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Ten Great Running Bits in Supernatural

Running bits?  Yeah, you know, those little jokes/references that just won’t die.  Something started on a whim early in the series and still carries on years later because their mention makes fans happy.  "Supernatural" especially loves repeating items from it's vast archive simply because it can.  
There are the obvious ones, like the rock star aliases for their fake FBI identities, that are just too numerous to mention.  What's on this list are still fan favorites, but they are the lesser used bits.  Those that hold a special place in the fandom’s heart.  In no particular order, here's my fond salute to ten fantastic bits from "Supernatural."  

Threads: Supernatural 12.16 "Ladies Drink Free"

The Morning After

Welcome back to Supernatural Threads! After a three week mid-season hiatus, Sam and Dean are once again Saving People and Hunting Things. In this week’s hunt, they were joined by two amateurs, or to be more generous, hunters in training, Mick and Claire.

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Supernatural and Finding A Reason to Get Up in the Morning

With a few more days remaining in Supernatural's season 12 mid-year hiatus, we have time to reflect on what Supernatural means to each of us. For many, Supernatural provides the strength to "Always Keep Fighting".  I recently came across this vlog by Christine Killmer on a topic similar to #AKF, in which she talks about Supernatural and how each of us must find our own inspiration to "get up in the morning".

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Let's Discuss: What are your Impressions of Supernatural Season 12?

Season 12 of Supernatural began the reign of a new showrunner, Andrew Dabb. In addition, Robert Singer, who tried valiantly to retire after season 10 (he worked on only 9 episodes in season 11), officially came out of retirement to act as co-showrunner for season 12.  Under their direction is an almost entirely new writing team, supported by a new editor and new leads in various key pre- and post-production departments. Amidst all these changes, Andrew and Robert promoted season 12 in the media and to fans as a revival of classic Supernatural. They touted a return to simpler stories and the basic tenets of the show.
With 15 episodes aired, or almost two-thirds of the season known to fans, it's seems like a good time to ask, "What do fans think of the "new" Supernatural?" Do we yet have an idea of the show's style or direction this year?  Do we see any differences in the approach of this new writing team? Does the show feel different or the same as prior years? I asked The Winchester Family Business review team to tackle these questions. In order of their submission, Nate, Wednesday, myself and Alice each offer observations of Supernatural's season 12 style, tone and direction thus far. 

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