• Happy Birthday to Supernatural's Baby (And Eric Kripke)

    April 24 was Baby's 50th birthday and Eric Kripke's 43rd. Congratulations flooded in from our cast.


    Come Celebrate Supernatural’s Baby!

  • “Get a Room!” Supernatural’s Season 11 Motels - Part 2

    Browsing the SupernaturalWiki site, I noticed that the motel room descriptions stopped after season eight.
    In an attempt to fill the void and pay tribute to the set designers and location team, I offer this series of articles on season 9-11!

  • Robbie Thompson! - C2E2 Panel with Supernatural Writer Extraordinaire Part 2

    From March 18-20, 2016, comic book writers and artists, genre television stars and gaming enthusiasts met with fans for three days at the Chicago Comic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as C2E2. For the past several years, a few energetic fans have organized a Supernatural discussion panel during the C2E2 weekend, inviting the SPNFamily to mingle and exchange ideas about the show. This year the panel was a bit different, though. Supernatural show writer, Robbie Thompson, who was attending the convention to promote his newest Marvel comic book projects, graciously agreed to join the panel! 

    During his time with fans, Robbie answered questions on plot lines, shared background stories on episodes and characters, and described his personal journey to Supernatural’s writers’ room. The panel took place during a season 11 hiatus, after 11.15 "Beyond the Mat" had aired but before the final eight episodes of the season had been seen. In his opening comments, Robbie stated that even though the last few episodes were still being filmed, the writing team was finished for the year, so he obviously knew the outcome of the season's stories. 

    This is Part 2 of my coverage of Robbie's 60 minute panel. If you need to catch up, take a moment to read Part 1 of the panel!  All of the Supernatural screen shots that accompany the articles are from episodes written by Robbie (the two exceptions for the opening of the panel are otherwise credited). A full list of Robbie's 18 episodes can be found in the Fan Video Tribute to what we later learned would be his last episode for Supernatural, 11.20 "Don't Call Me Shurley".

    I hope this chronicle helps you share in the absolute thrill and honor it was to hear Robbie talk with his fans once again! Sit back and enjoy C2E2 Supernatural, Part 2!
  • Extended Recap - Supernatural 11.04 - "Baby" Part 2

    (Miss part one of this recap?  Just go here)

    So yes, after all that, they actually arrive in Oregon! We have a case!  It’s already like 20 min into the episode, so I don’t expect this case to be too complex, especially since it’ll all play out from inside the Impala.  That doesn’t mean it won’t be entertaining.  That’s proven as soon as Dean throws out that they’re dealing with a “were-pyre.”  He even taunts Sam to say it with him.  “No,” Sam firmly responds.  Ah brotherly banter.   Dean’s already thinking food and thanks to a recommendation from the local sheriff, a well renowned local steak house will do the trick.  Except it has valet parking.  Dean would actually trust a valet?  He does because Sam thinks it’s okay.  Really Sam?  You know what happens when you trust a classic car with a teenager?  Baby’s about to go on a joy ride. 
  • Extended Recap - Supernatural 11.04 - "Baby" Part 1

    Baby.  The third main cast member - The Metallicar - The solid rock that has always been there for the Winchesters (except for that silly season seven when she was sidelined).  The strong and rugged object that takes her lumps but always comes out on top, all while protecting her boys from all sorts of horrible things.  She maybe Dean’s pride and joy, but she looks after Sam as well.  So yeah, why did it take 11 seasons to get her a profile episode?   Ah well, better late than never.

    The concept itself is daring.  Shoot an entire episode inside the Impala.  Make the scenes semi-real time and create a monster story that can actually be told and enjoyed from Baby’s POV.  While the script is brilliant, the true achievement of this episode is what went into the direction.  It took a ton of creativity and planning to set this one up and the end result was nothing short of perfection.  It’s a no-brainer as to which episode this season would get the full length recap from me for this season.  “Baby” all the way.  It is one of my favorite episodes of all time for any TV show, not just “Supernatural.” 

