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  • Mallena's Supernatural Musings: 2.10 "Hunted"

    There has been a lot of talk lately about Jody and the women of Supernatural. In honor of the upcoming spin-off about Jody and her wayward sisters, I wanted to review an episode that had some of my favorite women characters featured in it.  This episode is also very entertaining and well-written.  I do love Ellen, and Ava is a great character (who should have gone down a different path and came back to our show, now and then), but the main thrill here is the battle between Sam, Dean, and Gordon.  

  • Supernatural: Reflecting Mary

    [Editor's Comment:  As Sam and Dean's mom, Mary Winchester was a beloved character in Supernatural for the first eleven years of the series. With her reintroduction to the story in season 12, she has become a great deal more controversial. Guest writer Gail Martin reflects on Mary's life, examining the emotions and perspectives that may be influencing Mary's decisions after her reunion with her sons. - Nightsky]

    Mary’s comment to Dean about him not being a child and his response about not needing her to tuck him in--as though an adult doesn’t need a parent--really bothered me. Then I thought about it—Mary lost both her parents in 1973 when she was 19. John’s father disappeared when he was a young child, and there’s not much mention (any?) of John’s mother.

  • Fan Video of the Week: Supernatural Reflections "Keep Calm and Carry On"

     "Karma brings us ever back to rebirth, binds us to the wheel of births and deaths. Good Karma drags us back as relentlessly as bad, and the chain which is wrought out of our virtues holds as firmly and as closely as that forged from our vices." — Annie Besant

    I guess I should start this article with the familiar words: "Long time no see!" I am your friendly hiatus writer with the Fan Video articles.

  • Redemption, Second Chances & Changing Attitudes

    In honour of season 11 and all the attitude adjustments it wrought, today we’re counting down some of the top ten “redemption” hits in Supernaturalhistory.
  • Threads Supernatural 11.12: The "Don't You Forget About Me" Mid-Season Recap

    Episode 12 crossed the mid-season point in season 11's 23 episode series. Curiously named “Don’t You Forget About Me”, I have to wonder what else in season 11 are we being told not to forget? So after a quick review of this stand-alone story, let’s revisit some of the season’s earlier threads to see if they now have deeper meaning.
  • Threads: Supernatural 11.11 "Into The Mystic"

    “Screaming like a Banshee”. I’ve heard and said that phrase my whole life but never knew it had its roots in folklore. I guess you really do learn something new every day – especially from Supernatural!
  • A Tribute to the Kick-Ass Women of Supernatural - Part 2

    "Kick-Ass Women" was the first article I wrote for The WFB. It had been stirring in my mind for a long time before I took the leap to write it. It was a worthy topic. Of course, time doesn't stand still so we have gotten some new female cast arrivals since then, so it is time to update "Part One".

    Some things have changed since I wrote the first article. For example, characters that were left out have become more important and deserve to be added. Some of them might not get another chance to surprise us as characters while others I hope have several surprises left in them. I will start the article with the same words as before because they are as fitting now as they were then. So, on with the show! 

    I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass. — Maya Angelou
  • Auld Lang Syne: LK's Favorite Reflections on Supernatural

    You could say I am a Newbie among the other writers on WFB. I have been writing articles almost a year now but even if I have only a few published, there are already articles that I regard as my favorite.
  • Supernatural: The Animation, Closer Look PART 1

    Something old - something new - something borrowed - something blue

    Did you know that there is an animated version of Supernatural? Several people showed interest in learning more about Supernatural: The Animation so I was thinking that during this hellatus I could pull back the curtain a little bit on the series as I have watched all the episodes.

    This is the first part of five articles about the animation. In this article I will briefly introduce the characters and their backgrounds. First, though, I will start by defining animation.
  • Fan Video of the Week: Supernatural Reflections "Hibbing 911"

    “Being an intellectual creates a lot of questions and no answers. You can fill your life up with ideas and still go home lonely. All you really have that really matters are feelings. That’s what music is to me.” – Janis Joplin

  • A Tribute to the Kick-Ass Women of Supernatural

    I should probably start at the beginning with why I wanted to make this article. First, Supernatural has loads of good women characters. Second, I wanted to walk into memory lane and remind us about those that maybe are not remembered by us. 

    Few have passed away and few are still alive and kicking. As we are talking about Supernatural then usually all the men, women, children and even animals don't live to see another day and if they do then they lose or have lost a family member. The rule is that everybody dies. Even the main cast. I am happy that some survive and sad when some are lost. If you make it out alive in Supernatural episode then that is already a miracle. 
  • sweetondean's Wrap Up of "Supernatural" 8.11 - "LARP and the REAL GIRL"

    Well that was fun. It's been a while since we had a fun episode of "Supernatural". One that took us out of the mythology for a bit. "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie" was the last one I could think of and let me tell you, that was 20 episodes ago! I know this because I counted them!
  • Significant Mothers of Supernatural Part Two: The Surrogate

    Significant Mothers of Supernatural Part Two: The Surrogate
    (For Part One: One-Hit Wonders go here.)

    The Winchester Brothers have had their share of loss. Their family has never been large, forged more in arms than in blood, to be sure. From the first moment that the boys meet her, in her own way Ellen adopts the boys - tough-loving them as she does her own daughter. Throughout the series, Ellen has demonstrated many faces ranging from deft huntress to mournful mother. She serves to bring a maternal element to the series in mostly non-conventional, gun-slinging ways.

  • Significant Mothers of Supernatural, Part One: One-Hit Wonders

    Significant Mothers of Supernatural, Part One:
    One-Hit Wonders
    We survived again! Officially less than one week to go in this long, long hiatus. My goal during Hellatus was to contribute more than the one measly piece I did, but that clearly didn't happen. The one thing everyone knows about me (and my family) is that we have ridiculously bad luck and thus, as usual life had other plans for me, food poisoning being at the top of the list (seriously, one year we rented a cottage on our first vacation in nearly seven years - and EIGHT tornados touched down where we were staying). So, when the many crises were abated, I sat down to write one article and instead found myself with multiple points of interest, leading one article to become one of three instead. So here we go: Part One of the Mother series.
    Mother is a word that we use in many contexts. It can mean the woman who birthed us, or Mother Earth, or it can be used as a verb, such as "you're mothering me" or it can be an adjective to describe a relationship other than parent-child. The world of Supernatural has explored many mothers throughout the series, good and bad, both desperate and strong. For the most part, these have been powerful characters with a significant role to play, regardless of their actual screen time. That said, this article trilogy intends to explore the significant maternal figures on the show.
    First, I'll start with the Honourable Mentions.  These were individuals who were mothers in some senses, but their specific impact on going-ons and/or character development wasn't as strong. Note that none of these are in order of favouritism, but rather appearance: