Here we are at the penultimate episode of season thirteen and though it was wrought with emotion, it was somehow…quieter than I expected for the second-to-last episode. “Exodus” saw more focus on character’s emotional arcs and somewhat less on action in the thirty-one hours in the Apocalypse World, at least until the very end which was, umm…well let’s get on with the review!

The Morning After

Questions. So many questions.  

Which question is foremost on my mind after watching Supernatural's "Exodus"? Did Sam tell Jack the truth about Lucifer being left behind in the alternate universe? The answer to this question may change Sam and Jack’s relationship, and Jack’s allegiance to goodness, for all time. Did Sam tell his adopted son that he pushed an injured Lucifer back into Michael’s clutches right at the moment when they all could have been through the rift, or did Sam lie and say that Lucifer was battling Michael and that he and Dean barely escaped, or maybe that Lucifer was dead like Gabriel?

The recap seemed extra long tonight:  it shows them assembling their most powerful allies and Sam telling Dean that they will see this through together.  Cas says that they need Lucifer, and we see Lucifer caught, bound, bleeding grace, and then overcoming Rowena and being sent back through the rift.  We see the tunnel in AU, the vampire attack, Sam's death and resurrection thanks to Lucifer.  The recap ends with Lucifer telling Sam, "Your move, champ."
Everything we know about the penultimate episode of Supernatural season 13.

This is an interesting, scary, cringe-worthy, frustrating, and emotional episode of Supernatural and I'm wavering between the enjoyment of well-acted and engaging drama and dismay that Sam now has one more thing to feel guilty about.

Um, okay…well.  That’s one way to kick off a season ending arc.  
I’m going to admit, my level of engagement in this season has been casual at best.  For me to try and chase down all the violations of continuity and character behavior that are being done to service stories that aren’t adding up would be too much of an exercise at this point.  It’s also completely futile.  It boils down to are you enjoying the story or not?  Put me in the “not” camp. 

So much to say about this episode – and it’s all good. “Beat the Devil” opened strong and carried the momentum to the final seconds, delivering strength, emotions and all the nitty, gritty in between. The telltale signs of nearing the finale – in particular that “Beat the Devil” primarily followed one storyline through the entire episode. Episode twenty in this season of worthwhile episodes wasn’t perfect, but it certainly hit all the right high notes.

The Morning After


Supernatural’s first installment in season 13’s triple threat finale, “Beat the Devil”, was an emotionally grueling hour that left fans physically and psychologically wrecked. The most intense scenes were so jarring, I suspect writer Robert Berens specifically designed the script to answer the question, “Is it possible to incapacitate an entire fandom at once?”  Some fans thought the shock effect was a cheap ploy to artificially induce sympathy with pointless drama. While there may be some truth to that, I don’t care. I loved every heart pounding, mouth gaping, muscle aching, body trembling moment of it!