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  • Looking Back at S6: The Supernatural Season Six Awards - Part One

    It's that time of year again!  This is when I pour through every detail of every episode of the season and figure out which qualify for the over forty completely irrelevant and arbitrary categories that I use for these awards every year.  Here's part one, or 14 categories that follow no specific order or reasoning. 
  • Looking Back at S6: The Supernatural Season Six Awards - Part Three

    Here we go, final round of the Season Six Awards.  These categories are a little looser for the most part, but every bit as fun!  Let's see what won some kudos...

  • Looking Back at S6: The Supernatural Season Six Awards - Part Two

    It's part two of the Season Six Awards!  A lot of the biggies are in this one.  Here we go!
  • Season Five Awards - Part One

    Summer hellatus is so bittersweet. We stare down the prospects of spending the next four months of our lives clinging to repeats and over-speculating like mad over a faint clue about season six that someone leaked on Twitter. Yet, this is also one of my favorite times of year, because I get to do the season end awards! This is my third year in a row and I've gone all out this year.  It's just me living my philosophy, go big or go home. Of course my other philosophy is never turn down that second piece of pie, so maybe my philosophical prowess needs some work.
    As I stated last year at this time, awards are meaningless. They're trite attempts at giving relevance to a body of work just for the sake of boosting egos or justifying paychecks. So why reduce this epic season to such rubbish like I shamelessly did for previous seasons? The reason hasn't changed.  I had to do something to pass the time at work.   
    (Season Four Awards)
    (Season Three Awards)
    (Season Two Awards)
    (Season One Awards)
    Using many of the same categories as previous years as well as introducing some new ones, here are in no particular order the totally subjective and often just plain nuts best, worst, and whatever of Supernaturalseason five. 

  • Season Five Awards - Part Three

    To see the awards given thus far, here's part one and part two.

    Most Awkward Winchester Family Moment

    This is one of my favorite categories this year, for every time I think about the winner it makes me smile.  First though, there is an honorable mention.  This moment goes to a place we never thought Sam and Dean would go, even with their always close quarters. Dean is caught doing an "act" in a place where urban legends come true and has the hairy palm to prove it. If that's not funny enough, Sam with one eye roll manages to top that. "You could go blind doing that too." Wow, did that just happen? "Seinfeld" set a precedent I guess. 

    SPN 0435
  • Season Five Awards - Part Two

    (Part One of The Season Five Awards can be found here.)

    Most Touching Brotherly Moment

    So many!  The parting scene at the end of "Good God Y'all" gets a big honorable mention, mostly because its so devastatingly sad, so understated and sold with mostly somber looks. The kicker though is Dean offers Sam the Impala! Sure there is no way Sam would have taken him up on it, but the gesture was huge.
    SPN 1103
    SPN 1119
    The winner though actually goes to the scene involving Dean and Young Sam (an awesome Colin Ford) in “Dark Side of The Moon.” Dean's heavenly memory of their renegade setting off of fireworks on 4th of July 1996, sentimentally cut to Bob Dylan’s (yes the original recording) “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” woven in between the elated faces illuminated by the colorful lights is the stuff epics are made of. Its sheer perfection and if that's Heaven, sign me up.




    The Dean Winchester Most Outrageous Act of The Year

    I have no clue why I've never awarded this before. Dean's always shocking us and Sam with either an off the wall comment or inappropriate act. This season though we have a grand champion that trumps all seasons hands down. I only need one word to describe it too. "Pudding!"
    SPN 0478

    Best Appearance of Sam Winchester's Hair

    Again, Sam, Interrupted comes up a winner. When Sammy is a raging lunatic so is his hair, flying wildly all nice and fluffed. Crazy never looked hotter. That nuthouse patient blue outfit certainly didn't hurt either, which is likely why his rages in this ep won out.
    SPN 0670
    Honorable mention goes to the way his hair flew and landed all disheveled on the pillow when those shotgun shells hit him in "Dark Side of The Moon." That could be my twisted side talking though.
    SPN 0058
    Worst Appearance of Sam Winchester's Hair

    "My Bloody Valentine", but just like last year's "When The Levee Breaks" I think it's supposed to be. He's mentally, emotionally and in a non-human way physically a complete wreck, so the hair must match. It does perfectly, especially during all those twisted expressions when he's killing with his mind.
    SPN 1184
    Best Torture of a Winchester

