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Bring on Season Five!!!

This has been an amazing summer, and I have you all that thank for that. The husband and I just went through the stats for the summer, and I must say I got quite teary. More of you followed us in the summer than during the season by a healthy margin. The number of unique visitors slowly climbed, but number of page hits exploded. It seems that when people visited this site, they’re explored all that’s here and not just one linked article. It makes those daily posts worth it. Thank you all very much for your support and sharing what we had to offer.   
Hellatus flew by and even though I worked myself into a frenzy, I’m very impressed with the results. We picked apart season four, heck we even did a great job of scrutinizing the other three seasons. Comic Con turned out to be an incredible opportunity, and one that I walked away from cherishing forever. Having the chance to write 17 well received articles about it though, that was even better.  Great experiences should be shared, especially among fans in kind.   
Not including this one, we’ve published 120 articles since the season finale on May 14th. 120. You want to know how many days were in Hellatus? 117. Yes, we actually posted more than once a day on average by a smidge. I’m tired! (in a good way).  A very special thanks to elle2, who earned her angel wings so to speak when becoming a writer for this site. She deserves much credit for the success for her great contributions during Hellatus.  Also a big special thanks to our guest contributors Faellie, Tigershire, Mae, Bethany, and elle.    
I'm ready to move foward now.  Premiere week drives me crazy. Even though my heart jumps over looking at the countdown clock falling at less than two days, especially when I put it up it was closer to 100 days, that’s all the angst of anticipation I want.  I'm tuning out all the overzealous fans spamming Twitter about the upcoming premiere.  The overpromotion is very bad on premiere week, and that's when I usually pull out the filters.    
The next two days (or less than 2 days!) I’m going to settle down, focus, and crank out the two preview articles for blogcritics for The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural based on my interviews at Comic Con. Then I’m going with nervous anticipation to the TV for two hours of entertainment at 8:00 on Thursday (I’m giving The Vampire Diaries a try). No Twitter, no forums, no fan promotional activities until the episode has aired. I just want to watch my show. I implore you all do the same. Despite what other fans are doing, it's VERY important to remember the best promotion for Supernatural is to watch the show live. That’s all that really matters.   
Of course come right here after you see the episode and share your thoughts. There will be an episode thread going. Happy end of Hellatus and season premiere everyone! It’s finally here!!!

Announcing New WB Insider Supernatural Sweepstakes

I just received this from the good folks at Warner Brothers.  What a really exciting fan promotion for our show!  (Um, disclaimer, must be in the contiguous US for the sweepstakes.  You can still register for the site though.) 

WB Insider Rewards Exclusive Members-Only Sweepstakes Giveaway 

Join WB Insider Rewards Now and

Get a Chance to Win an Authentic Supernatural Hex Bag! 

August 28, 2009  Burbank, Calif. – Just in time for the debut of Supernatural Season 5, Warner Bros. launches the Supernatural Sweepstakes on Monday, August 31st. This exciting sweepstakes is available for anyone who joins the exclusive WB Insider Rewards community at 

The Grand Prize winner will receive these terrific prizes: 

      - Authentic Hex Bag Prop from Supernatural

      - Sony Playstation®3 with built-in Blu-rayâ„¢ Player

      - Blu-ray Discs of Supernatural Seasons 3 & 4*

      - 4 VIP Tickets for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour   

The hex bag prop was designed by the Supernatural Prop Master and is one of the three created for the Season 5 premiere, Sympathy for the Devil, which airs on September 10th.  Winchester brothers’ epic journey continues as Sam (Jared Padelecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) carry on their life’s mission to protect mankind from dark spirits and to guard their own immortal souls. 

Last season, Sam and Dean used hex bags to hide from witches, demons, evil spirits and even angels. To learn more about the power of hex bags, get Supernatural: The Complete Fourth Season, available for purchase on Blu-rayâ„¢ and DVD on September 1st. 

