Aww man, things were going so well.  The last few weeks were really promising and we were going into the midsession finale with tons of momentum!  Figured that the creative wind would go out of the sails at the wrong time.

 I don’t get the struggles this show has with midseason finales.  The purpose of a mid season finale is to go into the weeks long winter break with a little amped up excitement, all ending with a mini cliffie that makes you excited and/or devastated for the upcoming second half of the season.  No matter what the outcome, you should by dying for those off weeks to get over so that answers can be given. 

Dean’s voice is heard talking about how their family fights monsters and how someday it would be nice if monsters were scared of them.  THEN:  Michael/Dean killing Lucifer, Michael taking over Dean, Michael enhancing the monsters,  Jack getting sick and dying, Dark Kaia and the spear, the Empty and Cas’ deal, and Jack being alive again.

NOW:  The cheerful holiday tune “Rocking around the Christmas Tree” plays as we see a wide view of Kansas City, MO at night.  The lights of the city mingle with the added Christmas lights, creating a festive scene.  From the wide angel, we zoom in to a close up of a richly decorated tree in an office building.  Large red and gold balls lavishly fill its branches.  Wrapping paper and other party detritus are scattered on the floor.  But instead of laughter, screams come from another room; the litter on the floor isn’t just holiday leftovers but blood.  A man in a suit and a green tie runs panicking into the room and slams a frantic finger into the elevator button.  He’s desperate to get away, but before the elevator arrives, a man with long dark hair and a Santa hat appears next to him.  His mouth enlarges with the emergence of werewolf fangs.  Reaching out for the terrified businessman, the monster looks up to see mistletoe hanging above them.  He leans in, then twists the man’s neck, killing him instantly.  Entering an office, the werewolf approaches a tall, slim woman with an upswept hairdo;  dark, professional clothes; and a confident, calmly superior air to her.  She is standing in front of a huge window looking down at the lights of Kansas City.  It’s Michael in a new vessel.  The werewolf reports that they’ve killed everyone in the building and didn’t feed, but he does wonder why Michael is here.  “I like the view,” the archangel replies simply. 

Everything we know about the mid-season finale for Supernatural season 14.

Dear Meredith,

Thank you for a stunning, emotionally captivating “Byzantium”. My recent "Threads" review of 14.05 “Nightmare Logic”  praised your talent, as evidenced by the exceptional episodes you had written for Supernatural. “Byzantium” confirms your place on the list of the series’ best writers.

THEN:  Lucifer steals Jack’s grace.  Jack coughs and collapses.  Lily Sunder in the early 1900s sees her daughter murdered and then takes on angels in her quest for revenge.  She explains that each time she uses magic, a piece of her soul burns away.  Rowena explains to the Winchesters and Castiel that it would need an archangel’s grace and some kind of magic to save Jack.  All they can do is stay with him as he dies.

NOW:  In the bunker, Dean stands grimly with his back to Jack’s bed.  Sam sits near Jack’s side while Castiel stands nearby.  Jack weakly but peacefully says, “Please don’t be sad.  Maybe this is supposed to be.”  Dean angrily says that that is crap.  Cas puts reproof into his tone with just his name:  “Dean.”  Jack breaths into an oxygen mask.  Dean, turning around, rapidly leaves the room; Castiel’s eyes follow him, dark with concern.  In the hallway, Dean’s eyes are anguished, and he smashes his fist into the wall.  Jack says, “Tell him it’s OK.”  “Tell him yourself.  He’ll be back,” responds Sam.  “What happens next to someone like me?” Jack asks.  Sam tries to smile, but his eyes are watery.  “I don’t know,” he admits.  “Then it’s going to be an adventure,” says Jack with a little smile as he settles down in the bed.

What we know about Supernatural season 14 episode 8
Well color me surprised...and intrigued.  I will admit it, I’m impressed that these first seven episodes have actually done some careful construction when it comes to unfolding the mythology, as well as paying attention to the character details.  There’s been a little bit to ponder each week and so far I’m not left with the frustrated feeling that they’re just throwing a bunch of random events at me.  I do believe this is actually going somewhere.   “Unhuman Nature” was especially skilled at maintaining the balance between the characters and mythology, and I have to say it was a very interesting hour.   I’m not ready to gush praise since the pacing is still sluggish, but there were just parts that offered subtle reminders as to why I fell in love with this show.   I say that with cautious optimism though, for the wheels have fallen off the wagon the farther a season has progressed before.