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Alice's Review: Supernatural 12.12 - "Stuck in the Middle (With You)" aka Tarantino Meets SPN Verse

I’m going to tell you why I loved this episode so much.  No doubt, “Stuck in the Middle (With You)” was a full blown homage to filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and that makes me very happy.  I love this man’s films and got every shout out they were going for.  For the most part, the effort was brilliant. For those that aren’t familiar with Tarantino’s style (aka the young audience that now watches this show) I can tell you that it is very hard to copy.  You don’t see a lot of filmmakers trying to emulate.  
It takes a certain amount of skill to deliver on non-linear storytelling, aka showing scenes out of chronological order, using title cards, and bringing together in a scattered intersection individual plot threads.  For the most part writer Davy Perez and director Richard Speight Jr. pulled it off.  From the Reservoir Dogs-esque opening in the diner and the slow motion shot outside to the Kill Bill inspired fight scenes to the Pulp Fiction inspired use of “glowing” to show the importance of the colt to the The Hateful Eight inspired score (that film was scored by the original Spaghetti Western composer Ennio Morricone), it became obvious how much of a Tarantino study both these guys are.  Yes, I loved the Spaghetti Western themed score.  I may be the only one, but the music to me fit the style they were copying, even if it seemed out of place for this show.
I caught on what was happening within the first few minutes, but given my familiarity (and love) with this style of storytelling, I gave it a lot of scrutiny as well.  While I applaud the effort and the risks taken to do this sort of story, there were rough spots in the execution here and there, but not so much to ruin the hour.  Just knock it down a grade or so.  Given the effort that was taken for a one hour TV show episode, all parties involved should be proud of delivering something with this caliber of cinematic quality.  

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The Morning After

Well that was a unique and surprisingly creative episode! “Stuck in the Middle (with you)” kept the audience guessing from the first seconds in the diner to the last second when red eyes glared at us out of the darkness! The script, the direction, even the music, all worked together to keep us off balance. Fans were constantly trying to catch up and sort out what was happening.

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Let's Speculate: 12.12 Supernatural "Stuck in the Middle (with you)"


This week’s episode, “Stuck in the Middle (with you),” was written by Davy Perez and directed by Richard Speight, Jr. The episode’s preview focuses on the British Men of Letters storyline and begins with a man (Mr. Ketch), British accent, who looks at the camera after sipping some tea and says, “Tell me a story.” Please note that the entire episode is told in a series of vignettes that unfold the story through overlapping as well as disconnected snippets, which reveal the plot as points rather than a traditional linear chronology.

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Alice's Review: Supernatural 12.11 - "Regarding Dean" aka The Post-It Note Review

We’ve had several great and introspective reviews this week on this site, digging into the deep layers that this great script offered.  Trust me when I say, layers have been noticeably absent this season in most scripts so I’m clinging onto this gift like glue.  But me digging into those layers would pretty much end up repeating what’s already been said in the last few days.  In the vein of the episode, I’m going to focus more on the superficial stuff.  Call this my “post-it note” review.  You know, random thoughts focusing on the small little touches that made this episode extraordinary.  Why? Because dammit, I’ve been dying for some sort of fun this season and this is the best chance I’ve gotten so far.  Most episodes have just left me cold instead of the giant smile that was on my face Thursday night.  

Far Away Eyes' Deeper Look Supernatural 12.11 "Regarding Dean"

One of my fondest memories has to be the Halloween Blizzard of 1991. Any Minnesotan old enough to remember knows what I'm talking about. I was nine---and determined that I would trick or treat despite the knee-high snow and winds. My friends and I crawled over and through drifts---and one of my friends decided they would be a cheerleader that year, no matter what the weather. It was wild, fun, and something that makes me smile to this day. Other fond memories can be triggered just by a scent. Anything that smells like the Minnesota Renaissance Festival takes me to that beloved place in a heartbeat. It makes me think of the shows I've seen, the shops I've visited, and the atmosphere of the Festival all at once. Other memories aren't so good---times I've seen my parents in the hospital or had to say goodbye to a beloved pet. And yet, each experience makes me me. Each experience puts another page into my own history---shaping who I am now and who I will be in the future.

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Thoughts on Supernatural 12.11: "Regarding Dean"

Memory loss and new beginnings. Power – good, bad and everything else. Who are the Winchesters? This was all fun, intriguing and just enough emotion without being wholly overwhelming. This week, Supernatural offered witches without benefit of the usual guts and gore and instead we were privy to a more psychological dramedy. And for the most part? It worked.

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