THEN:  Mary says, "I love you" to her boys, then fights Lucifer.  There are images of Alt World and a summary of the ingredients for the spell needed to open a rift.  If they can gather those things, they can "bring everybody home."

NOW:  A beautiful outside shot of a grand building in Malta; it's a monastery.  A holy and beautiful religious chant fills the air; nuns walk sedately through shadowy halls; but there is an intruder -- a suspicious figure peeking around the corner.  The black-garbed man enters a room; his flashlight reveals treasures, but he focuses on one:  a scull on a crimson velvet pillow inside a glass-sided case.  He smashes the glass, removes the scull and turns.  There's a nun standing sedately directly behind him.  He stares, then strikes her down.  He apologizes to her still figure on the floor before escaping with his purloined relic.

The title is displayed:  "A Most Holy Man."

What we know about Supernatural season 13 episode 15.

Thoughts on Supernatural 13.14: “Good Intentions”

“Good Intentions” was a rock solid episode in nearly every respect. This was quick paced, emotionally catching, character motivated, action based and plot-driving. And let’s not overlook the beautiful visuals that we are offered in Apocalypse Universe either! Where to even begin when talking about this one?

The Morning After

I LOVED Supernatural’s 13.14 “Good Intentions”! It was about relationships, choices, regrets, loyalties and a whole bunch of other gooey stuff that I love, all set in an action-packed hour of fantasy adventure! This was an excellent example of the emotional resonance that gives Supernatural its heart, preventing it from becoming a trite,  apocalyptic drama. Meredith Glynn, the writer of this episode, is quickly becoming a treasured Supernatural writer.  Author of “Regarding Dean”, which delved deeply into the essence of Dean as a person and his relationship with Sam, and “The Big Empty”, which was a fascinating study of Castiel’s character, Meredith has delivered yet another episode that moves plot lines forward through character realizations and growth.  In fact, it contained a moment I believe is pivotal to the series.
THEN - flashbacks show scenes from Alt World and Cas saying that they need to get Jack and Mary back.  We see Lucifer coming through the rift, the demon tablet, and Donatello.  The final image is of Castiel eyeing Donatello.

NOW - It's dark and we hear echoing voices.  Jack is asleep on a pillow in a bedroom in the bunker.  He sits up as he hears Sam and Dean discussing how happy they are now that Jack and Mary are safely back.  Jack smiles, but suddenly an alarm goes off and the sinister red warning light suffuses the bunker.  Jack runs to the hallway which is beginning to fill with smoke.  He hears Sam and Dean calling for help from behind a locked door.  Flames lick under the door as their voices become more panic-stricken, begging him to rescue them.  Jack tries desperately to open the door with his power, but he can't!  

Everything we know about Supernatural season 13 episode 14.

The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


The fourth step in a long journey through a season: not about creating new dramas or leaving us breathless with anxiety about what’s coming up. Instead, episode four has been oddly insightful through the years; not to mention the foreshadowing.

If you missed Episode 3, catch up Here!