Season Five kicks off...September 10th.  This evening (8pm eastern), The CW announced their premiere dates.  Their fall season kicks off on September 8th in 90210 and Melrose Place, September 9th with a two hour premiere of America's Next Top Model, and September 10th with The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. 

Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill return on Sept 14th, although they've switched time slots.  That was something I predicted might happen in a few forum posts considering Gossip Girl gets killed by House in the ratings.  Smallville doesn't return until September 25th.

For more info, the news in better detail can be found here.
Here are some misc items that have been clogging my Inbox over the last few days that I thought I’d share. 
I'm going with a slightly different slant today.  The Hollywood Reporter these days is doing what they call their “Emmy Roundtables.” Recently, they got together for a group discussion Simon Baker (The Mentalist), Laurence Fishburne (CSI), Denis Leary (Rescue Me), Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), and Bill Paxton (Big Love). 
So, what does this have to do with Supernatural? The insights these lead TV actors share about series work in this segment is fascinating and mirrors an awful lot of what Jared and Jensen say on a regular basis. Series work is grueling, and given the changing character dynamics these days, it’s getting harder.   
Every once in a while, it’s my duty to keep everyone informed on some important things going on in the fandom. There are good things that do come from the crazed (sorry, enthusiastic!) fans, and they deserve some mention.
First, the big Asylum convention in Birmingham, England is being held this weekend. Anyone going? Want to share your experiences? Just email them to me (use the Contact Us section) and I’ll be sure to publish it on the site. Many of us love reading these con stories, so share your joy!  Be a hero to your fandom!  Be the recipient of our extreme jealousy!
Ha! Sorry, I couldn't resist using that title. After pouring through scenes for my annual season end awards (coming later today), that scene in “Criss Angel Is a Douchebag” again emerged as a favorite. 
Anyway, I wanted to take some time to deliver a “Welcome to Hellatus” and "State of The Site" message so to speak. No, I'm not going to bombastically throw out well twisted phrases designed to bring everyone to their feet in applause upon mention. At least I think I'm not. We'll see what happens.
I borrowed the term from elle2, who took it from BuddyTV, who I’m sure aren’t the first ones to come up with it. So, to whoever the bastard is who actually said the word first, thanks the letting us borrow. 
Summer is here, the return date is unknown, but it’s fair to say it’s too long. As in September too long. To pass the time, elle2 and I are feverishly working on diversions designed to help us all through these difficult times. The idea is to post something daily, but hey, since elle2 and myself have day jobs (since blogging makes nothing) that might be a challenge. Still, we refuse to give up.
I'm rotating through the archives to bring you "Hellatus Time Killers." They’ll be refreshed every few days or so. These articles may not be new, but judging by the stats, they're new to you!  Please notice that some will actually be dated but hopefully still entertaining.   
State Of The Site
So much has happened in the last six months since the site went from my head to becoming a reality thanks the the hubby's mad programming skills. After I had good run on blogcritics, issues emerged. I wanted to do so much more with content. I wanted to do articles that weren't subjected to a word count limit, do lengthy recaps complete with numerous screen shots, do polls, video clips and post according to my time schedule, not theirs. 
At first a quick little blog was thrown together using b2ev, but my visions were grander. After two months of planning, designing, programming, testing, then reprogramming, in early January the new site went online, all to the sound of one hand clapping. Total visits in January were limited to gun dealers using Google search to find a Winchester and accidently clicked on our site.
Eventually though, the hubby and I got smart about things. We learned how to use Google search to our advantage. We actually got a url for the site, rather than going through our main family portal. We got on Yahoo search. Finally, I started posting plenty of content not published on blogcritics, giving fans a reason to come here. Thanks to my friends a Support Supernatural, the site was even part of a print ad distributed at Creation cons in both Cherry Hill and LA. 
Each month has shown improvement, so much so I felt confident enough to ask elle2, to become a contributor. Her articles have been slowly gaining in popularity as well. Slowly but surely, we were getting the word out there, so much so that instead of one hand clapping, we were getting faint applause.
That is until May. Wow, something happened in May. It was probably the high profile of my “Reality Check” series, but The Winchester Family Business has hit heights I couldn't possibly imagine. Traffic has tripled since our record month in March. We are very close to 15,000 visitors and 700,000 page hits. For my little site? For my crazy idea blossomed by an overly obsessive love for a TV show? Wow!

The list of countries represented by everyone is mind-boggling. I think I might start a list of countries that haven’t been represented on the site. That list would be shorter. 
So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you everyone for making this site a growing success. Sure, we're not close to being a Buddy TV or, but hey, for a place that highlights the rantings of a mad woman, not too bad.   
Keeping up interest this summer is going to be an impossible task. I expect site stats alone to rival those of January. We’re not giving up though, so stay tuned. We will make it to September together.  There will be more polls, clips, top ten lists and if I play my cards right, some interviews too. So, put on your browser links, and when that urge comes for a fix of anything Supernatural, please think of us. You won’t be disappointed. If you are, we’ll know it when we hear one hand clapping.   
Got any suggestions?  Feel free to send them through the "Contact Us" section or leave a comment below.  We have some pretty thick skins, so as long as you aren't insulting mothers, candid comments are allowed. 
Tomorrow morning is the upfront presentation for The CW, the last network (really it's a netlet) to announce their fall schedule.  Reports started coming out late yesterday that a shakeup was planned with Thursdays, and the question was who would be affected, Smallville or Supernatural