To enter the Supernatural Sweepstakes, participants must join the WB Insiders Rewards program. Members earn credits by watching clips and playing online games and then spend those rewards on free digital downloads like MP3s, mobile wallpapers, video clips and more. Members also can get exclusive sneak peeks, discounts on select merchandise at, free movie tickets, and the latest news about their favorite WB shows.  

Additional prizes for winners of the WB Insider Rewards Supernatural Prop Sweepstakes are:

      First Prize Winner (1)

      Second Prize Winner (1)

           - Supernatural Seasons 3 & 4 on Blu-ray*

  Third Prize Winners (5)

      - Prize package that includes the Supernatural Pendant, Harvelle’s Roadhouse T-Shirt, Taillights Mug, Sam & Dean Travel Mug, MiniBusts of the Scarecrow, Dean Winchester Wendigo, and Devil’s Trap John Winchester

      Fourth Prize Winner (1)

          - 4 V.I.P Tickets for the WB Studio Tour

      Fifth Prize Winners (10)

          - $20.00 coupons for merchandise on 

By offering loyal WB Insiders a chance to win these great prizes, the Supernatural Sweepstakes celebrates fans of this successful television series, which has been nominated for three Emmy® Awards and three Teen Choice Awards in its four seasons on the air. It’s Warner Bros. way of saying thanks for joining the WB Insiders at


*or DVD of Seasons 1 – 4

**Playstation®3 is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation, and Sony Corporation is not affiliated with this promotion  

13 Days??????????????

13 DAYS!!!!!!  Holy crap!  I'm freaking out.  Under the two week mark! 

Remember this picture? 

Omg!  13 days, 13 days, 13 days....  Ahem.  Sorry, fan girl meltdown done.  At least until the next time I look at the countdown clock.   

The MUST Read Eric Kripke Interview - Chicago Tribune

I just finished reading this during my lunch hour, and for anyone that follows this show, it's a must read.  Maureen Ryan of The Chicago Tribune, who I know got to talk to Kripke at length at the Comic Con (makes sense though, being the moderator and all) finally published her transcript.  It's awesome.  It also addresses any extreme complaints that come from Sam fans and/or Dean fans.  If anyone isn't satisfied with that answer, its time to leave the fandom.  Anyway, enjoy this really fantastic (AND EXTREMELY SPOILERY) interview.  Thank you so much Maureen, you are a true friend to the show and we're very grateful.


Supernatural needs to do this...

Oh, I do love a good joke, but in this case, it needs to be carried farther. 

Considering I'm uncertain how familiar people are with The CW and their new shows, here's some background.  Recently, to promote the new show The Beautiful Life, which follows America's Next Top Model on Wednesdays, they created some buzz for this less than anticipated show by photographing the cast naked with a well placed banner in the right spot.  Here's an article about the photos and the chatter they're creating.

Someone, not missing a beat, wanted to see a campaign like this for all the CW shows.  We still have yet to see Jared and Jensen naked, but this will suffice for all you Smallville fans:

Sorry, can't type anymore.  Eyes clouded by tears from extreme laughter.  Still waiting for Jared, Jensen, and Misha.  Heck, do Jim for kicks.  First one with photoshop skills will get a big feature on this site!


Less Than 30 Days To Go!!

If you look at our fabulous countdown clock (graphic courtesy of elle), we are under the 30 day mark.  The last few weeks have been COMPLETELY insane from my end, so I've decided to take some time to slow down, share some fan news, and let you know how we plan on riding out the remaining days until premiere night! 

My Personal Thank You

The whole comic con experience, meeting other bloggers, fans, and of course reporting the news back to everyone here is still making me go "Wow!"  It's certainly generated enough excitement for the upcoming season where I feel the energy in the fandom.  It's fantastic.  Just about every blogger I ran into at the con heard of Supernatural and wanted to discuss the show.  Most loved it, some questioned the angel story line, but those people only generated a lively discussion that engaged the entire table.  This happened in the Chuck press room of all places.  A showrunner for Fringe too, J.H. Wyman, acknowledged Supernatural with fondness since they're part of the same campus now in Vancouver.  Workers from both shows know each other well.  I never heard chatter about another show like that. 

