Being a part of the Supernatural press room at San Diego Comic-Con is exhilarating, fun and nerve wracking all at the same time. For someone who's a fan of the show, it’s so exciting to sit at the same table as Jensen, Jared, Misha and now Alex. Besides the personal heart-thumping hour of talking in a small group setting with them, it’s also a unique opportunity to hear their personal insights into the characters we all love! All of the people who decide the direction of the show are also assembled in one room, just waiting to tease us with their advance knowledge of myth arcs and plots! The challenge is to ask the questions fans are all dying to ask, while being extremely careful to never put anyone on the spot in such a public forum. They are on a global stage with cameras rolling and recorders taping, so the reputation of the show and the future of the press’ access to this team are riding on everyone’s ability to balance the promotional messages the creative team is supposed to deliver, with the surprise details we might be able to eke out of the minds behind Supernatural!

Here we go, the final set of interviews from our Comic Con press room collective!
We managed to get two interviews from Eugenie Ross-Leming, and one from her writing and producing partner, Brad Buckner.  It was interesting talking about the same teasers with the different producers.  They all offered something different.  Brad and Eugenie were no different.  Here they talked about the writing process, possible crossovers, and how they approach writing for new characters.  Considering their senior roles and being the ones to lead the pack to deliver the vision set by Andrew Dabb, their approach to writing definitely explains why we've seen what we have seen in the last few seasons.  There's not a lot here different on what's coming for season 14, but there's definitely some reveals on why we've gotten what we have in recent years.  
The grand poobah is in the house!  Robert Singer sat down with both Alice and Nightsky to preview what's coming for season 14, as well as reflect on the success of "Supernatural" in general.  
Here he is, the man with the plans.  Alice and Nightsky both had the pleasure to talk with Andrew Dabb, Supernatural showrunner and guy in charge of the season blueprint.  He shares some interesting teasers about the upcoming season 14.  
Misha had a pretty busy Comic Con this year.  He's been in political activist mode of late, using his connection with a young fandom to encourage them to exercise their right to vote and make a difference in this country.  He took some time during the panel to pass our voter registration cards.  He believes (rightfully so) that young people are an ignored demographic and need to make their voices heard. 
We came, we saw, we got two interviews with Alexander Calvert, who plays Jack.  
Jensen had quite a bit to talk about at Comic Con this year.  Needless to say, all talk was about Dean!Michael and how he was going to handle that role.  Between the panel and the press room interviews, he gave us some pretty good clues.  
Another annual July tradition has come and gone and once again, we have a lot to talk about.  The “Supernatural” panel at San Diego Comic Con is the official kick-off of the rampant speculation that will dominate the fandom between now and the premiere on Thursday, October 11th.  
As has been the last few years, thousands of fans packed Hall H in excitement over what’s to come in season 14.  Myself and Nightsky were there for all the fun.  This time, we had this big  divide and conquer plan.  Nightsky did the tweeting and took pictures/video while I manned laptop, took notes, and uploaded the videos.  In between all that we found time to say hello to fellow fans and writers that we haven’t seen in a while.  You see, this panel is more of a pilgrimage instead of a mere Q&A session.  Personally, I sat there wondering how I’ve actually gotten to do this for ten years now.  As a matter of fact, the question of longevity even came up at the panel.  I’ll cover that a little later, but what they said made a lot of sense to everyone in the room.