    For those who may not be familiar with the full length recap concept, this is basically me digging into the episode with exhaustive detail and giving my wandering thoughts for every little part of it.  This gets pretty long.  I used to do these all the time, but they ended up taking way too much time not just for me but anyone reading them!  Now I do one or two a season for fun.  These are the type of recaps that once made Television Without Pity a great site, and they’re also a concept that mostly went out with that site too.  A lot of these recaps can get snarky but my love for this episode holds no bounds.  Any nitpicking in this recap will be reflected at the season itself and not this brilliant episode.    
  • Performing the Story: Baby in Supernatural 11.04 "Baby"

    In any filmed story, there are actors that convey that story to the audience. Those actors need not always be human beings. In the season 11 episode “Baby,” the primary actor is none other than the '67 Chevrolet Impala herself. It is through her lens that we see the story---a day in the life of her existence as the Winchester's mode of transport and so much more. So, in this “Performing the Story,” let's look at how Baby tells her own story and illuminates so much on Sam and Dean's.

  • Fan Video of the Week: Supernatural Reflections "Don't Call Me Shurley"

    Even if time has gone by, I have still mixed feelings about writing this article. "Don't Call Me Shurley" was a magnificent episode. If you ask me, it was the finale on which this season should have ended. After that we found out that Thompson was leaving Supernatural, which hit me pretty hard. He was on a roll in season 11, writing the best episodes he has ever written.

  • Memorable Moments: Supernatural's Impala - aka Metallicar - aka "Baby"

    This article is dedicated to the most Memorable Moments of Baby, the '67 Chevy Impala that has been a part of the Winchester family since 1973.

  • Updated Supernatural Holiday Gift Guide


    So, Christmas time is here and I know what you're thinking: What in the world can I get the ghost of my great grandmother, vampire neighbor, or the DarknessTM to unwrap on that magical morning? Maybe you celebrate Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa or have another holiday tradition that involves exchanging gifts with the little monsters known as friends, family and neighbors?

    Well fear not!  I'm here to...
  • Memorable Moments: Supernatural 11.04 "Baby"

    Welcome to "Memorable Moments". Each week I will visually recap what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from that episode. The list may vary from week to week, depending on what has transpired in that particular episode.

    Side note: When I first heard that this episode was going to be from the viewpoint of the Impala/Baby, I thought my options were going to be limited. As you will find I was worried over nothing.  Also since there were so many funny, bad ass and brotherly moments I placed some under other categories where I thought they worked as well.

  • TV Fanatic Roundtable: Supernatural 11.04 "Baby"

    I think that Sean McKenna, the moderator for our TV Fanatic Supernatural Roundtables, hit it on the head when he asked, "Did Supernatural just have one of its best episodes ever?"  Sean and Christine Laskodi of TV Fanatic and myself and Nightsky all had wonderful things to say about this wildly creative idea that once again reminded us why we love this show. 
  • Far Away Eyes' Deeper Look: Supernatural 11.04 "Baby"

    If these four wheels could talk---that is the premise of the Supernatural episode, “Baby.”

  • Thoughts on Supernatural 11.04: "Baby"

    After eleven years and over 200 episodes, we finally have it: an episode told entirely from the Impala's perspective. Rich in material, a fun plot to keep us entertained and not short on the brotherly moments.
  • Supernatural Bits & Pieces - Special Edition - 'Baby'

    Since the third lead of Supernatural finally got her own episode, we are dedicating this week's Bits & Pieces to her.
  • Alice's Review: Supernatural 11.04, "Baby" aka Working on Those Night Moves

    I was a little too tall
    Could've used a few pounds
    Tight pants points hardly reknown
    She was a black haired beauty with big dark eyes
    And points all her own sitting way up high
    Way up firm and high

    Out past the cornfields where the woods got heavy
    Out in the back seat of my '60 Chevy
    Workin' on mysteries without any clues…

    Okay everybody, join in!  Workin’ on our Night Moves…
  • Black Velvet

    Here's a fun, creative homage to our favorite black beauty!  It's a first WFB contribution from Julie.  Enjoy her rendition of  "Black Velvet." 
  • Top Ten Crimes Against The Impala

    (From Alice)  Ardeospina sent this to me over a week ago (it might even be two) and since then there's another item to add to this list.  I think we all know what it is.  Anyway, all this is her except for my added "Honorable Mention" at the end that I'm sure Ardeospina would have put in there if she had the chance.  This is a great list so enjoy!


