The CW shuffle has again resulted in a schedule change.  Even though Reaper premieres on March 3rd and America's Top Model comes back with a 2 hr premiere on March 4th, Smallville and Supernatural will not be back until March 12th now instead of the previously announced date of March 5th, killing any hopes of a full boffo return week for The CW.  

Theories are floating around that the schedule change was due to American Idol airing on March 5th, but that makes no sense.  American Idol is also airing on the 3rd and the 4th, and recently Smallville held up very well against an AI airing.  Chances are more likely that since the season finale is slated for May 14th, that would have left 8 episodes left in the season to air over 11 weeks.  Now that's 10 weeks. 

Looking at the schedule for February, very little new programming is airing on the network, essentially rendering it dark for a good number of weeks.  Even when new episodes are shown, aka the weak Friday night lineup or Privileged burning off what is likely it's last episodes, they aren't exactly generating new viewership.  Even 90210 is only getting about 2.3 million these days against American Idol.  The top rated show on the network this week: A repeat of Smallville. 

Here's a fantastic analysis on the state of The CW these days from Robert Seidman at TV By The Numbers, deconstructing a ludicrous spin article posted about the network on Variety.  It's an honest piece that looks beyond the overpromotion the network does with their teen shows, a network that forgets that two aging Sci-Fi franchises and a long established reality show are still their biggest ratings draws.

Jared Padalecki was let out of the cage in Vancouver recently to travel cross country from New York to LA in promotion of the opening of Friday The 13th.  Several great interviews have come out of that process.  Below are the links to what I've found so far. 

First, I did get to attend the Friday The 13th panel at the New York Comic Con on February 7th.  Jared looked great and was his normal goofy self.  My full report can be found here: has coverage at the LA Press Day for the film.  Jared not only talks Friday The 13th, but Supernatural as well.  No spoilers, just some speculation about the finale since a season five pickup is still in limbo.

Here's an interview at the premiere of Friday The 13th from CW Source. 

Jared was also on the Bonnie Hunt show.  The interview was way too short, but tons of fun to watch for a real fan.

Jared also appeared on KTLA for an interview.  This one involved WAY too much chatter from the anchors, but hey, Jared looked pretty  Pretty tired that is.  Still, it's eye candy.  BTW, the scarf he has on here is the same one he wore at the New York Comic Con. 

Here's another interview with a cheesy local news show in Sacramento, but Jared's really fun in this one. 

Here are some awesome pictures from the premiere.

This interview took place at the Comic Con, from

There are plenty of reviews out there on the film, but none worthy of linking since most film critics don't think highly of slasher flicks.  They especially don't comment on the acting in slasher flicks.  If I run across any ones worth of mention, I'll share the link.  The important thing is the fans of the franchise are satisfied, and judging by the fan comments I've read in various places so far, they are. 

I'll update with more links and interviews as they become available. Got any to share?  There's a great comments section for that. 

It seems that the rest of the world is getting a glimpse of what us Supernatural fans have known for a while now.  Jared Padalecki rocks as a leading man.

Friday The 13th opened on Friday the 13th to a domestic box office total of $19.3 million according to Variety.  That is the best domestic day opening ever for an R-rated horror film.  It's on track to make at least $50 over the four day holiday weekend.  

More info about opening day of the holiday weekend box office can be found here:

Update:  The total for the 4 day weekend is now at $45.2 million.  Congratulations to Jared and everyone involved in the project.