• Top 10 Clues to Supernatural Season 13 and Beyond

    As the Supernatural fandom eagerly awaits (and simultaneously dreads) the final chapters in season 12’s story, we have a one week break to consider what heartbreak might be in store for our heroes this year. A recent Supernatural convention participant reported that Jensen said this finale will be the hardest he and Jared have ever had to film. I don’t know about you, but my heart gets tied up in knots just thinking what that could mean!

  • Thoughts on Supernatural 9x12: "Sharp Teeth"

    So much to say about this episode and yet not much to talk about at the same time. This episode served largely as a pallet cleanser after the heart-stopping, mind-numbing  dramatic roller coasters of late and didn’t do a bad job over all. The general plot was satisfying and didn’t stray too far away from where things were left last week such that we were left in more or less the same emotional place. Sharp Teethgave a good window into the total lack of synchronicity between Sam and Dean without a word spoken between them about it, until the final moments, when we were left with a reunion in name only. But hey, at least they’re in the Impala right? So let’s dive into Sharp Teeth.

  • Thoughts On Supernatural Episode 7.18: "Party On Garth"

    Here we are, the final episode before a baby-induced hiatus. Is anyone else mystified as to how we are onto episode 18 of season seven already?

    Anyways....on to the review!

  • 7:08 - Thoughts on "Season Seven, Time For a Wedding"

    We've been long overdue for some laughs in the Supernatural world, and while this episode had some great humour, it also had a good deal of heart. 

    Las Vegas

    The episode opened with Dean chatting to a waitress in Vegas (who is paying for her education with this job, apparently) who aptly pointed out that Dean looked like someone had kicked his puppy when he'd entered the room. Dean's concern for Sam or "his friend's brother" voiced something the fans have been saying for a while now: Sam's sanity is just too easy. Dean was worried, waiting for the other shoe to drop but instead Sam just seems to be getting better. He doesn't believe it, and neither do I.  Furthermore, and the server keenly noted Dean's concern was that his brother no longer needed him as Sam texted Dean and told him to "wear fed suit" and meet him four blocks over.