    While thinking about the Impala creating my first list, I realized that she has been through a lot during this show.  That led me to create my second list in the Impala series - Crimes Against the Impala.

    The criteria for this list was simple - bad things happening to the car.  That's it.  And unfortunately, there were plenty of things to use.  Poor baby!  So, without further ado, I present the Top Ten Crimes Against the Impala.

    Honorable Mention - Bela has it towed - Red Sky at Morning

    Sam and Dean walk back to the Impala after talking to crazy Gert, except the car is gone.  This rightfully sends Dean into a panic attack until Bela shows up and tells the boys that she had the car towed.  What a wench!

    vlcsnap 00014
  • Top Ten Impala Moments

    (Note from Alice)  I'm honored to post the very first article from Ardeospina!  It's been a while since we've had a guest contribution and she's the first to actually take on something that I've always wanted to do but haven't had the time for yet.  Needless to say, I've very pleased with what she came up with.  So enjoy her wonderful take on our favorite third full time cast member.


    Hello, everyone!

    Since this site has been such a boon for me during the Hellatus, I decided to ask Alice if I could start writing up some Top Ten lists as a way to contribute to the site.  She graciously said yes, and I went to work!  So thanks, Alice, for letting me join the fun.

    Why Top Ten lists, you may ask?  Well, for one, I love making lists.  Two, I like seeing other people's opinions on the subject I'm talking about.  It's fascinating to see how one moment can resonate so much with one person and another person can have a totally different reaction.  Three, I don't really have a point three, but a two-point list isn't a very good list, so...

    Without further ado, I present to you the Top Ten Impala Moments!

    Top Ten Impala Moments

    The Impala is the coolest car on TV.  But for Sam and especially Dean, it's more than just a car.  It's been there for some of the most important moments in their lives, offering silent support in their times of need.  It's acted as hotel, love nest, battleground, hiding spot, and so much more.  No wonder it's such a fan favorite!  Who wouldn't want a car like that?  That being said, it was really hard to pick just ten moments to highlight.  My criteria for this list were: only positive or fun or just plain cool things made this list.  The Impala gets vandalized enough for a separate list!  (Which I'm working on, naturally, since I'm in an Impala mood.)  Only one roadside confession allowed.  Why only one when there are so many good ones to choose from?  Well, that too could probably be its own list, so one will represent all.  Lastly, no Impala arguments allowed.  The boys fighting is so hard to see, and this is a celebratory list, so no arguing!  Plus, the added bonus with making your own list is you get to set the rules.

    Honorable Mention - Side views for all - After School Special

    Look at how they framed these shots.  So cool!  After four seasons, it's hard to find new ways to shoot the Impala, but they did a great job here.  Bonus points for making Sam look so small, too, because we all know what a giant he is.

  • Impala Moments

    Impala moments:
    Sam, Dean and the Impala are indelible images from this series. Pick any season and you will find plenty to choose from, I present four that stand out to me, either because they have heavy emotional reveals or brotherly bonding; there are dozens more to choose and by no means do I suggest these are the best, they simply are the ones that came to mind immediately for each season when I decided to ‘throw' this together. 
    The idea for this little exercise came at the end of my watching Fresh Blood and boom, a simple, lite fare post came to mind. I invite you to peek at the following screen caps - added by the ever generous and always supernaturally obsessed Alice - and after you've gazed at them drop a comment and let me know which images came to your mind.