The Morning After

Suspenseful and emotional. Supernatural’s “Nightmare Logic” achieved the rare feat of captivating viewers with both action and affection, alternating between unexpected twists in the case and genuine, believable, poignant character development. It engaged viewers’ minds and hearts, a trait that was Supernatural’s hallmark for so very long but hasn’t always been realized in more recent seasons.

Tonight's episode begins with Maggie being brought back to life by Lucifer.  THEN:  Dean and Sam discuss what if they could stop all evil things -- "Then what would we do?" Sam wonders.  We see Jack with his powers, various evil creatures, Michael taking over Dean, and Michael telling the werewolf leader that they could be the hunters instead of the prey.

NOW:  It's a dark night in Claremont, OK.  A slight figure moves through the dark.  It's Maggie.  Surrounded by the chirps and whistles of the nighttime forest, she makes her way by flashlight across a narrow, wooden bridge and into an old cemetery.  The cold, bluish beams of the flashlight fall on the gravestones as she approaches a stone crypt, the name Rawling inscribed over the doorway.  She kneels to unzip her backpack, pulling out a video camera.  She smiles into the lens as she records herself.  She sounds both excited and nervous; she thinks she's after a ghoul.  Pulling out a machete, she approaches the crypt and pushes open the heavy door.  Slowly, she moves down the stairs, her flashlight lighting on a couple religious statues.  There's a sound.  She looks around nervously in the dark just before an old man in a suit and tie lunges out of the shadows toward her, his teeth bared.  

What we know about Supernatural season 14 episode 5.

A funny thing happened on the way to the review and it’s all F. Scott Fitzgerald’s fault.  That and crappy Ohio weather.  Yep, it’s been one of those weeks.

Thursday was the first time this season “Supernatural” wasn’t pre-empted by my local CW station by high school football.  Since I had to fill in for Nighsky for our weekly live tweet on Twitter, I sat down for the first time in eons to watch live.  It only took two minutes for the reception the crap out.  Reset the antenna and try again. That lasted about 3 minutes.  That in and out pattern went on all hour.  While I tried to produce a cheeky live tweet on the scenes I got to actually watch (yes, the tweet was loaded with fluff), the hubby went outside in the rain to check the antenna.  The intense amount of rain we have gotten this year has caused the antenna to corrode.  And the antenna cover to fall off.  And the bush that was under it has insanely grown over it because of the months of wet weather.  This wasn’t an issue with other stations because they are part of our DirecTV Now subscription.  Guess which service The CW isn’t on? 

This is where Mr. Fitzgerald comes in.  In order to see the full episode, I had to wait until it went online the next day.  Well, that’s when we found out my son’s grades and he’s behind in English because he didn’t work on his The Great Gatsby project.  I jumped into help, and next thing you know I had to read the book again.  I remember now why I hated it when I had to read it in school thirty years ago.  So that took up my spare time until early in the morning Tuesday, when the project was finally submitted, much to the exhausted relief of us all. 

So yeah, I finally got to watch the episode on my phone, in the car, during my lunch hour at work.  I hope you appreciate my commitment to get this review to you!  That and I have emerged with a new perspective.  “Supernatural” on it’s worst day can’t be as freaking depressing as The Great Gatsby.

An episode with its own fake commercial? That's usually a good sign...

ThrillerNatural – Happy Halloween!

"Darkness falls across the land, The midnight hour is close at hand

Creatures crawl in search of blood, To terrorize your neighborhood

And whosoever shall be found, Without the soul for getting down

Must stand and face the hounds of hell, And rot inside a corpse’s shell

The foulest stench is in the air, The funk of forty thousand years

And grizzly ghouls from every tomb, Are closing in to seal your doom

And though you fight to stay alive, Your body starts to shiver

For no mere mortal can resist, The evil of the Thriller” ― Rob Temperton


It is time for some ghost stories and a special fan video of the week! I am so glad that this year we finally got another real Halloween episode on Supernatural. Will we get a Christmas one too? The stories I chose are really famous urban legends in my country. The stories are spiced up a little by me.

On October 31, people around the world celebrate Halloween. Pumpkins get carved and houses get spooky decorations. Costume parties are held where people dress as hunters, angels, demons, witches, ghosts, vampires, werewolves and all kinds of Supernatural characters.
It’s the time when Sam and Dean investigated the death of a man who swallowed razor blades after eating store-bought candy,
…then a high school student drowned in a tub of boiling water at a Halloween party and no one knew why,
…and high schoolers partying in a mausoleum were attacked by zombies and ghosts.
Some candy for Dean, some research for Sam, a little splatter of blood on their faces, an epic fight, and the rest is history. Sam and Dean stopped Samhain (“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester,” S4E7).
The Supernatural fandom has their own special way of celebrating Halloween - with carvings that are “not natural” (I think you could call them “supernatural”), as well as with some amazing Halloween costumes. To celebrate #SPNFamily’s extraordinary Halloween decorations, we have gathered pictures from around the world! We will show you Jack-o-lanterns from the #GishYourGourd and #LTTUPumpkins challenges, fans’ school rooms, front porches and back yards! We asked each artiste to share a few words about their creations, such as why they chose their design, their carving process or how often they’ve celebrated a “Supernatural Halloween”. These are their masterpieces and their stories!

THEN - Michael comes through the doors at the chapel; Dean says, "Sammy, it's me."  He says he was drowning.   They wonder why Michael left his vessel.  There are flashes of things Michael did, of Dark Kaia and her spear, and then of various ghost possessions through the years and the use of salt.

NOW - There's a closeup of comic books; then the camera pans over a shelf of figurines and movies.  We're in Salem, Ohio in a comic book shop. Among the DVDs for sale are Hell Hazers and All Saints Day.  A bearded young man unpacks a box on the counter.  Behind him glow huge superhero illustrations like stained glass windows.  Nearby in the closed shop stands a life-size mannequin of a serial killer in a mechanic's coveralls.  He has a lumpy head, burned raw with a creepy mouth held open with toothpicks; he holds an axe.  The guy behind the counter gets super excited as he lifts one specific box from the protective packaging.  It's a Thundercats figurine.  He smiles, then slips it into a drawstring bag.  He jumps when his phone buzzes.  It's a video call from Samantha, a young woman with straight dark hair cut in a long bob.  "What did you DO?" she asks.  Stewart, the employee, had gotten in an argument with a customer.  Stewart insisted that he was right:  he COULD beat Superman if he were wearing kryptonite gloves.  "It's SCIENCE!" he insists adamantly.  Samantha gets that, but asks him to chill a little because they need every customer they can get.  They agree to meet later for game night.  Stewart picks up his keys from the counter; he has a Batman keychain.  He turns back for an instant.  The mannequin with its upraised ax stands silently in the closed shop.  The employee leaves, locking the door behind him and taking his bag with his Thundercats action figure.  The camera focuses on the creepy disfigured face of the silent figure of the mannequin.