The answer was finally leaked this afternoon.  The answer:  Smallville.  The veteran show, long past its prime and ready for pasture, is going to Friday nights.  The CW will be touting their new, hip, Thursday Sci-fi lineup with the new show The Vampire Diaries at 8pm, followed by their better than ever veteran, Supernatural at 9pm.  Scary just did get sexier!
In my daily check of links, I stumbled upon this one thanks to the Supernatural TV message boards.  This is a MUST read for any serious fan.  It delves into Supernatural's presentation of biblical theology.  The argument that the show is consistent with Evangelicalism is fascinating.  Give this a read, and we can discuss further if interested.  Lord knows it's got me thinking!
I already shared this part on blogcritics, but thought it should be shared here too.  Vichi has been one of my avid supporters since the beginning, and I love hearing about all she does for spreading the word in Romania.  Thanks to both Vichi and Raluca for sharing all this!


Recently the “All Hell Breaks Loose” convention was held in Sydney, Australia. There were only three guests, but considering they were Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins, that made for a great event. The reports, the clips, the pictures all reflected what a memorable weekend it was, especially since most of fans attending had never had a chance to go to a Supernatural convention before. Here is the story of how the Sydney con came to be, courtesy of supernaturalwiki:
After a year of garnering support by the fan group OzChicksUnite (Clare (swiftvixen), Kaz (Lamington), Sarah (Deandreamin), Jenna (Jensen_Jenna), Maritza (ImNotAPrincess), Bex (Bexta89) and Jodie (Jensen_Jo)) for a Supernatural Convention in Australia, The Hub Productions announced in October 2008 that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles had been booked for the con to be held on 18-19 April, 2009 in Sydney. In early 2009, Misha Collins was confirmed as a guest.

Here in the US, there are at least four conventions a year, most within reasonable flying or driving distance from a large population. Jared and Jensen usually come in quickly for a day, share their wonderful stories and irresistible personalities, and then they’re off in a flash, back to work the next day. With an International con (unless it’s Canada), that’s not possible. The only successful International con so far has been Asylum in the UK, held during the filming break, and this is the first year they’re getting both Jensen and Jared. 
I was contacted by Raluca and Vichi, two fans in Romania who have been spreading the good word about Supernatural in their country for sometime now. They have gotten together with Italian fans, and a Jus In Bello convention is being planned in the Spring of 2010 in Italy. They are just getting started and looking for a sponsor, but have gotten plenty of fan support. They started an online petition, and have gotten messages from other fans in Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Greece. Vichi even shared these words she got from a fan in Hungary, ones that reflect the feelings of many of the fans there so far:
The last summer, my plan was I go to England in the Asylum, but Jared cancelled and my team cancelled too this program. I was really dissapointed, but now, my friend going to the 3rd Asylum where Jensen and Jared will be. But I can't go cause I lost my job and I haven't enough money. And I think, England is very rich. So, my dream that I meet with characters of Supernatural, but I don't go to USA or England or Australia. You're idea is great,so I want help for you, that this idea will become true and we'll have a East or South European Convention.
This wasn’t the only person who had a story like this. I’ve read several in fact. Times are tough and the expense of going to other countries, not to mention Visa issues, is really hard on these fans. Going to a convention is just not a reality. Another effort just like this is taking place in Argentina as well. The South American fans have started a petition too, hoping that a convention in their part of the world will offer “a dream come true.” 
For more information about the Jus In Bello convention, including petition, email and Facebook links, go to Good luck to both the European and South American fans. I hope you all get to experience the same dream I’ve gotten to do twice now.  
Speaking of the Romanian fans, they’ve got a few other efforts going. Vichi writes Supernatural blogs for the website, Raluca writes her reviews at her livejournal site and Olivia started a year ago a Romanian fan site. They also started a new blog just a few days ago called Support Supernatural that they are using to promote new projects. They obtained a partnership with (the biggest blog site for TV shows in Romania), who’s promised to support them in every project they’ll be doing regarding Supernatural. Aside from the convention, another campaign is to get the AXN channel to air the show. They are also starting Romanian fan club for the show.

Good luck on the planning of the convention and all your promotional ventures to come!  Hopefully your dreams will become a reality. 
I'm very pleased to announce that The Winchester Family Business has a new author!  No longer will you all be subject to just my warped opinion on things.  There are two of us now! 

After turning in some great guest reviews, especially during last two weeks when my life has gone nuts (yes, the full recap for "It's A Terrible Life" is coming), I asked elle2 to become a regular contributor to the site.  She graciously accepted, and has hit the ground running.  I just posted her first article, Eric Kripke's Heart and Soul, which is inspired by the Season Three companion.  She will continue to do episode reviews and has many great ideas for articles to come.  I for one am excited to have another voice on the site. 

Please join me in giving elle2 a big welcome!