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Alice's Review: Supernatural 12.10 - "Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets"

I’ll admit, I had some low expectations going into this episode.  I was actually happy to see that we would be getting something Castiel centric because we don’t get enough Castiel stories given his role in this show.  There is certainly a lot of untapped potential in his background.  “Lily Sundar Has Some Regrets” was an ideal backstory to bring light to Castiel’s current dilemma, one that I don’t think has been effectively put into perspective until now.  At the same time though, this wasn’t exactly a fast paced installment and some other errors prevented it from being a great hour.  

Let's Speculate: Supernatural 12.10 "Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets"

This week’s episode, “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets,” was written by Steve Yockey and centers on an unknown, until now, angel mission in Castiel’s story. The so far credits review Castiel’s early story on the show and the current nephilim story, which gives us a heads up to the episode’s theme.

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Supernatural Review: 12.09 "First Blood"

“I won’t let you sacrifice yourselves. You mean too much to everything.”

Supernatural came back last night with a bang, and a few bloody deaths. “First Blood,” episode nine of season 12, was everything I’d hoped for. I’m a die-hard fan of Supernatural, so I tend to go a little easy on episodes that might not live up to my through-the-roof expectations, but even I will admit, this season has been up and down for me. “First Blood” reignited my faith in the show, not to say that I had none, it was just slightly lacking.

So what made this episode so special? Let’s start from the beginning.

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Alice's Review: Supernatural 12.09 - "First Blood" aka WWED (What Would Edlund Do?)

Such a brilliant premise, such well shot scenes, such a powerful ending…such a huge waste of a golden opportunity  Sigh, another season twelve dud.  
When I see episodes like “First Blood” where a tense situation is afoot, I often ask, “WWED?”  What’s that you ask?  "What would Edlund do?" of course!  He would have ratcheted the urgency and tension up to 11 with this premise and left us emotional wrecks by the end.  Andrew Dabb’s attempt at this type of story fell way short, turning what could have been a explosive situation into a paint by numbers affair.  To say I’m disappointed is an understatement, especially when this was the best premise to come along in a while.  

Threads: Supernatural 12.09 "First Blood"

The Morning After

Well that was exciting… and tense... and surprising! On the surface, “First Blood” was an action drama that tested the wills and skills of two opposing camps of warriors. Of course we all knew that somehow Sam and Dean would get out of the secret ops prison. The tension and art of this episode hung in learning whether their capture was part of an elaborate plan or a stupid screw up, whether they would be rescued or escape on their own, how it would all happen, and whether the people involved were who they said they were. Down to the last few seconds of the episode, the tantalizing, teasingly slow revelations to all these mysteries made captivating storytelling.

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Let's Speculate: Supernatural 12.09 "First Blood"

This week’s episode was written by Andrew Dabb and directed by Bob Singer. The episode begins with a recap of the previous episodes and then shows us Mary at a diner in Lawrence, Kansas, sipping her coffee. She gets a call from Castiel, and he asks her to meet him at the bunker. The episode shifts to Sam and Dean being taken to prison as a federal agent reviews their list of crimes, dating back to the early seasons of the show.

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