• Mallena's Supernatural Musings: 8.12 "As Time Goes By"


    Who loves the idea of time travel? I do!  The possibilities are endless as I contemplate where and when I would like to go if I had a time machine. Sam and Dean are no strangers to this phenomenon. This time around, Sam and Dean are not going anywhere (anywhen?), but are being visited by a man from the past that they didn’t even know that they needed. 

  • 12 Years of Big Boss Battles: Supernatural Villainy for the Ages

    12 Years of Big Boss Battles: SupernaturalVillainy for the Ages

    “I'm glad, honestly. I'm not saying we bury the thing, I'm saying we just save it for when we really need it. Crowley, Metatron -- the big boss fights.” – Sam, 9.22 Stairway to Heaven

    After twelve seasons of Supernatural- including one heck of an intense ending to our most recent finale, Supernaturalhas had it’s fair share of villains and monsters. Afterall, it is a show about fighting the creatures that go bump in the nights. That said, just how many of those creatures have resulted in, as Sam says, the “big boss” battle?

  • “Get a Room!” Supernatural’s Season 9 Motel Rooms - Part 2

    Browsing the SupernaturalWiki site, I noticed that the motel room descriptions stopped after season eight. 
    The advent of the bunker seriously negated the necessity for the boys to be on the road and at the mercy of tacky motel rooms. 
    Jerry Wanek, set designers and artists create atmosphere, add character depth, and enhance themes with their painstaking and creative designs.
    In Part 1, we looked at the motels from "Dog Dean Afternoon", "Rock and a Hard Place", "Holy Terror" and "The Purge".

    So let's get started on the rest of the irresistible decors of season 9!  

  • Supernatural Season 9 Hits & Misses - Part Two

    Supernatural Season 9 Hits & Misses - Part Two

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I enjoyed season nine, which made the nitpicks hard to come by (I am not looking forward to season 10 H&M list assembly!), so excuse the loose Misses below.
  • Supernatural Season 9: Hits and Misses - Part One

    Season 9: Hits and Misses - Part One

    Here we have it – season nine Hits and Misses: Part One. Some of the misses are a tad loose – but what can I say, I mostly enjoyed season nine. It wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t too bad. That made the Misses a little rarer to come by, so do bear with me and mind the nit-pick alerts…..

  • Supernatural Season 8: Hits & Misses - Part 2

    Here we are, part 2 of the season eight hits and misses. This was such a difficult list to compile: I really enjoyed season eight and there just aren’t that many over all major misses for me. So, most of what comes into this list are teeny-tiny little nitpicky things.
  • Thoughts on 9x02: Devil May Care

    Thoughts on 9x02 – Devil May Care


    Season nine is moving along at quite the tempo, if episode two is any indicator. This episode had a number of set ups for the year ahead of the poignant and psychological as well as action variety and continued to establish the key players in this game. The episode was exceptionally well written, with the typical witty sarcasm feeling even snappier and more rapid fire than usual and the expressive dialogue and mental anguish both well on point. Overall, this was an excellent episode from every angle, in my opinion.