    When I asked Sera Gamble at Comic Con last year what more she could possibly do to Sam, especially after what she put him through in "When The Levee Breaks," she answered with delight there was no end to the psychological torture these brothers could go through (and Cas too). After all intense psychological torture wins every time over bloody and painful physical suffering. I think Sera was holding back, for there was plenty of the physical torture. Just look at all the crap each went through.
    • Had his legs broken and lungs removed by a vindictive angel.
    • Was captured, tied up, beaten, doused in holy water and was forced to ingest a fair amount of rock salt.
    • Beaten and force fed demon blood.
    • Strangled by Mahatma Gandhi.
    • Got the clap from a vindictive witch.
    • Got a vicious whack square in the nuts when losing a Japanese game show and was turned into the Impala computer.
    • Finds out he's the object of one very demented fan girl's affection. I'm sure that made him ill.
    • Restrained and manhandled after going a wee bit insane.
    • Is body swapped and subdued by a tranquilizer gun, TWICE.
    • Is murdered by a vindictive angel.
    • Goes completely off the deep end in a demon killing spree after caving into the Famine induced overwhelming craving for demon blood.
    • Is tackled and disgustingly drooled on by a crazed zombie. 
    • Is murdered by vindictive hunters.
    • Crippled by a set on nasty diseases from Pestilence, including Syphilis. Man, he just can't run from the VD.
    • Oh, and he becomes the prom suit for Satan himself.
    Dean didn't fare too well either:
    • Beaten up by a vindictive old demon foe.
    • Suffers from angel induced stage four stomach cancer. 
    • Is pummeled unconscious by his future self. The future self that gets his neck broken by Samifer acting like he was stepping on a cockroach.
    • Gets wailed on by Paris Hilton and has to deal with Sam rubbing it in. 
    • Gets violently tossed like a rag doll by a vindictive demon. 
    • Has to wear sunglasses at night in a procedural cop show and deliver the Steve Urkel inspired tagline in a bad sitcom. Sure that seems like psychological torture but I'm sure it made him sick to his stomach.
    • Is devastated emotionally when he has to say goodbye to Jo and Ellen and let them meet their untimely deaths.
    • Ends up liking body swapped Sam better.  (Okay, that's not torture, but what does that say about his relationship with Sam?)
    • Is taunted by the archangel Michael in one impressive confrontation after getting the crap beat out of him by a vindictive angel.
    • Is knocked out and captured by Famine only to witness his brother go on an apeshit crazy demon killing spree, thus fracturing his psyche greatly.
    • Is murdered by vindictive hunters after watching Sam get slaughtered first. 
    • Is captured by his brother and one pissed off angel, earning his own cooling off period in the panic room. 
    • Kidnapped by Gods just gets weird from there.
    • Also stricken by horrible disease by Pestilence, but he's looking far worse than his brother. 
    • Face and body smashed to an unrecognizable pulp by Lucifer in a Sam suit, then he watches both his brothers fall into the vortex to Hell, essentially left to be the last man standing.
    Having said that, none of that wins.  The past physical stuff that has won this category before is for pansies compared to these two scenes of extreme psychological torture that capture the prize. It's a tie. 
    First is Dean's most unnerving ordeal in Chicago, when he's invited for pizza with Death himself in "Two Minutes To Midnight."  The intent was to kill, but Dean quickly learns you can't kill Death.  Or cheat him either.  Or even have a conversation without wetting yourself.  Even being forced to have a bite of pizza is enough to make him want to either pass out, toss his cookies, or both.  The entire scene is brilliance, with the tension so extreme no one would have guessed that in the end Death was a card carrying member of Team Freewill.  He offers a terrified Dean the ring without a fight, but the bargain involves the death of Sam.  That makes sense, since death is his thing.
    SPN 1000
    Second, by sake of airdate and not quality, is Sam's mirror showdown with Lucifer in "Swan Song." The great dark one finally has his vessel, but the occupant inside is being feisty. There's only one way to tame that inner beast, through one glorious mind fuck exchanged through a cracked mirror. Sam wasn't the only one rattled to the core.


    Plot Device Introduced That Should Be in All Episodes
    Shirtless Castiel. That is all.

    Most Tragic Act Of Revenge

    Killing Brady in "The Devil You Know." Sam had good reason to be pissed and Brady's taunting did little to help his situation, but cornering a defenseless demon in an alley and playing mind games before gutting him like a fish is even pretty low for the Winchesters. Good thing the bastard deserved it.

    SPN 1033

    Most Gruesome (And Most Welcome) Villain Death 

    I know it's really the wish of everyone to do this, but seeing Paris Hilton's head chopped off is a dream come true.  Lucky Sam.

    Best Ending To An Episode 

    "The Song Remains The Same." What can you say, I'm a mom. All that needed to happen to win this category was to show a blissfully happy mother-to-be assuring her soon to be born first child "Angels are watching over you." That'll punch a mom in the gut everytime. Us fangirl moms didn't stand a chance. 

