My good friends Lynn and Kathy at Fangasm have posted their Jim Beaver Interview from the Chicago con.  He shares some great behind the scenes info including pranking Jared and Jensen.  It's a pretty entertaining read, especially since Jim was coasting on fumes when this interview took place at 3 am.  Enjoy!
As you all may have noticed, I tend to post articles from guest contributors for the site.  Only elle2 though has ever been deemed an official  "Winchester Family Business writer."  It's taken me long enough, but I'm so lucky to get so many great articles from these people that recognition is due.  I'm giving the "staff writer" title to five others that have been doing some amazing work here recently.  So please welcome Elle, Faellie, Randal, Jasminka, and Sablegreen. 

It's because of contributions from these people that we have been able to post daily ever since the season four finale.  I'm sure some of you remember the story, but when I told elle2 we were going to try and post daily except Saturdays during the Summer Hellatus, she thought I'd had officially cracked.  We ended up actually posting on an average of 1.3 times daily! (including Saturdays)  Now, we're actually closer to 1.7 times and pushing for 2.0.  With a new staff of writers, I think that can be done (right guys?).  Or at least we'll keep posting until you're totally sick of us. 

I also want to send my sincere thanks to everyone that checks out our little site here.  November was an incredible month here as we far exceeded anything done before.  We almost hit 1 million page hits.  You want to know how many page hits there were in January when this site started?  9000.  Total page hits from January to October?  A little over 5 million.  We had almost 12,000 unique visitors and close to 30,000 total visitors in November which is 40% over our previous best month (July).  Thank you everyone!  

Below are the bios I got from our new "official" writers.  Sure, you've been reading their stuff for a few months now and probably won't notice the difference, but hey, they at least get a writing credit now and a spot in the "Who Are We?" section at the top of the page.  I'm including elle2's also since she never sent me one before now.  Thank you elle2, elle, Faellie, Randal, Jasminka and Sablegreen and give you all one grossly overdue welcome!

Elle2 is a 40 something self-employed woman in her second career.  First career was 15 plus years in management.  She finally decided she not only wanted a change but was going to do something about it and went back to school.  Now she works from home much of the time and cuddles with her dog and cat (who have no concept of ‘home office’). She found Supernatural during Season 3, Mystery Spot, immediately hit every web site she could find, ordered the DVDs and got caught up before Ghostfacers aired, She's dedicated like that.So now she gets to satisfy her creative needs, as well as escapism needs, and gets to have fun while doing it.  "Thanks to everyone who reads what I write and special thanks to all of you who bravely type in comments and then hit the send button.  I know it takes courage (and time) and I appreciate it all very much.  Thanks for reading, elle2."
During Season 4 she found herself e-mailing Alice privately, participating in the comments and finally with OTHOAP she couldn’t help herself and wrote her first review.  That, as they say, is that.  Then she began submitting reviews (more thoughts than anything) and making lists of articles that she wanted to attempt.  One day Alice and her were on similar wavelengths and e-mails actually crossed through the web world as she wrote asking if perhaps she could continue to submit articles and Alice wrote asking if she would consider submitting articles. 

Faellie is a lawyer and trade unionist based in the UK, who found Supernatural half way through Season 4 and attributes her slow arrival on the scene to obscure programming - and to not having a TV.  She caught up with three and a half seasons in little more than a month, and confidently expects Supernatural to break out of cult status and become a classic in the same way that Star Trek did.

Elle is a 21 year old Ontarian (Canada), currently in her 4th year of university majoring in honours legal studies with a minor in psychology. She discovered Supernatural on her journey to replace the other love of her life, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Immediately addicted to Supernatural after viewing the Pilot on DVD two summers ago, she has never looked back.
Married with children, Randal is employed by a library at an institution of higher learning where he disputes the efficacy of said higher learning upon the student body, but that's merely due to increasing get-off-my-lawn-ism. He stumbled onto The Winchester Family Business by mistake, thereby proving that mistakes are indeed glorious, and necessary, things. He can be found dispensing bad verse and random brain oozing under the same pseudonym here. (Here being his blog:

, hooked to Supernatural from episode one, has led several lives so far. After studying psychology, literature, drama and opera, she eventually found her calling for becoming a psychotherapist, treating trauma survivors, terminally ill and suicidal patients, and many young people with personality disorders or changes, which she considers to be the most rewarding job possible. Apart from that she has been teaching, but would never give up being a therapist for lectures only.

She started to write in high school, initially to continue books she had grown to love and didn’t want the story to end; later she became a reporter for her university’s newspaper. Early on she experienced writing’s relaxing and enriching effect, and with her imagination incessantly at work the need for expressing thoughts and emotions via writing has always been there. Particularly in emotionally taxing periods of her life writing has become a tool to sort out and untangle thoughts and find solutions, on a creative level. She hopes to complete a novel she’s been writing. She is happiest when with her loved ones, sharing experiences, rambling over books, theatre, movies or a certain tv-show. She dreams of parachuting at least once in her life, swimming with dolphins and visiting Hawaii. Despite being acquainted with loss, her biggest fear is losing people she loves.

