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Threads: Supernatural 12.21 "There's Something About Mary"

Six Days Later

I’m a little late to the party this week. Usually "Threads" is The WFB’s first review of a new Supernatural episode but due to travel, I’m posting last this time. By now, you have all discussed, debated, questioned and clarified probably every frame of the show (good for you!). There is no value in “piling on” so I’m going to narrow the focus of my analysis to a new thread I detected.

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Supernatural 12.21 - Why "There's Something About Mary" Triggered a Brutal Fan Storm

I've struggled with this review for several days.  I've considered, started, and then reconsidered all sorts of ways to express just how wrong "There's Something About Mary" was and how it was a betrayal to a variety of fans.  This was just more than another bad, poorly written episode by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming.  This was a breaking point for many fans and could be the point everyone looks to when they see a mass exodus of fans or an outright riot for change that goes straight to Mark Pedowitz.  Or both.  Either way, I'm one of the ranks that is furious and can't take this crap anymore.   
I mean, this episode got so many people riled up that triggered a wave fan protest on Twitter with the hashtag #FireBuckLeming.  There were so many tweets, that the topic actually trended.  It surpassed #Supernatural at one point.  This naturally caused other fans to speak out against such behavior as “cyberbulling” and bad fan behavior, which led to some online skirmishes.  It got ugly.  
Was the episode THAT bad?  No, I think there have been worse.  But it was bad enough because it's extremely disappointing and frustrating when we get something like this in episode 21 with two more episodes to go, especially when we've been waiting for something to happen all season long.   The actions of the characters made no freaking sense, yet another senseless character death was used to generate an emotional reaction from Sam and Dean, even though just about everyone they have known dies, thus ruining all prior development that was put into said character, and there’s the really stupid stuff like how do Sam and Dean get mail delivered to a secret bunker no one is supposed to know about?   How did Crowley, Mr. Ten Steps Ahead, let Lucifer get the better of him?  He’s not that dumb.  I can’t even talk about Mary Winchester without throwing things.  The only promising scenario to come out of this is maybe Crowley the rat can finally hook up with Olivia the hamster.  
I have more very, very angry thoughts coming on this week’s TV Fanatic Roundtable, so be sure to check that out.  Otherwise, I’m never, ever watching this again.  At this point, I’m skipping all of Season 12.  I have zero interest in watching the final two episodes.  Congrats to Andrew Dabb on his rookie season as showrunner for officially killing the show I once loved.  You’ve mangled the Lamborghini buddy.  

Thoughts on Supernatural 12.21: "There’s Something About Mary"

While not at all what I expected from where we left off last week, There’s Something About Mary was, simply put, too short an episode that left me anxious and salivating for both karmic twists and conclusions. Typically by this point of the season there are so many things aligning and pieces being revealed to the viewer that – by and large – Sam and Dean and other major players aren’t quite fully privy to yet; it is usually my favourite part of the grand (or mega, for those who prefer) plot. The unfolding 12.21 is no exception, and the game is merely getting started.

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Let's Speculate: Supernatural 12.21 "There's Something About Mary"


This episode, written by Ross-Leming and Buckner, is titled “There’s Something About Mary.” The episode begins with Eileen running through the woods being chased by a hellhound. The hellhound kills her and we see Ketch use a whistle to call the hound and then he feeds him.

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