Jensen and Jared are scheduled to appear on the CBS morning show The Talk on March 20, 2018. UPDATE the show will be filmed on the 20th but will be shown on April 2.
Thanks cheryl42 for the update.
Jensen will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 19. 
Canadagraph Best of TV Award Nominations are being selected and Supernatural has already had nominees in several categories.
Supernatural to premiere Scooby-Doo crossover at PaleyFest
Anyone attending PaleyFest will be so lucky to get a first look at this episode!
Misha Collins announced that the 2017 GISHWHES would be the last. Now the GISHWHES store is having a clearance sale.  This will only be for a few days, so if you snooze, you loose. Head on over to the GISHWHES shop for deals. Thanks to Nerds and Beyond for the notice.
In other fund raising Kim Rhodes will be raising money for proper toilets in Nicaragua through her storytime feature. Nerds and Beyond reports.
The story time will be held on Kim’s Facebook page at 8:00 p.m PST tonight, February 20th, but people are encouraged to donate early. The Supernatural family is known for coming out in droves to support charitable causes such as is and I have no doubts they’ll turn up again this time. While most of us sometimes take the access to toilets for granted, we can all imagine what it must be like to not have that available. 
Kim explained in her Facebook.
We have the overnight ratings for Supernatural season 13 episode 12.
Live +7 ratings
Live + SD - 0.6
Live + 7D - 1.0
Total Increase - 0.4
Percent Increase - 67%
Total Viewers
Live +SD - 1686
Live + 7D - 2628
Total Increase - 942
Percent Increase - 56%
The CW made a surprise announcement today.
Recently we saw and uptick in the number of pilot being ordered by the CW. This move helps explain that expansion.
What it means for Supernatural and Wayward Sisters is still unclear, although it does provide more slots for new shows and probably bodes well for the pickup of Wayward Sisters. We will keep you posted as more information becomes available.
We have the overnight ratings for Supernatural season 13 episode 13.
Fast Demo 2018 Feb 08.THU
Final Ratings
18-49 - 0.6
Total Viewers - 1.81
We were up a little in total viewers and steady in the 18-49 demographic.  Also we were #2 in Nielsen Social ratings. See charts below the cut.
We have the overnight ratings for Supernatural season 13 episode 11.
Fast Demo 2018 Jan 25.THU
Pretty much equal to last week's numbers and it looks like we tied Black Lightning for the #2 spot on the CW, behind only The Flash.
Final Ratings
18-49 - 0.6
Total Viewers - 1.93
We know when the "Supernatural" panel will be held and who the guests will be at this year's PaleyFest.
Tuesday, March 20: CW’s Supernatural (6:45 pm):

Scheduled to appear:

Jared Padalecki, “Sam Winchester”
Jensen Ackles, “Dean Winchester”
Misha Collins, “Castiel”
Mark Pellegrino, “Lucifer”
Alexander Calvert, “Jack”
Robert Singer, Executive Producer
Andrew Dabb, Executive Producer
Eugenie Ross-Leming, Executive Producer
Brad Buckner, Executive Producer
We will keep you updated on this event as we get more information