loss of both are deeply felt. I decided to use the same criteria as I had in my first article: I chose the male characters that had a great impact on me and were also Badass on their own accord. 

    Strength comes in many ways, whether it is father's, brother's or son's love for one another or strength to go against all odds and do the right thing against what ever the cost would be. Their strength could also be to live on when they are struck by great grief or loss and they feel they can't. These men did that and more. Part 1 of my Badass Men tribute looked at Family and Angels. Part 2 covered the Bad Guys and Frenemies. Those categories include many classic Supernatural characters so you'll want to go back and catch up if you haven't already read them! Let's get on with Part 3!

  • Fan Video of the Week: Supernatural Reflections "Don't Call Me Shurley"

    Even if time has gone by, I have still mixed feelings about writing this article. "Don't Call Me Shurley" was a magnificent episode. If you ask me, it was the finale on which this season should have ended. After that we found out that Thompson was leaving Supernatural, which hit me pretty hard. He was on a roll in season 11, writing the best episodes he has ever written.

  • WEDNESDAY’S WATCHING Supernatural 11.16 "Safe House"

    Having two "elderly statesmen" carry on hunting in an entertaining manner underlines the possibility that Dean and Sam could carry on for many years, too.
    A spinoff for Rufus (Steven Williams) and Bobby (Jim Beaver)? Continuity and parallels with past seasons, and within this season's arc, were mind warping because they flashbacked to the past apocalypse and hinted at future events for this season.

  • 7:10 - Thoughts on "Death's Door"


    No doubt about it, episode ten has historically packed one heck of an emotional punch and this one is not breaking that pattern. Death's Door was nothing short of perfect. 

    I've broken the two coinciding streams of this episode apart and examined them as whole pieces, rather than intercut with one another, so bear with me through the somewhat recap-esque quality of this review. The episode was so wonderful, that most every moment deserved mention. I'm still reeling from the information and emotion that was rolled into that intense 40 minute episode. I've already watched it three times consecutively and it still gets me every time. Everyone have tissue on hand? Okay, let's get to it.

  • Review - "Time Is On My Side"

    "Time is on My Side"
    --Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel
    A handsome young plastic surgeon talks shop with a colleague, then heads to his car in a deserted parking lot and rummages in the trunk. Hearing something, he looks over his shoulder, but sees nothing. Seconds later, he is shoved into his trunk and locked in. "Let me out of here!" he shouts, but no one hears him. Later, the doctor stumbles into the ER of a hospital, in horrible pain, clutching bloody hands around his middle. The nurse urges him to let her see what happened--"There's nothing I haven't seen." He doesn't want her to open his robe, but she does, and we hear something plop to the floor. She screams.
    Erie Hotel - Sam and Dean work over a demon, trying to force him to reveal who holds Dean's contract. They pour holy water in and on him, but the demon says, "Your mother--she showed it to me before I bent her over." Even after Dean stares into his face, the demon makes it clear that he fears whoever is holding his contract more. As Sam begins the exorcism, the demon urges him on--"I'll be waiting in hell with a few pals who are really anxious for a meet and greet with Dean Winchester." As Sam finishes the words, Dean is clearly pissed off and frustrated. (Later) Sam, on the phone, asks, "You ran the prints twice? Sure, chalk it up to lab error." Dean returns from burying the body of the guy who had hosted the demon. Sam asks if he remembers the article in the paper. "Stripper suffocates guy with thighs?" asks Dean. (LMAO, oh, Dean!) The other one, says Sam--guy walks into an ER, his liver ripped out--he had fingerprints all over his body, and not his own. My man Dave Caruso will be stoked, jokes Dean. The fingerprints match a guy who died in 1981, says Sam. Walking, killing dead? wonders Dean--zombies do like the other, other white meat--why are you suddenly interested in zombies, with us being three weeks out on my deal? It's a zombie hunt, you wanted to hunt, Sam reminds him. Sam smiles like he knows a secret.
  • Recap - "Good God Y'all"

    Wheee, episode two! To quote Dean from this episode, the hits just keep on coming. More angst for Winchesters, more end of the world saga, more fans left curled up in a ball at the end trying to recover from all the drama and distress. In other words, another classic.

    It all begins with another musical montage, but instead of the seriously awesome "Lonely Is The Night" we got in "Are You There God It's Me Dean Winchester," we get a pretty lame "Long Long Way From Home" from Foreigner. Okay, really lame. The song really worked in "After School Special" but not as a prologue for the end of days. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I'll just end with that and move on.

    One thing I do like is when the "Now" segment gets right to the Winchester saga and doesn't try to tease with the monster of the week. It starts with Bobby in a wheelchair, somberly looking out the window, while Sam stands in the doorway with concern. Oh, did I mention Phil Sgriccia is directing this? This means we're gonna get some pretty unique shots, like Bobby looking sad in the foreground while Sam watches in the background. Not unique for this show, but it's still really awesome in terms of emotional impact.

  • Review: Supernatural - "Time Is On My Side"

    I sat at the keyboard for a while Thursday night, jaw hung open, unable to type a single letter, not exactly how to review this episode. Sure, "Time On My Side" was pretty shocking, but the preview for the next week's season finale was what did it, turning me into an official mess until then. I eventually could only type expletives like "Wow!", "Whoa!", "Holy @#$*!", and then I screamed my fool head off and found I couldn't type that.

    After a while, and another rewatch, I found the frame of mind to go on. But before I do, I need to get out of the way a happy announcement. In my previous articles about the online Supernaturalfandom, I mentioned a fight by fans in Bulgaria to get Supernaturalshown on TV there. I received word this week that the pilot episode aired there on May 7, and now Bulgarians get to experience the same joy we do. Congratulations to everyone at Supernatural BG Fans for their successful efforts.

    This episode should have been called "There Ain't No Happy Ending." When Rufus candidly spoke those words to Dean, they hit me like a ton of bricks and judging by Dean's reaction, I'd say they got to him, too. This episode was all about bad endings, but delivered that notion in such a creepy and disturbing way that left me huddled in a corner for a while thinking about puppies and rainbows.