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  • Retrospective Thoughts on Supernatural 12.16: "Ladies Drink Free"

    One of the lastSupernatural episodes of season 12 that was more formulaic and standard MOTW than big-picture focused, "Ladies Drink Free"was a decent easement back after the March mini-hiatus. Even in retrospect, the episode offered entertainment and drama without too much heady overflow in advance of what the rest of the season would bring.

  • Memorable Moments: Supernatural 12.16 "Ladies Drink Free"

    Welcome back to the "Memorable Moments" series for episode 12.16 "Ladies Drink Free". Once again I have put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from this episode. The list varies from episode to episode depending on what has transpired.  I hope you enjoy it and share what your picks would be!

  • Top 10 Clues to Supernatural Season 13 and Beyond

    As the Supernatural fandom eagerly awaits (and simultaneously dreads) the final chapters in season 12’s story, we have a one week break to consider what heartbreak might be in store for our heroes this year. A recent Supernatural convention participant reported that Jensen said this finale will be the hardest he and Jared have ever had to film. I don’t know about you, but my heart gets tied up in knots just thinking what that could mean!

  • Alice's Review: Supernatural 12.16, "Ladies Drink Free" aka Where's My Pool Scene?

    So, a funny thing happen on the way to watching my DVR recording of “Supernatural” on Thursday.  Everyone was pixelated, choppy, and talking in really strange voices.  I swear it was possessed.  Granted that actually improved the character of Claire for me, but that’s not the point (I’m kidding!). Bottom line, I couldn’t watch until it was available on the next day, and given my weekend plans I couldn’t watch until Sunday.  
    What did I think?  Maybe it was my mood after a good weekend, but I didn’t think it was half bad.  Even the hubby, who pretty much thinks all of it is crap these days, thought it was one of the better installments.  No, “Ladies Drink Free” wasn’t a series classic, but as filler goes, it was watchable.  
  • Threads: Supernatural 12.16 "Ladies Drink Free"

    The Morning After

    Welcome back to Supernatural Threads! After a three week mid-season hiatus, Sam and Dean are once again Saving People and Hunting Things. In this week’s hunt, they were joined by two amateurs, or to be more generous, hunters in training, Mick and Claire.

  • Thoughts on Supernatural 11.12: "Don’t You Forget About Me"

    I loved this episode. It was unabashed filler of the best kind. Did we advance the main story arc in any way? Nope. Did we see our main antagonists for even a millisecond or discover what they've been up to in recent days? Not at all. Never the less, the episode was rich with humour, emotion, love, familiar faces and family - the best kind of Supernaturalfiller episode you could ask for in my opinion.
  • Threads Supernatural 11.12: The "Don't You Forget About Me" Mid-Season Recap

    Episode 12 crossed the mid-season point in season 11's 23 episode series. Curiously named “Don’t You Forget About Me”, I have to wonder what else in season 11 are we being told not to forget? So after a quick review of this stand-alone story, let’s revisit some of the season’s earlier threads to see if they now have deeper meaning.
  • Far Away Eyes' Deeper Look: Supernatural 10.20 "Angel Heart"

    Supernatural began with the destruction of the nuclear family---and ten years later we see that theme continue with the Novak family in “Angel Heart.”
  • Fan Video of the Week: Reflections on Supernatural "Angel Heart"

    For this weeks video, I chose to go about it from a different angle. Inspired by The WFB article that focused on how demons have changedduring the run of the show, I decided to focus on angels as it fits the episode, the fan video I wanted to highlight and the new monster that was added to Supernatural mythology.
  • Thoughts on Supernatural 10.20: "Angel Heart"

    What to say about "Angel Heart"?As villains and devious concepts go, this episode fell considerably short in the grand Supernaturalscheme. Evil beings feeding on a humans while the human lives in a utopia mentally? Well, it’s wholly similar to the idea of a Djinn, first presented much more significantly in "What Is and What Should Never Be". Measured against that standard, an emotionally gripping episode on every level that catches you by surprise and uses the dead parents in unexpected ways to bring the audience to its knees? "Angel Heart" could never hope to compare and certainly didn’t. Having said that, the episode wasn’t a letdown or total write-off on a character level, so that’s where we begin from today.
  • Visual Review: Supernatural 10.10 "The Hunter Games"

    There are so many different ways to watch and enjoy a Supernatural episode. You can watch for the plot or for the pretty. You can analyze canon, decipher symbolism or listen for subtext. One of the best filters to apply to each show, though, is specifically analyzing the cinematography.  The visual themes in "The Hunter Games" were particularly striking.
  • Thoughts on Supernatural 10.09: The Things We Leave Behind

    This episode certainly bookended itself with intensity. The gooey centre was all about family drama, be it demonic or angelic. I liked this episode for a number of reasons. Though it did lack in a few spots, overall as a mid-season finale it hit all the right marks. Since it left me in an emotionally overwhelmed mess by the end with unanswered questions that won't be addressed for several weeks, I’d say the job was done successfully.