"The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.” William Blake

If you look at the story of Supernatural's episode "Breakdown" you can’t call it light reading. That is why I chose the word harvest because people were plucked up from the streets as food and sold on the black market. Since story was so brutal, my choice for the video is light hearted and sunny like Donna usually is as a character.

Maybe you've just dipped a toe in the "Supernatural" fandom. It can be intimidating, especially when ugly squabbles rear their heads on social media.

You just love your show. You want to tell the world. You want to say thanks. You want to give back.

The #SPNBDAY2018 project  gives you that chance.

Let's get our read on!
It's been a little while so let's have a quick refresher, especially if any new fans come by.  Supernatural, like many other famous TV and movie properties, has "tie-in novels". Several of us here at The WFB have read and reviewed the entire series.

The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


While true of many episodes of Supernatural, in particular episode ten (often a hiatus episode) likes to ride the emotions rollercoaster. Over the years this has been the episode to twist the knife on some seriously heart wrenching storylines – be it through resolution or devastation - or something in between:

Welcome back to the Supernatural "Memorable Moments" series! For 13.10, " Wayward Sisters", I once again put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from the episode. The list varies from episode to episode depending on what transpired.  I hope you enjoy it and share what your picks would be!


"I was a wayward child, very passionate and very determined. If I made up my mind to do something, there was no stopping me.” Kate Winslet


This was it. The last push to get the spinoff to go forward as a picked up show. There have been pretty passionate fans promoting WS and although I have not been in that bigger group, I supported their efforts to get this show going. It means a lot to people because of their representation and topics that are on everyone’s lips at the moment. It is easy to support people that hold on to their values. For the Supernatural franchise, I kept my fingers crossed that the show would be picked up. Having a spin-off from the show would be an award and amazing continuity that all that have worked so hard on SPN deserve.

Covering San Diego Comic-Con is without a doubt one of the highlights of being a reviewer and fan of Supernatural. Imagine the excitement and energy of a Supernatural convention expanded and amplified until it takes over an entire quadrant of a major U.S. city. Everywhere you look, walk, eat, sleep - every train you take, every lobby you enter, every conversation you have, even the food you eat and the clothes you wear - celebrates the superheroes from movies, television shows and comics that you love. You are virtually transported to living in a world where everyone and everything surrounding you validates what you feel about one or more of the popular culture icons of your life. Cosplayers bring superheroes to life with surreal replication of costuming, mannerisms, make-up and poses. Massive screens and banners display larger than life images of action movies and television series.