Everything we know about Supernatural season 14 episode 2!

I struggled with the review this week for two reasons.  First, it’s hard to come in and do a review when the ones before mine seemed to nail the intent and deeper elements of the episode very well.  Kudos to Nightsky, FarAwayEyes and Nate Winchester for their well done analysis.  Second, I’ve been staring at a mostly empty page all week, trying to muster more than my one word review that summed up the whole episode for me. 

I have a lot to say about this but I kind of want to see how the next couple of episodes go.

“What do you want?”

This seems to be the crux of the Supernatural episode “Stranger in a Strange Land.” Almost every character gets asked this important question in some manner. Almost every character has an answer. Jamil, the Syrian refugee, answers Michael, “Peace. And love.” Nick, Lucifer's former vessel, wants peace and quiet from the nightmares. Castiel and Jack want to help Sam find Dean. Bobby, Mary and the remaining refugees from the alternate universe want to pitch in as well. They want to prevent Michael from turning this world into another wasteland. Sister Jo refuses to answer Michael's question and so Michael tells her that she wants to belong. Kipling decides that he would like to take Crowley's place on the throne. He wants to be King of Hell, committing “demon on demon violence” while the Winchesters look the other way. Even Michael, the one asking the question, has an answer. He wants “a better world.”

The only one not asked this question is Sam Winchester.

The Morning After

Hot! That is the single word that best summarizes Supernatural’s season 14 premiere, “Stranger in a Strange Land”. Want more words? Sizzling. Scorching. Embarrassed I’m watching it with my husband, hot. Did anyone else think Jared fried the pixels on their screens as he portrayed a superbly confident leader who was quietly desperate to find his brother? Even Kip, the monster of the week, commented “the shoulders, the hair”! Then there was Jensen dressed to the nines as Michael! Holy smoke (pun intended)! He too was confident and strong, knowing no one on earth was his equal. Package that presence in some darn fine tailoring and a smoldering, seductive voice and you have the clash of the titans – and way more than my libido could handle in a crowded theater with dozens of other Supernatural fans in attendance!  Add in Alexander’s innocence as Jack, Misha’s timing with witty one-liners, Samantha’s convincing motherly worry about both her sons (sorry people but I still really like Samantha and Mary), and Jim’s comforting presence as Bobby (I will never tire of having him with his boys), and you have a cast that elevated this episode to an exciting launch of Supernatural’s 14th year! 

On The Road So Far,  Dean and Sam are discussing whether monsters and demons could ever be completely ended:  "Could we stop it - all the evil in the world?"  We see flashbacks of Jack with his powers, of the alternate universe, of Mary and Bobby, Lucifer and Michael, and finally of Lucifer's death and Michael taking over Dean's body.  NOW:  the Impala passes us by, Sam is at the wheel.  He reaches to turn off the radio, and the music that's been playing behind the previous scenes cuts out.  He drives on through the rainy night.
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