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  • Supernatural Bits & Pieces October 14, 2017

    Supernatural in the news this week
  • Supernatural Con First Timer - Vancouver Part 2

    Welcome to part 2 of my tale of attending my first Supernatural convention! If you missed Part 1, it described the year of excitement, set backs, planning and preparation then the travel and anticipation that led me to the day I had waited for for so long - my very first day at a con! Next reports will lead you to the Saturday, Sunday and Part 5! Now, on to Friday! 
  • Catching Up With Comic Con - Friday Edition - Update

    Catching up with Supernatural Alumni at Comic Con.
  • Supernatural Bits & Pieces January 22, 2017

    Supernatural in the news this week!
  • The Found Footage Report: Chicago Supernatural Convention 2016

    Each year the Supernatural fandom eagerly awaits the Gag Reel, which captures for all time the antics and bloopers that occurred during the prior season’s filming. Its unedited moments tell the story of what really happens on set. This abbreviated reality show is quite different from the perfected version of the episode an audience sees after multiple takes, precise editing and music and sound track additions deliver the storywriter’s and director’s desired visions.  

    Convention reports create a similar illusion of perfection. The stunning pictures that have emerged from Supernatural conventions in the past few years have become an art form unto themselves. In the hands of truly talented photographers, the combination of lighting, makeup and superb camera lenses capture images of subjects whose beauty could qualify them to be Greek gods and goddesses, resulted in breathtaking portrayals of the con’s stage shows.

    Similar to the edited footage of filming, the best convention pictures that are shared on websites and social media are culled from literally thousands of shots. These final images are cropped and filtered until maybe a dozen masterpieces emerge. As I was sorting through my reel of pictures from the Chicago 2016 Supernatural convention hoping to find a few of these perfect moments , I began to wonder: In addition to the sanitized, edited version of the convention, what if I shared the pre-edited, raw footage - the behind-the-scenes reality of photographing conventions? 

  • Supernaturally Charitable

    We all know about Jared and Always Keep Fighting; Jensen and Misha's You Are Not Alone; and Misha and GISHWHES/ Random Acts. What charities do other members of our cast support?
  • Supernatural Bits & Pieces May 28, 2016

    Supernatural in the news this week.