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It's Official! Supernatural Season Five is Happening

In what I at least consider to be a shocking development, The CW officially announced six early renewals just a few hours ago.  Supernatural will be back for season five!   

Not a surprise on the list is Supernatural, Gossip Girl, America's Top Model, and 90210.  The shockers came with the inclusion of Smallville and One Tree Hill.  While no deal has been officially announced by Warner Brothers, the assumption is that they were able to come to terms with Tom Welling for season nine of Smallville.  Also uncertain at this time, if Chad Michael Murray will be back on One Tree Hill. 

"As we continue to build The CW Network as a destination for young women, these six shows have clearly contributed to strengthening our schedule and our brand identity,” the CW entertainment president Dawn Ostroff said.

Shows still in limbo are Privileged, Everybody Hates Chris, and The Game, although recent reports had the latter going to BET if it wasn't renewed by The CW.  Also in limbo is Reaper, but until ratings are known when it comes back on March 3rd, nothing can be done with that one. 

Just last week all indications were that announcements for renewals weren't coming until May, so again Dawn Ostroff has us scratching our heads at her motivation.  Considering the good news, I'll let motivation slide.

Over 4 million with DVR for "After School Special"

The latest DVR +7 ratings for the week of January 26th - February 1 have been published (a few days too late thanks to the holiday this week), and once again it's very good news for Supernatural.  For the 4th time this season, the ratings have gone over 4 million. 

For "After School Special," the live and same day DVR ratings were a fantastic 3.57 million.  The DVR +7 total has come in at 4.08 million.  The other episodes so far this season to break the 4 million barrier are "Lazarus Rising" (4.28 million), "In The Beginning" (4.05 million), and "It's The Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester" (4.07 million). 

As I also like to note constantly, and until someone tells me to shut up I will keep doing so, only one episode in season four, "Monster Movie" at 3.57 million, failed with DVR numbers to match last season's DVR high, which was "Jus In Bello" at 3.59 million.  Ratings for all other season four episodes have been easily beat season three's.  It's a shame that season two's DVR ratings weren't tracked, because the live numbers are very close, so I would imagine the DVR numbers would be beating that by a lot since DVR penetration is far greater these days.   

Here is the entire list, in which Smallville also did very well:

Here is my updated ratings list, which I keep on this site under the heading "Ratings."  I love comparing this season to last and even season two.  Shows with this much increase in viewership in its fourth season is unheard of.