    SPN 1117

    Worst Ending To An Episode  
    Most of the endings were pretty damned depressing. One heart crushing situation after another. Dean disillusioned talk with Sam, Sam and Dean parting, Sam's ill fated visit with Lucifer, Sam and Dean reconciling with uncertainty, Bobby getting emotional from Dean's speech, Sam, Dean and Castiel facing a looming predicament, Ellen and Jo's somber picture burning funeral, Sam opening up to Dean and being shut down, Sam and his completely out of character moment with a teenager that should have been maimed, Sam going through excruciating demon blood detox while Dean listens and cries, Bobby burning the remains of the dead wife again, Dean losing faith and throwing out amulet, Dean abandoning Sam and Castiel to say goodbye to Lisa, A horseman wreaking havoc in the absolutely most disgusting way possible, Bobby selling his soul, and Dean being forced to let Sam go.
    The winner - all of those.

    SPN 1093  
    SPN 1265

    Best Use of Classic Rock

    I know many of you are thinking "Rock of Ages" in the finale, but for me, nothing tops the examination of the carnage in Colorado to Norman Greenbaum's bouncy and apocalypse appropriate "Spirit in The Sky" in "Good God Y'all." That crossed number one off my “most wanted Classic Rock” list, plus this whole scene involved one of the sweetest Mustangs I've ever seen, and I'm a Mustang aficionado.  Let's sing along!

    When I die and they lay me to rest
    Gonna go to the place that's the best
    When I lay me down to die
    Goin' up to the spirit in the sky
    Goin' up to the spirit in the sky
    That's where I'm gonna go when I die
    When I die and they lay me to rest
    Gonna go to the place that's the best

    Prepare yourself you know it's a must
    Gotta have a friend in Jesus
    So you know that when you die
    He's gonna recommend you
    to the Spirit in The Sky...
    SPN 0274  
    A very close second is the opening montage showing Sam and Dean's separate lives to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "A Simple Man" in "Free To Be You And Me." The way this scene is cut is so brilliant, showing Sam and Dean doing similar gestures in very different situations and places. It gets the heart strings going early. 

    Best Appearance By A Zombie Alligator 

    Well, we came close. There was a zombie episode! Given the setting in South Dakota though, not a gator in sight. I think I might have spotted a tiny lizard though, but maybe not.  Come on Edlund, you know you want to do it! Maybe next year Suze.  The attached picture is what I visualize happening if Sam got to blow away said zombie alligator.


    Funniest Moment 

    This is usually hard, but it's incredibly easy this year. This might even top alien slow dance and talking teddy bear as best ever. The intro was so subtle, many didn't even realize it was part of the show. We've seen ads like this thousands of times, the yoga instructor by the lake announcing through her Zen moves that she has medical condition. This time its genital herpes. Then an old man says the same thing. Okay. 

    No, we don't get the joke until Sam Winchester is seen in the next shot, shooting baskets, turning to the camera, and going "Seriously?" Then Dean with much delight reminds him he has to play his role. For a guy who claims he can't do comedy, just one uncomfortable declaration that he too has genital herpes is enough to put millions of fans in tears rolling on the floor. As Sam struggles through the ad, the howling of laughter can be heard all the way to Australia. "And that's a good thing." 

    Honorable mention strangely again goes to the freakishly tall brooding one. So what happens when you go all apeshit with that pent up rage in a mental institution? A whole bunch of happy drugs, that's what. I can't think of anyone more in need of happy drugs than Sam. He tries to show support for Dean and his blunder, but can't avoid the impulse to play "got your nose." "Boop." Now Dean gets to do the bitchface!

    Coming soon...the rest in Part Three.

  • Season Four Awards

    Awards are meaningless. They're shallow, insipid, desperate attempts at giving a shred of relevance to the most trivial of things just for boosting egos or justifying paychecks. So, that would prevent me from holding the second annual Supernaturalseason awards, right? After all, why reduce season four to such rubbish like I shamelessly did for season three? Easy, because I'm bored. 
    So in following many of the same categories as last year as well as introducing some new ones, here are in no particular order the totally subjective and often just plain nuts best, worst, and whatever of Supernaturalseason four. 
  • Season One Awards

    Yes, technically, I'm about four seasons too late on this one. There have been tons of other awards for season one that I'm aware of, so why even try it? Because I did one for the other three seasons, and I didn't want to hurt season one's feelings. Those seasons can be so damned touchy!  So, here we go, the season one awards. 
  • Season Three Awards

    I got super bored at work yesterday and found a fun way to kill time.  All it took was flipping through the season three pages at, and an afternoon of amusement was born.   I spent hours fondly recollecting moments from this past season, and somehow ended up taking notes.  So, below are my awards for season three of Supernatural. Keep in mind these categories are random and don’t follow any type of clear thought process.  Work and thought aren’t usually compatible in my case.   