Anyway, many people came here for their info and linked the articles to other sites, and for that I'm truly grateful.  If you look at the most viewed articles, the Misha Collins interview has already moved to number two on the all time list.  That's pretty awesome.  Thank you, thank you, and I'm so pleased I have such a wonderful audience to share all this great news with.  My hubby and dogs weren't as impressed.   Neither were the kids, when they found out I didn't meet Tom Welling. 

Con News

Man, while I was gone, my email Inbox exploded with all the con news.  So much going on.

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It's For Real!

I just got this from Warner Brothers a few minutes ago.  The rumors are true!!!


(August 6, 2009 – Burbank, CA) -- Paris Hilton will guest star in the October 8th episode of The CW’s “Supernatural,” reuniting her with her “House of Wax” co-star and “Supernatural” series regular, Jared Padalecki. 
“Paris Hilton is playing a demonic creature that takes the form of....Paris Hilton,” said series creator and executive producer Eric Kripke in describing her role on the show.  “It'll be a fun, irreverent episode and we here at ‘Supernatural’ are thrilled that Paris agreed to do it.”
The episode, titled “American Idol,” will air on October 8, 2009, at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

It's Comic Con Hiatus Time!

This is it, we're checking out, taking a break until roughly August 1st from our regular routine here at The Winchester Family Business.  I'm leaving for the Comic Con Wednesday evening, and given my full press schedule I've got plenty to prep for.  I'm covering shows and other artists I know absolutely nothing about.  Homework time!  Lucky for me, one of those press rooms will be Supernatural, so I'm good there! 

Even though elle2 will be available to write articles, there will be no admin around to post them, so she'll keep them warm until August 1st, when we countdown the final days of hiatus with a bang!  Up top I'll provide daily links to my other blog, TV For The Rest of Us, for my Comic Con reports.  So far, the TV events I'm scheduled to cover are The Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Fringe, The Vampire Diaries, Mythbusters, and Supernatural.  It's possible plenty of other misc things will pop up as well, or something will go wrong with one of those listed.  If you want reports of Twilight,  Lost or any other Hall H events I suggest other media outlets.  I'm way too small time to get into those panels.  Reports will also be filed at  For the Supernatural press room and panel, I will post all that info right here on Sunday after they happen. 

Given the VERY low site traffic in July, I know there's plenty for everyone to catch up on.  Take time during the break to browse through the articles from the last two months, enjoy a recap or two that you never had time for, and please send your comments.  Elle2 will be tracking those, and who knows, maybe I'll get a chance to respsond here or there as well. 

Before we go, I did get very good news today from our friends at Support Supernatural.  Their total doesn't even count the yet to be finalized donation from The Winchester Family Business for the proceeds from the Amazon purchases.  The campaign runs until August 14th, so if you live in the US and need to order something from Amazon, click on any of the Amazon ads here and order through that.  If you order anything from the website, let me know the amount and I'll chip in the 6%.  Puppies and kitties are counting on it! 

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The "Jus In Bello" Con Has A Date!!

I've been in constant communciation for months with Daniela, offering whatever assistance and advice I can to help get a con going in Rome, Italy.  Since I first posted the news back in April that fans from Southern Europe were banding together to have the first ever Supernatural con in that part of the world, Daniela and others have been super busy and their efforts have paid off.  The con is happening! 

It will be held April 2-4, 2010 at the Hilton Rome Airport in Rome, Italy.  No official guests have been announced yet, but I have some inside info that they are close to signing a great lineup!  One that makes the convention very worthwhile. 
For more information, including a place to track announcements, go to  The following packages will be offered (all prices in Euros):

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