What we know about Supernatural season 13 episode 13.

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The premise of this Supernatural episode – sister witches, stolen book, love spell, the return of a familiar face, and checking in with misplaced characters – just doesn’t thrill me, all that much, but there are a few good moments to discuss.

Soulful and sad, humorous and heartfelt, “Sundry” was a little bit of everything mixed together for a genuine and forward-moving presentation on PTSD, old friends and lessons learned. Not to mention witches, zombies and Lucifer and Cas’ too. But where did it all leave us, at the mid-season point in the grand scheme of the plot?

Hello, friends. Welcome to the thoughts I have while in the prop room.  

Let’s talk about foil.

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Then:  Flashbacks include Rowena, the huge book of spells, Lucifer killing her, Michael taking Lucifer's grace in Alt World, Cas, Lucifer, and Asmodeus.  We also get a little glimpse of Scooby Doo on the TV.

What we know about Supernatural Season 13 episode 12.

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