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  • "Hello, Cruel World" Review: Body Blows

    Anytime Ben Edlund's name appears as writer for an episode, I know that I will be either laughing till tears run down my face or crying as my heart breaks. "Hello, Cruel World," is most certainly the latter. Pair an Edlund script with the directorial skill of Guy Norman Bee, and Supernatural hits the jack pot every single time. If it was Edlund's intent to break every Supernatural fan's heart with this particular episode, he did that and more. For good measure, he twists the knife deep a few times. He also never lets up. 
    His first strike comes from Castiel. The blow is heavy and hard. The Leviathan trapped within the angel's vessel are barely contained. At the crucial moment when they could have finished both Winchesters and Bobby off for good, they are instead forced to retreat. Their black ooze is leaking out, as Castiel is about to explode. He eventually ends up walking into the local lake, which happens to also be the water supply. At this point, almost reminiscent of "Dead in the Water," the Leviathan pour forth from his body and infect the pipes, possessing any who drink the water. 
    The body blow here isn't just watching Castiel disappear into the water. It is the trench coat that floats up left behind. Dean picks it up with tears glistening in his eyes, and mutters, "Dumb son of a bitch." 

    Dean's anguish here is palpable. It is understated, but raw. Dean doesn't show his emotions as blatantly as he has in the past when Sam died in his arms in "All Hell Breaks Loose I." It is quiet, reserved, and almost resigned to the fact that he has lost one of his friends---and brothers. They may have been on opposite sides until Castiel agreed to return the souls to Purgatory, but that didn't change Dean's feelings---he cared for the angel and losing him hurt more than he cares to admit. After all, he wouldn't necessarily be topside at all if it hadn't been for Castiel. 
    They've watched their angel friend possibly die---or become something far worse, too. Only time can tell, but it isn't hard to figure out that Castiel's vessel has now become the vessel for the Boss Leviathan. That remains a mystery yet to be solved, but it's a possibility on the table that makes the scene hurt all the more. 
  • “I’m Sorry, Have You Met Me?” I'm KAREN!

    There are people we've heard of, but never really got to know (Like Sully was to Dean). 
    Sometimes we run into old friends and realize we've changed and we need time to reconnect with each other (Like Sully and Sam's friendship).
    With this in mind, it's a sensible idea to visit with our Contributing Staff here at The Winchester Family Business.

    The WFB Writing Staff was challenged to select eleven questions to answer from an extensive list. 
    When you are done reading, we would like to challenge you to answer a few of the questions that our staff member answered.
    Long-time visitors or new one, We'd like to get to know you better, too.

    And, I hope all y'all are thirsty....

    Welcome another brave writer to accept the SEASON ELEVEN/ ANSWER ELEVEN CHALLENGE!

  • 7:03: Thoughts on "The Girl Next Door"

    This episode was really a breath pause - a moment to recover from the chaos and drama of last week 's episode and a chance to get back to the roots of the show. I appreciate a calmer episode every now and again, especially because despite the respite from the Leviathan plot, it was still beating steadily in the background, as I expect it will for a few weeks more at least. This review will be short and sweet, so let 's get to it. 

  • 7:09 - Thoughts on "How To Win Friends and Influence Monsters"



    This episode had the feel of being handled by a seasoned Supernatural vet - it was dark, the characters were totally on point and the plot rolled forward. This review will be a bit shorter than usual, I think, because this episode felt largely like a vehicle to get to next week which is just fine with this viewer because overall it was a pretty good episode. Though not quite as humorous as I was expecting, giving that Ben Edlund was responsible for this one. Nevertheless, it laid some substantial groundwork for the mid-season finale in two weeks and I eagerly await the heart-pounding cliff hanger that I'm sure we are going to be left with at the end of episode 10! 

  • 7:10 - Thoughts on "Death's Door"


    No doubt about it, episode ten has historically packed one heck of an emotional punch and this one is not breaking that pattern. Death's Door was nothing short of perfect. 

    I've broken the two coinciding streams of this episode apart and examined them as whole pieces, rather than intercut with one another, so bear with me through the somewhat recap-esque quality of this review. The episode was so wonderful, that most every moment deserved mention. I'm still reeling from the information and emotion that was rolled into that intense 40 minute episode. I've already watched it three times consecutively and it still gets me every time. Everyone have tissue on hand? Okay, let's get to it.

  • 7.02 Review - "Hello, Cruel World"


    Season seven, episode two: it's a bit surreal to type that about Supernatural, because it's hard to believe the brothers Winchester have been gracing us with their presence for the better part of seven years already. But seven years or not, this season has the makings of a champion run. It may be premature to say this, only two episodes in, but so far this season feels on par with season four, which was my personal favourite overall. So, what did we think of episode two?