    The Award Goes To….
  • Season Two Awards

    By demand, plus boredom this afternoon at work, I present the season two awards. You know, the awards I would have handed out at the end of season two if I was actually blogging AND watching the show. Better late than never I always say. 
    The season two awards are particularly challenging. One single event easily takes many of these categories. It was that earth shattering. You know which one I'm talking about. So, except for the Best Winchester Death category (since Dean was technically only on life support), Sam dying in Dean's arms will be disqualified from all categories other than that one.     
    So, here we go, the best, worst, and whatever of season two. 
  • Supernatural Season 11 WFB Editor's Choice Awards

    Yes, I've still got a few honors I must bestow on Season 11 before I put it behind me. You saw our Fan Choice Awards then our Staff Awards, and now it's time for the Editor's Choice Awards!  In other words, one overly opinionated red head has a few more things to dish out for fun, just because she can!  
  • Supernatural Season 11 WFB Staff Choice Awards

    The SPN fans have spoken, and now it's our turn!  What deserving recognition does the WFB staff wish to give to Supernatural Season 11?  Alice, Nate Winchester, Lilah Kane and Elle have a few ideas. 

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    Supernatural won Best Writing in Canadagraphs's "Best of TV" Awards!
  • The 2014 Supernatural Fan Awards - Final Voting Results!

    You voted, we compiled!  Here it is, the results on the 2014 WFB Supernatural Fan Awards.  Did our winners make your list?  
  • The Supernatural Season 11 Fan Vote Award Results

    You came you, you saw, you voted, you made your voice heard!  After an arduous month long process, we can finally announce the winners of our Supernatural Season 11 Fan Vote Awards.  There were 17 categories in all and there were some very surprising choices, some really close votes, and some total blowouts. Did your choice make it?  Let's find out.  

  • The Supernatural Season Nine WFB Editor's Choice Awards, Part One

    The fans have spoken, and now it's my turn.  As I do every year, I compile a list of awards using methods that are totally unscientific, completely subjective, and somewhat questionable, but always a lot of fun too.  I mean, who else would think up on this stuff?  Bored minds like myself, that are just trying to get through an impossibly long  Hellatus.  As I've done in years past, I've come up with so many awards, it requires two parts!  So without further delay, here's part one of my choices for the Supernatural Season Nine Awards.

    (Miss our Season Nine Fan Choice Awards?  You can catch up here:
  • The Supernatural Season Nine WFB Editor's Choice Awards, Part Two

    You all saw part one of my Season Nine Editor's Choice awards, now here's part two!  What other categories deserve recognition (both good and bad)?  There's still quite a few. 

  • The Teen Choice Awards and Supernatural

    This week, Supernatural won its first Teen Choice Awards! This was not the first time Supernatural and its stars has been associated with the TCAs, though.
  • The WFB Supernatural Season 12 Fan Choice Awards

    The moment is finally here!  The nominations have been tabulated, now it's time to vote.  Below there are 17 categories that give you, the fan, the power to choose the good, bad, and indifferent moments of "Supernatural" season 12.  
    I'm sure a couple of you very estute fans are going, "Wait a second, there were only 16 categories in the nominatons."  That's true, but a couple of fans chose to submit write in categories, and one by paladinteacher was way too good to pass up.  I could easily come up with enough good choices for it.  So you'll notice that as our "Bonus Write-In Question" at the end of the voting.  
    The rules are simple, there are none.  Once you submit your vote, refresh the page and you can vote again as often as you'd like.  Results will be hidden until the winners are revealed, which will be in a couple of weeks.  Voting will run until Sunday, July 16th at 11:59 pm ET.  
    I'm going to warn, it may take a minute for all the questions to load on each page.  Please be patient.  Also, as a standard disclaimer, remember, "Supernatural" fans are an opinionated lot.  Some of these questions may offend those who choose to be less critical or those that don't think we're being critical enough!  Plain and simple, if you don't like a question, feel free to skip it.  All these responses are based on fan choices made during the nomination process (with a couple extra thrown in by yours truly to beef up the selections) and they're there to gauge fan opinion across a very wide spectrum.  They're bound to be controversial in places.  Also, if an option is missing that you think should have been there, that is the importance of being involved in the nomination process.  I only can go with what I'm given! 
  • The WFB Supernatural Season 8 Awards - Fans' Choice

    All of you "Supernatural" fans nominated, then voted, and now we are proud to announce the results of our Winchester Family Business "Supernatural" Season Eight Awards! (The WFBSSEAs?)  Below are the results from the sixteen  categories put up for voting.