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Let's Speculate: Supernatural 12.15 "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell"

Hellhounds!  Angels on the hunt!  Men of Letters drama! 
This is your friendly neighborhood WFB admin filling in this week for Bookdal, who was thankfully spared from having to recap this glacially paced, completely awkward, totally filler episode.  I’ve tried to keep tonights spec to the recap, but if you see small outbursts here and there, it’s just because I couldn’t take it anymore. That and my DVR cut out in a couple of parts.  
So here we go into that murky abyss of “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell.”  

Alice's Review: Supernatural 12.14 - "The Raid" aka "In Defense Of..."

The roller coaster ride continues.  This week we're up, and suddenly there's a potential thrill to this ride.  The question is, will we hit bottom again next week like we did last week?  Personally, I don't care.  I want to hang onto this little gem for a while and not let go.  

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Thoughts on Supernatural 12.14: "The Raid"

Oh, 12.14, I barely have the words to say how much I loved you! Prepare yourselves, dear readers, because the next several paragraphs are, largely, a love letter to this most recent episode. Truly, The Raid was an exceptional combination of storytelling, acting, and cinematography that came together at an ideal just-past-midway point in the season to deliver one solid episode packed with plot.

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Threads: Supernatural 12.14 "The Raid"

The Morning After

I totally, totally loved “The Raid” (yes, even the ending)! It gave us an hour-long vision of Sam alternating between the sensitive soul who teared up when he realized all the betrayal that led to the BMoL having the Colt, to the outrageously hot, smart hunter who fired that Colt killing one of the “old ones”, the alpha vampire.  “The Raid” also broke the British Men of Letters (BMoL) story wide open. It gave us our first look at the BMoL operation in America, a command center that supposedly rivals NATO Strategic Air Command. I was certainly impressed, and it was enough to thoroughly impress Sam. We learned more about Mary’s motivations and the secrecy between her and her boys ended. There’s so much to discuss! Let’s start with Dean.

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Let's Speculate: Supernatural 12.14 "The Raid"

“The Raid,” written by Robert Berens, is a hybrid of myth and monster of the week, with the center of the episode on a vampire case that Mary and Sam pursue. The return of the Alpha Vamp, a popular and fan favorite character from past seasons, punctuates an episode concerned with the political dealings between the Winchester family and the British Men of Letters.

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