  • 7.06: Thoughts on "Slash Fiction"

    High hopes were had for this episode and I have to say that it did not disappoint. Slash Fiction was fast paced, funny, action-fill and informative all at the same time. This was a solid episode and it felt like the plot was substantially advanced by the end. The players are on the board, we at least know who the major ones are now and the outline of the rest of season seven begins to take shape. 
  • A Hunter's Wake: Remembering a Salvaged Man

    A Hunter's Wake: Remembering a Salvaged Man

    An Elegy for a Singer
  • A Tribute to the Badass Men of Supernatural - Part 1

     After I made "A Tribute to the Kick-Ass Women of Supernatural" and part 2 , I wanted to write a similar article about men. I value both in Supernatural because the show has some of the most remarkable guest actors and actresses, so the loss of both are deeply felt. I decided to use the same criteria as I had in my first article. I chose the male characters that had a great impact on me and were also Badass on their own accord.

  • A Very Nice Older Man With A Beard

    A while back, I decided that I wanted to make a list of Top 10 Bobby moments because Bobby Singer is awesome, and he deserves his own list.  Then I started going through all his scenes and realized that there was no earthly way for me to pick just 10 moments I loved from Bobby because every time he's on screen, he's doing something great.  So I decided that what Bobby really deserves was his own article because that would allow me to fully express how much I love the character of Bobby Singer.  So here's my first attempt at a full-length, non-list article all about my favorite salvage-yard owning hunter.

    When we first meet Robert Steven Singer in "Devil's Trap," it becomes apparent very quickly that Bobby has known Sam and Dean for a long time and he clearly has a great deal of affection for them.  Even though he had a falling out with John (and really, who hadn't, it seems?) he's willing to do everything in his power to help them find their father.  It's easy when you're angry at someone to take it out on others around them when that person is not readily available, and I love Bobby for being able to put aside his anger with John and go straight into helping mode because Sam and Dean need him.

    Though his time in "Devil's Trap" was fairly brief, all the major traits of his character were set up in this episode: he's very smart, especially in regards to book learning; he's a very good hunter and specializes in hunting demons; for all that, he does have a life outside of hunting; he's like family for the boys, starting off as a sort of uncle but after the loss of their father, he gradually develops into a father figure for Sam and Dean.  And just as the boys have gone through a harrowing journey in the past five years, Bobby has, too, especially this season.  So let's take a deeper look at Bobby Singer, shall we?
  • Alice's Recap - "Slash Fiction"

    I'm mixing it up this week.  After going through all the goodness of "Slash Fiction," I realized that a mere review could not do it justice.  Not by a long shot.  So I've decided to dust off my mad recapping skills and pour through this one bit by bit.  There's so much to comment on!
    For those that aren't familiar with my recaps of the past, they're long.  Freaking long.  They're worth the read though for they find things in scenes you never noticed before.  Heck, going through stuff for this recap brought on whole new discoveries.  So, I suggest you settle into someplace comfy, grab a cup of coffee or hot cocoa, and enjoy.  If you really don't want a detailed commentary, I at least throw in my two cents at the end about what I think of the entire Sam and Dean drama.  So feel free to skip to that part if interested.  But then you'll miss out on the big continuity error and the discovery of bunk beds!  Among other things.  
    Before I start with a single frame, some technical notes.  The director is the always entertaining John Showalter.  I love doing screencaps for John's episodes because he gives me so much goodness to capture.  You'll see plenty of what I mean in the recap.  On the writing side is Robbie Thompson, who submits an incredible first time script for this show at a time when a strong script was needed.  Robbie Thompson has been listed in the credits through the entire season as the new Executive Story Editor, which is a title often given to new writers on the team.  This makes me assume he's part of the Supernatural writing team this year and will be giving us more.  After this amazing episode, I hope so.  
  • Alice's Review - "Hello, Cruel World"

    "Well, this is a new one."  I'll say!  Here it is a few days later and I'm still reeling.  
    I loved "Hello, Cruel World," only slightly more than "Meet The New Boss."  Both have been great and man am I excited about this season seven. I haven't been this enthused about the start of a Supernatural season since season four, my favorite season so far.  Just two episodes of season seven have brought us more heart stopping thrills and emotional rollercoasters than all of season six.  
    There are several reasons why I loved this episode, and one is not the fact that I'm wondering why it took seven freaking seasons to show Sam and Dean being rushed to a hospital in an ambulance.  It's Creature of The Black Lagoonmeets A Beautiful Mind. In other words, a mish mash that can only be pulled off with brilliance by Ben Edlund.  
    In this show we often get a great monster of the week story or one enticing and tear jerking family drama, but it's been a long time that both have been pulled off so perfectly in same episode.  Both stories blended together very well.  This script is flawless and captivating from beginning to end.  You knew it was an Edlund script from the second it came on the screen.  "Black Water" by The Doobie Brothers?  Bwah, the sardonic musical choice again.  ("Space Oddity" is still my favorite). 
  • Fan Video of the Week: Supernatural Reflections "Don't Call Me Shurley"

    Even if time has gone by, I have still mixed feelings about writing this article. "Don't Call Me Shurley" was a magnificent episode. If you ask me, it was the finale on which this season should have ended. After that we found out that Thompson was leaving Supernatural, which hit me pretty hard. He was on a roll in season 11, writing the best episodes he has ever written.

