The Morning After

Emotionally touching and brutally disturbing. That’s a jolting juxtaposition to incorporate into one episode but Supernatural “Unhuman Nature” carried it off extremely well. The acting delivered by the entire Supernatural cast once again elevated the story to a captivating intensity.

THEN:  Dean tells Jack he'll be the one killing him if he goes bad.  We see Jack with his powers shortly after being born as well as Lucifer attacking him and taking his grace.  Nick, sans Lucifer, is shown as well, struggling with who he is and what happened to his family.

NOW:  "I've got issues," Nick says.  "I should stop."  He's sitting in a well-apportioned room lined with bookshelves.  A blue and red stained glass window behind his head surrounds him like a halo.  "I hate that it feels so good," he continues.  Apparently he's confessing to a priest in a private office because he calmly, with regret, explains that he was sorry that the priest couldn't tell him what Andy, his former neighbor, confessed to him.  Perhaps he should pray. So far, Nick's been the only one talking, his calm, wry voice dominating.  The priest cannot answer:  he's been crucified in a doorway, arms spread to each side and nails driven into his bloody palms.  His head hangs back, eyes staring unseeingly.  There is a bloody gash across his throat; blood has stained his collar.  "There is a devil," Nick informs him, "and sometimes we just can't fight him."  

Everything we know about Supernatural seaon 14 episode 7!
Sorry for the delay on this one. It's probably important to go on record with my reactions and questions before we get answers, though!

"I’ve heard the name before: Anubis. An Egyptian name. The name of a god. The god of the dead.” ― Kate Rooper

I have always been fascinated by old gods, whether Egyptian, Greek, Norse etc. and Supernatural has had a pile of those. It has had pagan gods, Egyptian gods and also Norse demi gods. The most that we have had in 13 seasons are the Greek gods. That is why I chose God and gods as a word and used that to find a fan video of the week.

The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


Exciting, dramatic, sad or funny – episode sixteen has been everything over the years. And while it marks the two-thirds way through the season and has certainly served up some phenomenal and memorable episodes, it hasn’t been a particularly key episode in the plot over the thirteen years – with a few exceptions of course.

I wanted to contribute something that would fit Thanksgiving and I like to use things that already exist and twist them for my own purposes.  Kind of like parodies, I suppose.  There is a reason that I review shows that other people write and change the words of existing songs: I'm not blessed with original ideas that often! "What a Wonderful World" (first sung by Louis Armstrong) just spoke to me as a happy, yet meloncholy song that would perfectly fit Supernatural.  Keep that song in mind as you enjoy my "Ode of Thanksgiving: What a Wonderful Supernatural World"!