I'm so tickled to share this honor with everyone.  Supernatural gets the Variety royal treatment by earning it's very own special issue in honor of their 100th episode.  This isn't something Variety takes lightly and earning a profile in their 100th episode feature is a big deal in the industry.  What a huge accomplishment for our "under the radar" show!  There are six articles in all, and I'm very proud to announce I wrote one of them.

On April 15th, the same day as Supernatural hits its 100th episode landmark, the first spinoff from the show, Ghostfacers, will premiere with new webisodes on CWTV.com. Jasminka talked with Ghostfacers stars AJ Buckley and Travis Wester while visiting LA and shares her report.
After trying to get this info for a while, a frequent poster on Marc Berman's forums shared the TNT ratings for Supernatural for the weeks of March 15-19 and March 22-26.  They're good!
Our good friends Lynn and Kathy at Fangasm had a chance at the Salute to Supernatural con in LA to do the private meet and greet with Jared and Jensen.  They've posted details about the chat right here.  Thanks so much guys for sharing this with us. 
From Pam on Facebook:  Supernatural is on the cover of this week's TV Guide (well a little picture of Jensen Ackles at the bottom but still, WE MADE THE COVER!!!) and there's a spread inside about our little black sheep of a show. How awesome it that!
Imagine my thrill over finding my name and website mentioned in the latest issue of Supernatural magazine while leafing through it at Barnes and Noble.
Since I took three days to slack (and loved every bit of it) a few noteworthy reviews have surfaced that I felt compelled to share.

The International conventions keep on coming!  The latest one announced, the "Heaven and Hell Convention," coming to Paris, France on May 28-30.

Great news for all you Aussie fans!  Channel Ten has confirmed that Supernatural will be coming back very soon.  As in March 29th soon.