Tonight’s episode, written by Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner and directed by Jensen Ackles,
begins with Rowena naming her new coven as “Mega Coven” with some witches. In a Macbeth nod we have a double, double, toil and trouble trio and they tell her that Crowley is not dead, as she claims. After they Mean Girl her, Rowena turns up the volume on the Book of the Damned and disintegrates them.

In the Black Darkness Metaphor Hole, Dean gets lost in thought. Sam jars him out of the Darkness hypnosis and Cas notes that Baby Amara Damien is a bad thing waiting to happen. Cas again says God ain’t showing up anytime soon. He’s also chained up because rabid dog spell. As Cas trainspots in the corner, Sam and Dean worry about the worsening of the spell. Back in Captain Hellaroo Dungeon, Crowley’s Jane Eyre says Amara is a quick study. Daddy Warbucks Crowley soothes the young Amara from the big bad God who locked her away.

Rowena is continuing her Avon recruitment for the Mega Coven when Crowley’s minions try to kill her. She escapes and Dean is calling Crowley to get tabs on Rowena, but Crowley lets him go to voice mail. Sam is researching how to find Metatron via Cas’s car, since Metatron apparently stole it. They think Metatron can give them information on the Darkness. During this scene, Castiel starts to seize and the brothers run to help him.

Cas wakes up and he explains his blackout was his inability to control the spell. Cas says he can hear angel radio and apparently they now use 20th century cop drama slang to describe their pursuit of Cas and the “perp”,  Metatron. Sam, at that point, comes across the story about Rowena’s escape.

In Captain Hellaroo Dungeon, tiny Amara sees Adult Amara in the mirror, kind of again like a sick fairy tale. Adult Sultry Amara tells tiny Amara that her destiny will become clear as she ages and “they” are mightier than God.

In a bar, somewhere in Earth, the Republicans and Democrats meet secretly…oh, okay, it’s a demon and an angel. I really want to tell a “An angel and demon walk into a bar” joke, but I won’t. So in this episode SuperBureaucracy the middle management supernatural beings discuss how to form a union.

Sam and Dean find one of the witches Rowena was trying to recruit. They bully her into doing a location spell to find Rowena. She sees Rowena packing a bag.

Crowley returns with gifts for Amara: a bloody dress and a kid’s book. She prefers Dante’s Inferno in the original Italian. She says she will do a better job than God. Little Damien child, instead of eating sweets, chows down on her nanny’s soul.

Dean, in a Hawaiian shirt, tries to fool Rowena as a taxi driver. She recognizes him but before she can do too much damage, Sam cuffs her. Back at the bunker, Castiel finds target audience porn on the boys’ laptop and then is seized again. In the Hell headquarters, tiny Amara is eating souls so quickly you’d think she was training for the New York Marathon. Crowley and Amara have a philosophical conversation about the nature of life, God, evil, etc. Tiny Amara seems skeptical of the dichotomies – good/evil, heaven/hell. She thinks Crowley doesn’t see the big picture and then demands more souls.

Back in the bunker, Rowena is trapped in the demon circle dungeon. Rowena and Sam verbally spar before Dean sends Sam to get Castiel so Rowena can save him. Dean and Rowena spar about their deal; Sam runs back in and says Castiel has broken free and he’s gone.

We find Rabid Cas in the alley wandering while Dean and Sam track Castiel via GPS. Rowena provides commentary, rather snarkily, from the backseat. Crowley, meanwhile, is pondering a diorama of the galaxy. Crowley has appointed the demon who didn’t assassinate Rowena to be Amara’s nanny. Crowley tries to figure out a way to manage Amara’s growth.

Rowena reveals that Sam made a deal with her to kill Crowley if she removed the mark. Dean gets irritated about Sam keeping it a secret, but the conversation is halted when they locate Castiel. In the alley, Castiel stalks a woman and tries to attack her. Dean goes to find Castiel as Sam takes Rowena. Castiel runs after the woman and finds her by sniffing her out behind a locked door. Dean is walking and checks out a girl (who tells him to get a life) when he hears commotion. He follows the sound and gets there just as Castiel is choking the woman to death. Dean says that Castiel can beat the spell and he lets the girl go but then Castiel attacks Dean. He beats Dean and is about to kill him when Rowena uncasts the spell. Castiel recovers but Rowena throws Sam across the room (which is his signature move lately) and escapes, but not before taunting Dean.

The final scene is Cas, Dean, and Sam discussing the codex and Rowena, which moves to Crowley finding the new nanny dead and an aged Amara standing in front of the mirror….she turns and smiles, then demands more “food.”

Again, kudos to Jensen Ackles for another wonderfully directed episode.

And next week, the Baby episode!!!!

Questions and thoughts

1. What do you think Amara’s destiny is?

2. Why is Rowena trying to recruit for the Mega Coven?

3. What will become of the burgeoning alliance between the dissatisfied demons and angels?

4. Now that Castiel is healed, will he go after Metatron so he can get his cool car back?

5. Will Dean ever share his disturbing visions of Amara with Sam?

6. What did Amara mean about feeling only emptiness when she eats the souls?

7. Wasn't Ackles wonderful, yet again, as a director? 

Leave your thoughts, ideas, questions, emotions, etc. here!