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Mallena's Supernatural Musings: 10.19 "The Werther Project"

I was underwhelmed with season ten for most of its run, so it was wonderful to watch an episode as thrilling as this one.  It has many of my favorite Supernatural elements: a scary house, great backstory, suspense, blood draining, brotherly love, surprise callbacks of yore, and a tense plot that keeps things moving at a brisk pace.

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Memorable Moments: Supernatural 12.13 "Family Feud"

Welcome back to the "Memorable Moments" series! For Supernatural 12.13 "Family Feud", I put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from the episode. The list varies from episode to episode depending on what transpired.  I hope you enjoy this pictoral review and share what your picks would be! 

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The WFB Supernatural Season 12 Fan Choice Awards

The moment is finally here!  The nominations have been tabulated, now it's time to vote.  Below there are 17 categories that give you, the fan, the power to choose the good, bad, and indifferent moments of "Supernatural" season 12.  
I'm sure a couple of you very estute fans are going, "Wait a second, there were only 16 categories in the nominatons."  That's true, but a couple of fans chose to submit write in categories, and one by paladinteacher was way too good to pass up.  I could easily come up with enough good choices for it.  So you'll notice that as our "Bonus Write-In Question" at the end of the voting.  
The rules are simple, there are none.  Once you submit your vote, refresh the page and you can vote again as often as you'd like.  Results will be hidden until the winners are revealed, which will be in a couple of weeks.  Voting will run until Sunday, July 16th at 11:59 pm ET.  
I'm going to warn, it may take a minute for all the questions to load on each page.  Please be patient.  Also, as a standard disclaimer, remember, "Supernatural" fans are an opinionated lot.  Some of these questions may offend those who choose to be less critical or those that don't think we're being critical enough!  Plain and simple, if you don't like a question, feel free to skip it.  All these responses are based on fan choices made during the nomination process (with a couple extra thrown in by yours truly to beef up the selections) and they're there to gauge fan opinion across a very wide spectrum.  They're bound to be controversial in places.  Also, if an option is missing that you think should have been there, that is the importance of being involved in the nomination process.  I only can go with what I'm given! 

Fan Video of the Week: Supernatural Reflections "Stuck in the Middle (With You)"


"The unreal is more powerful than the real, because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it, because it's only intangible ideas, concepts, beliefs, fantasies that last. Stone crumbles, wood rots. People, well, they die. But things as fragile as a thought, a dream, a legend, they can go on and on." — Chuck Palahniuk


This was a great episode and I had just the right videos saved for it. Like Sam, Dean and Castiel,  the movies it referenced are legendary. So the chosen word is "legend" mixed with brotherly and family feels. I have wanted to add two videos about the second song for a long time because Jensen sang it at a con. Also, I have a brief introduction to Tarantino's movies that the show referenced.

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Behind the Scenes: The Supernatural "Family Don't End With Blood" Launch Party!


On May 10, 2017, at The Study in Los Angeles, California, 150 fans and actors from the TV show Supernatural assembled to launch a new book named after one of the fundamental tenets of the show.  Family Don’t End With Blood is a tribute to the emotional and deeply personal changes that have taken place in so many lives because of the uncommon love and support surrounding Supernatural. Since only a tiny fraction of the Supernatural Family could attend the party in person, a fan made a video of the entire evening so everyone could share its joy. The book belongs to the worldwide fandom; so should its party, as the sentiments expressed by the book’s contributors are repeated a thousand times across the globe.  I was privileged to be a part of both the book and the launch party. In the spirit of the openness that made the book possible, I share this account of what went on behind the scenes of the party, to bring you all one step closer to being there yourself.

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