Supernatural has had a most unexpected and incredibly stimulating impact on Jasminka, as its many layers wouldn’t leave her alone. Although this amazing show deals with the paranormal, its deeply human story moves her the most, and her curiosity to explore the facets of its characters’ relationships and struggles or the series’ metaphysics arises with every episode, never ceasing to inspire her.

Sablegreen is a medical research scientist specializing in immunology and genetics. She also has been involved with community service at the government level for 15 years. She is currently employed in the pediatrics department of a large medical complex. She spends much of her free time competing in agility, tracking, obedience, and carting with her two dogs. They also do therapy work on weekends at nursing homes, hospitals and schools. She found Supernatural in the summer of its second year by renting the DVD from season one. She has been hooked ever since.


It's been a while since I've updated everyone on Lindsay and Heather of Support Supernatural and their fundraising efforts for A Dog's Life Rescue in Los Angeles.  Even though the first campaign ended in September, they've continued since then raise money as the needs for this animal rescue have grown urgent.  Support Supernatural has recently started auctioning off new items on ebay with 100% of the proceeds going to A Dog's Life.

The first auction, an autographed copy of a Supernatural Conzine, went live yesterday and can be found here.  The other item up for auction is a Misha Collins autographed painting.  Seven other auctions are coming, so watch for that. 

Below is the message sent out by Lindsay and Heather regarding the auctions:  

It's official! The holidays are here! Giving back is what we enjoy most and this is the best time of year to do so. Wink

To create a boost in donations for A Dog's Life Rescue at a critical time for the charity, we have NINE eBay auctions coming your way, starting tomorrow! We'll launch one item per day and each auction will last 48 hours. We have a variety of autographed items from folks like Jensen, Jared, Misha, Chad, Traci and more! There are so many people to thank for helping us get these items together that we will thank them individually in each auction listing.

Each day, we'll post the new auction link on our home page, on MySpace, on Facebook and on Twitter (Don't worry - we will not e-mail you every day).

We know not everyone will be capable and/or interested in bidding, but if you could help share the auction links with your Supernatural friends, we think the publicity will go a long way. Conversation about Supernatural is great for the show anytime (but especially during this horrendously long hiatus) and publicity for the auctions will only help make more money for the charity.

In closing, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a wonderful year in donations for A Dog's Life Rescue and for your wonderful, unending promotion of the best program on television.

And thank you in advance for a wonderful finale to our 2009 fundraising! (Don't worry, our support of A Dog's Life will continue in 2010.)

Lindsay & Heather

Thank you Lindsay and Heather for all your efforts!  This rescue has really done so much for abandoned animals and I'm thrilled to see your passion for the animals has you both continuing to raise funds. 

You remember the animals, right people?  Check out the auctions for their sakes.  Just in case anyone has forgotten what one looks like, it's time for cute puppy pictures:

Yes, it's that time again.  Time where I'm pouring through the Inbox, and have lots of little things to share that amount to something possibly interesting when all put together.  Considering its still a holiday weekend here in the US, you like the title?

Anyway, first big announcement.  On Monday, I'll be posting an exclusive interview with Sera Gamble.  She was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer of few of my and the other writers on this site probing questions after the mid season finale.  So, stay tuned for that! 

Risenshine sent this to me after reading my recap on "The Real Ghostbusters."  I thought it was really clever!  I need to learn how to do stuff like this.  So here you go, the Supernatural TV Guide cover we always wanted.

Thank you so much risenshine for sharing that!  I absolutely love it.  As the disclaimer says on her site,, it's sadly a fake.  A darned good one if you ask me! 

On the way to Canada right now (can't say how fast the US postal service will move on this one) is the prize that MyMadWorld got for winning the "Name Sam's Shirt" contest.  While at the Chicago Con, I was able to get her an 8 X 10 color glossy photo of this:

The Paisley Peril everyone!!  Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest.  It was fun and I'll probably have more in the future. 

Speaking of the Chicago Con, since several of you people won't leave me alone, here you go.  My photo op with Jim and Misha.  The photo that's currently sitting in a drawer.  Pay no attention to the oversmiling redhead in the center. 

You know, I'm usually not a fan of celebrity news.  It's their lives, their business.  But I found this news intriguing, especially since they'll be in Chicago this weekend.  Also, I'm sure this is the very last fandom outlet to report this (stupid not being able to check email at work), but here goes! 


Jensen Ackles Engaged To Danneel Harris

Jensen Ackles Engaged To Danneel Harris

Jensen Ackles and his longtime girlfriend Danneel Harris are engaged, her rep confirms exclusively to

The 31-year-old Supernatural actor and 30-year-old One Tree Hill actress have been dating for about three years but have been friends for nearly a decade. The couple, who are longtime members of the WB/CW family, co-starred in the 2007 romantic comedy Ten Inch Hero.

Danneel showed off her beautiful engagement ring on Saturday at the Breeders’ Cup in Los Angeles.

Congrats to the happy couple!

UPDATE: Danneel confirmed the good news herself on her Twitter account. Simply put, she wrote, “Yes… !”

