Yikes! I don't think I've seen a scarier horror story in all my life. Supernatural takes on Corporate America. Those tricky angels put both Dean and Sam in a situation so horrific, so vile, that hunting looks good. I could see Sera Gamble, this week's writer, pitching the idea. "Oh, I got it, put them in an office!" Even the head angel is appalled, reminding Dean, "Look around. There are plenty of fates worse than yours." 
Considering I know a thing or two about a corporate job stripping away your humanity, plus I'm late to the party again this week (spring break travel this time), I'm doing something different this week. By using what we've learned from "It's A Terrible Life," you're about to find out why Corporate America will never be like Supernatural.

Sam, Sam, Sam, there you are…

First off, I loved – as in absolutely loved this episode!

I finally saw the episode last night after downloading on iTunes.  Awesome.  I'll be pondering my review and recap while in the car for 9 hours on the way home. 

In the meantime, I'm fortunate enough to have gotten Robin V's thoughts on "It's a Terrible Life" also, so here you go!  Thanks so much Robin for sharing!

This week, since I'm on vacation for Spring Break, I'm not sure when I'm going to see "It's A Terrible Life", let alone get a review out of it!  Elle this time sent me a great write up of her reaction to the episode.  I haven't read this since I don't want to be spoiled, so thanks Elle for sending this and I promise I'll read it as soon as I watch! 

Since this seems to be a new thing for me, please note from here on out, all guest reviews are welcome.  Just send them to me in the "Contact Us" section and I'll be happy to post them.  Elle2's review last week of "On The Head Of A Pin" went over very well, so if you like reading them, I'll share them!  Enjoy everyone.  

Okay, now for the devastating part. Alastair chokes, blood comes spewing out, and he says “Sounds like something’s caught in my throat. I think it’s my throat.” Dean’s still acting tough, so Alastair goes for the jugular. “You know, it was supposed to be your father, he was supposed to bring it on, but in the end it was you.” Dean foolishly asks bring on what? Okay, you asked. The first time Dean picked up Alastair’s razor and sliced into that “weeping bitch,” that was the first seal. Dean at first doesn’t believe him, so Alastair knows some scripture should fix that. “And it is written that the first seal shall be broken when a righteous man sheds blood in Hell. As he breaks, so shall it break.”
Man, why does this show keep doing this to me? Thursday at 10:00 comes around anymore and I’m a jittery mess, going back to the TiVo for a rewatch. This one earned a third re-watch, then one the next day and I think I’m up to number ten now. I lost count around seven. 

This episode is even more action packed than the last one, and that was huge. As a matter of fact, with the exception of “Mystery Spot” and “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” no episode is more crammed with details in the entire series. As a result, I even have to break this recap into two parts. It’s that long. Things are intense from the opening teaser, so let’s get started.  

Yes, its at least a day late, maybe two, but blogcritics has my review of "On The Head Of A Pin" posted.  It's a long one, so dig in!  Full recap will be along tomorrow.  The pictures are taking me the longest, because there are SO many great ones. 


Also, bardicvoice has her review up as well.  No one does meta better, so check it out!


It's spring break here in lovely central Ohio (at least for my kids) and this weekend I'm at a Taekwondo tournament in Kentucky, and next week I'm in the State of Delaware (don't ask).  So why do I bring up such a busy social agenda?  Easy, it means episode reviews are running behind. 

It's especially complex with "On The Head Of A Pin" because that episode was so shocking, so groundbreaking, so absolutely fucking fantastic that coming up with a sound review is proving to be a challenge.  I can give away the grade right now.  A+.  Top ten best episodes material.  So, since we're looking at earliest Sunday, likely Monday before a review will be published, luckily an alternate option has come up to hold you guys over until then. 

Elle2 was kind enough to send me her long, well thought out analysis.  I'm going to share her words with you, and feel free to give your opinions.  See that poll on the right hand side about Sam's powers?  It applies to this episode too, so if you haven't voted already, chime in!  Was this episode as brilliant as many of us think?  As Sam said in "I Know What You Did Last Summer", don't spare the details. 

I'm not sure how this has come to be, but it seems lately I've been getting these preview clips while in a hotel with slow internet access.  Slower than home anyway.  But, clips are clips, and I do love getting them, so here are three for the upcoming episode "It's a Terrible Life".  It's a nice comedic rest after the two very intense episodes we just got (I'm not complaining though!).  Below is the official episode description:

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are living very different, normal and separate lives and although they are working at the same company and don’t know each other, they find themselves teaming up to solve a mystery with supernatural elements.  Guest stars Kurt Fuller as Mr. Adler. "It's A Terrible Life" was written by Sera Gamble and was directed by Jim Conway.