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  • CW Cancels Jeremy Carver's Frequency

    The CW canceled two freshman shows today.
  • Frequency Preview: Interview with EP Jeremy Carver and Main Cast Members

    At Comic Con back in July, I got to attend the press room for the new CW show "Frequency."  The show is run by an old friend to many of us in the "Supernatural" fandom, Jeremy Carver.  This is the show he actually left "Supernatural" to produce.  "Frequency" has it's grand premiere tomorrow, October 5th, at 9 pm after "Arrow."  
    I'll admit, I was tickled to see how excited and passionate Jeremy was about his new project.  He was asking all of us for feedback, both nervous and excited that this idea of his was finally getting seen by the public eye.  After all, he first developed this for NBC and a year after it was rejected, it was picked up as a pilot for The CW.  Then came the best news you can get as a producer, "Frequency" was picked up as a series, earning a 13 episode order.  The reception I heard from those that saw the preview at Comic Con was very good.  It made me mad that I wasn't able to see it! (Comic Con gets way too busy for journalists).  I'll finally get my chance tomorrow. 
    As part of our ongoing series of featuring "Supernatural" prominent alumni moving onto other shows, I present the preview of "Frequency."  
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  • First Look At Frequency From Supernatural's Jeremy Carver

    We have the trailers for Jeremy Carver's new series Frequency.
  • Congratulations Pour In For Supernatural Scribes

    With the news of all the changes on the writing staff, people are tweeting congratulations from around the web.
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  • Andrew Dabb Writing the Supernatural Season 11 Finale. What Does This Mean?

    Yesterday, SPN Producer Jim Michaels tweeted some news that threw the fandom for a bit of a loop.  For the first time ever, a non-showrunner will be writing the season finale.  The task this year has been passed onto head writer Andrew Dabb.  He will be writing episode 11.23.

    Why isn't Jeremy Carver writing the finale? 
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  • Supernatural Spoilers for September 25, 2015

    We have several spoilers that were released today!
  • Interview with Supernatural EP Jeremy Carver - Comic Con 2015

    What can you say about Jeremy Carver when he talks about what's coming for the show.  He says things that aren't inaccurate, but they might not mean what is said word for word either.  All depends on the meaning of the word!  Anyway, this interview is short, but he does give a nice little preview of what might be coming, including a spoiler for Sam that might have been interesting if Jared hadn't given us more details in his interview!  But still, there is relevant information in here, so for those that don't want to watch the video, or want to truly analyze the words that have been said, I have the full transcript below the interview. 

  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 5.18 "The Point of No Return"


    It's Hiatus Hunting time! Today we look back at the 100th episode of Supernatural, "The Point of No Return".

  • Thoughts on Supernatural: 10.01 - Black

    It’s been said a million times by this point, but nonetheless, the fact that this is season ten still blows my mind. Six years ago when I watched my first live episode, who could have imagined we’d still be doing this all this time later – and enjoying it so thoroughly?

    Okay, let’s talk about "Black".
  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting episode 5.08 "Changing Channels"

    This week's Hiatus Hunting episode is the classic "Changing Channels"
  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 4.03 "In The Beginning"

    Welcome to the second installment of our new series, "Hiatus Hunting"! In honor of "Throwback Thursdays", each week until season 10 begins we will lead you on a treasure hunt through our archives, seeking reviews on some of the best episodes of Supernatural! These reviews were all written in the moment, so they are sometimes insightful...and sometimes dead wrong... but it is fun to peek at what the fans were thinking before we all had the benefit of finding out what would happen to Sam and Dean (and Cas and Bobby and...) in subsequent seasons. 

    Today we are revisiting In The Beginning, one of THE most important episodes in the mytharc of the series. We get to meet young John and Mary. We see Samuel, who will come back in season six, and we see the whole tragic beginning of the Winchester saga. I hope you enjoy!
  • Thoughts on "Supernatural" 8.23, "Sacrifice"


    From emerging the monotone washout of purgatory to ancient tablets and secret bunkers to angels and their wings burning against a night sky - welcome to the wonderful world of Supernatural,where you never really see the end coming no matter how hard you look!

    In the end "Sacrifice" wasn't about closing the gates of Hell. Or Heaven. It came to down to what it always comes down to and that is love. For Sam and Dean the brotherly love between them drove Sam to want to not fail his brother, but allowed Dean to get through to him and stop him from finishing the trials. It meant Dean wasn't willing to sacrifice his brother, instead making the point that they had gained so much knowledge and could save so many lives with that - but he wouldn't lose Sam for anything. For Castiel it allowed him to be a tool, led by the promise of fixing his home and family. For Metatron, his love and devotion to God twisted him darkly (like Lucifer), leaving him with an obsession for revenge and a taste for blood. Even Naomi, in the end, was reaffirmed by the love of God and the understanding of the Angel's duty to protect humans. Not that it did her any good ultimately, but A for effort I guess.

    For all the speculating, guessing, bad feelings and wild assumptions this episode took a dark direction that this reviewer definitely did not see coming and ended with a final, chilling scene. Angel and their wings burning in the ether against a black night sky is an unsettling image, to say the least. "Sacrifice" was well written, clever, deliciously dark and macabre and left us poised for something completely new venturing into season nine.  
  • Thoughts on Supernatural 8.01: "We Need to Talk About Kevin"

    1 Season 8 title card

    Holy crow, batman! Season eight?! One minute your heart is stopping watching the ill-omened glowing eyes of purgatory before the closing card flashes on the screen and the next thing you know there is a great Road So Far recap and a brand new title card is giving you chills. This episode also marked the first episode in a very, very long time that I watched live, without headphones and on a screen slightly larger than an IPhone.  Of course, I say this but the idiot cable provider had yet another "minor" service blackout around the 40 minute mark of the hour. Not impressed. But it did come back after a minute and I got to see that kick ass ending. But, I'm getting ahead of myself - let's talk about this from the start.