Read more:


Considering inside reports have had them unofficially engaged for at least a year or more now, this isn't surprising but it's still very happy news.  Congratulations to the happy couple from all of us at The Winchester Family Business. 
I'd never heard of this before.  Probably because I don't watch Gossip Girl or 90210 or the shows that The CW bends over backwards  to promote (except the Vampire Diaries.  I do watch and like that).  Anyway, Robert Seidman at, who's a huge Supernatural fan, got this from the CW today.  It's their "OMG Moment of The Week." 

Read what Robert had to say about getting this here.  He's like the rest of us.  Has Hell frozen over? 

You can blame lack of new material, no review, no recap on Bill Gates.  Yes, that Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and one of the richest men in the world himself.  How?  Because when it came time to select an important person in society today for my son's second grade school report, I somehow thought Bill Gates would be a good person for him to learn about.  After all, Microsoft has both enhanced and ruined my life. 

Anyway, I found compelling evidence among the hours of working on the report with my son that Bill Gates is the Devil.  I could go on forever, but I'll just share the one piece I found.  Bill Gates' real name is William Henry Gates III. That makes him Bill Gates (III) where "III" means the order of third (3rd). If you take all the letters in Bill Gates III and then convert it in ASCII code (American standard code for information interchange) and then add up all the numbers see what you get.
While trying to throw together a review and a recap for a fantastic episode, not to mention planning filler to publish during the week long hiatus, I'm also getting around to some business that's been on the to do list for a while, but will be worked on soon. 

While I'm constantly tweaking the site, I've already told the hubby/technical adminstrator its time for some improvements.  There are just some things about the site's template I'm not happy with.  Sure, I'm told that what sells sites is content quality, and we won't be losing that, but I'm all about the user friendly interface.  After all, part of that comes from my day job. 

Here's my goal:

-  Better access to the archives.  Let's face it, the search interface is a joke.  I'm hoping that when you click on a category, a list of articles and a description will display.  There are too many good articles with great analysis getting buried here.  We'll see if we can pull that off.
-  More opportunity for user interaction.  How will I do that?  No idea.  Any suggestions? 
-  Fixing the template so that when you click on an article, it doesn't get buried under the "Latest Articles," "Follow Us," and "Latest Comments" section.  You should only see the article in the middle section and nothing else.
-  A section that lists all the new entries of interest to other blogs as well as my other blogs.  "TV For The Rest of Us" will get a relaunch soon, and it will have postings about other TV shows at least three times a week.  It will that is if I have time to fix it! 

So, how are we doing?  You enjoying the site?  What more on this site would you like to see?  Do you like the polls?  Do you like the video clips?  Do the lengthy recaps entertain or annoy you?  Is the perfect balance in the type of articles being achieved here? 

Be candid, and you can post in comments or just send me a message in the "Contact Us" section.  Or go ahead, say nothing.  That means I'll end up doing what my mad scientist brain comes up with. 

Every once in a while the need comes along to catch up on all those little misc items hanging around.  After all, serious business must be settled.  Like the "Name Sam's Shirt" contest.

Voting on the name will be happening during the hiatus week of October 19th, so there's plenty of time to throw more suggestions my way.  And that's more of a plea than a hint.  Here's all we have so far:

-  Shirt of Angst
-  The Sad Puppy Shirt
-  Maudling
-  Custos
-  The Paisley Peril
-  Deidre
-  The Epic Shirt of Awesome

Also, stories, poems, whatever about how Sam found the shirt are welcome.  So far, Karen submitted a fantastic poem that if you haven't seen in the comments here, you should check it out. 

On the fan convention front, I'm actually going to the Salute to Supernatural Convention in Chicago next month!  A ticket in the General Admission section came free on Sunday, so I bought it and one for Saturday as well.  I'm going to sit in the back of that big ballroom and observe the fan experience.  I'll be there in the bar drinking the super weak and completely wrong purple nurples and talking with everyone all weekend.  If a rare chance comes up to ask Jared about the shirt too I'll go for it, but that's a slim chance, especially since I have no autographs or photo-ops.  So, if you're going and see an obnoxious redhead in the bar, chances are you've found me! 

Okay, so it's episode week.  This week is "I Believe The Children Are Our Future."  Want a description? 

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a series of odd murders that strangely resemble fairytales and urban legends. The brothers track down an 11-year-old boy named Jesse (guest star Gattlin Griffith) and realize that whatever Jesse believes is coming true. Castiel (Misha Collins) tells Sam and Dean that Jesse is a serious threat and needs to be eliminated. Charles Beeson directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin.

Next week, the show takes a break and "Sympathy For The Devil" will be repeated.  After that, there will be four new episodes and then the show goes on its midseason hiatus until an undetermined date in January.  Six weeks at least, maybe longer.  Yes, another hellatus.  I'm already strategizing how I'm going to handle that break as far as time passing articles for the site.  This is where I might be asking for some feedback.  But, I'm getting ahead of myself.  

Okay, that's all I've got for now.  Tomorrow I'll have the "Tell Us What You Think" thread up and let the sparks fly!