  • Fan Video of the Week: Supernatural Reflections "First Blood"


    "Place me behind prison walls - walls of stone ever so high, ever so thick, reaching ever so far into the ground. There is a possibility that in some way or another I may be able to escape. But stand me on that floor and draw a chalk line around me and have me give my word of honor never to cross it. Can I get out of that circle? No. Never." — Karl G. Maeser

    How the Winchesters got into this situation was controversial but it was a juicy idea. I loved 2.19 "Folsom Prison Blues"and thought if "First Blood" was as well executed, we would have a grand old time. As it turned out, it was good but it could have been better. It would have been great if it would have lasted like two episodes.

    My chosen word for this fan vid article is, of course, "prison" so I checked up on a few episodes where our boys have been in prison or jail. Also, I might have chosen the weirdest song about prisons as a fan video but it works.

  • Fan Video of the Week: Supernatural Reflections 10.15, 10.16, 10.17

    Since The WFB Rewatch schedule has had to skip two episodes to compress season 10's reruns before the season 11 premiere, this week I feature fan videos for three episodes at once: "Inside Man', "The Things They Carried" & "Paint It Black"!

  • It's a Supernatural Life - Part 4


    Are you ready for part three of the Christmas story? If you missed the opening chapters of this year's Christmas in the bunker with the Winchesters, you'll want to go back to read Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 before continuing. After this we have still one part to go.

     The original idea for this story was to make it ready before Christmas day but unfortunately that didn't come to pass. Sometimes I plan too many things to do and I realize that there is only so much you can do in a day. I didn't have a holiday (vacation time) to finish it but so much was already done. I decided just to relax, keep the idea for the story in mind and slowly let it reveal itself. That was good as I could fully focus on it and write all that was needed. So finally we have arrived at the part that is my favorite.

  • Let's Speculate: "Death's Door"

    Warning!!!!!!!!!  If you haven't seen tonight's episode of "Supernatural," stop reading now!  There will be spoilers and discussion and all sorts of venting, so do yourself a favor and wait till after the episode to continue.  You have been warned!

  • Let's Speculate: "Hello, Cruel World"

    WARNING!!!!!!  If you haven't seen tonight's episode of "Supernatural," read no further!  There will be plot discussion and spoilers and other things you won't want to read unless you have seen the episode.  Consider yourself warned!  If you're still here, let's do this!

    First of all, I just want to say to Ben Edlund and Guy Norman Bee, I both love and hate the two of you for the floating trenchcoat scene.  Not gonna lie, I cried.  Ugh, it was so emotional!  There should never be trenchcoat without Cass in it!  It's just wrong!  Which is exactly why it was the perfect symbol to show that Cass was really gone this time.  Or is he?  DUN DUN DUN!  This leads me to my Theory of the Week:
  • Memorable Moments: Supernatural 2.15 - "Tall Tales"

    Welcome again to Memorable Moments of Supernatural Past! I chose this episode as this one of my favourites. The humour was endless and it introduced us to The Trickster, who I just loved and miss dearly.

  • Recap - "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"

    Okay, before we get started, one MAJOR issue will be gotten out of the way now. There is no continuity between this episode and "My Bloody Valentine." The reason is because this was filmed as episode 5.14 and "My Bloody Valentine" was supposed to be episode 5.15. Then the network decided to come back from Winter Hellatus in January a week later, thus throwing the schedule all to hell. I mean, how strange would it have been to have seen a Valentine's Day themed episode in late March? I think the network should have left well enough alone and stuck with the original schedule, but hey, I don't get paid the big bucks to make that decision. My only request goes to Warner Brothers. When constructing the season five DVD, PLEASE switch these episodes back? Do the continuity junkies a favor?

    Okay, on with the recap. It should be noted that this title is the same as a lame Steve Martin film. So, no, I don't get the motivation since the original had nothing to do with zombies. Anyway, lightening strikes in the dark skies and the camera pans to the wet ground of a cemetery. Clay James Thompson, who died in 2004suddenly punches his hand up out of the ground a la Dean Winchester in "Lazarus Rising." Except Dean's was way cooler. He pulls himself up.