Bethany came up with a great idea, and even sent her comments along to get the ball rolling.  This is from a post she did a while ago on her livejournal,

List your favorite Supernatural episode and why.  Yes, pick one.  Assume you only have time for one.  Which one would you pull out of the DVD cabinet, or select on iTunes?  Bethany's is listed first.  I asked elle2 to contribute hers, and then I did my own. 
This is one of the most intense recaps I've ever attempted. "Born Under A Bad Sign" is a delicious, thrilling, and completely nerve wracking episode that ranks in my top five of best episodes ever. It's not only one of the best acted episodes of the series, it's one of the best directed as well. So much detail went into the making of this, and this recap is going to do its best to capture every bit of that. So, in the process, treat this recap as though you were tackling your next novel. Get comfy!

The writer is Cathryn Humphries, who created an absolute classic and proves that no writer does brotherly angst better (well, her and Sera Gamble). The director is first timer for Supernatural J. Miller Tobin, and boy did he bring something fresh. Nothing like a few director's tricks here and there to take a suspense filled tale and slam dunk it into the stratosphere. This is also THE episode that everyone goes back to when trying to pinpoint when Jared Padalecki's acting finally soared to new heights, putting him and Jensen on even ground. This episode was the acting game changer, and the show and viewers have never been the same since.

So, here we go, intense detail and all, "Born Under A Bad Sign."
Hellatus Check #2
Since I’m only planning on four Hellatus Check articles one could infer that we’re halfway through…well, almost folks. According to the fabulous news from the CW we only have nine weeks remaining to the premier of Season 5. We are actually eight weeks through Hellatus, so we’re definitely gaining ground.
So what’s been going on out in the realm of Supernatural? Well, there were conventions in Europe and I believe in Australia so, if you haven’t dabbled in some reports and videos from those, might I suggest a trip to Supernaturalwiki and follow the links. There’s plenty of news and vids and pics there to occupy you and give you something to settle your nerves. 
At the end of this month our very own Alice is traveling to California to attend the Comic Con…under her own press pass for The Winchester Family Business. She has promised reports! And if that is not quite enough for you, mark your calendars for the convention being held in Vancouver at the end of August that our very own Tigershire is attending – Tigershire, reports please (as in MIRACLE NOW! Kinda please)
This is another one from the blogcritics archives that never made it over to this site, until now.  I know, it's looking back at season three and the quality of it's DVD release, but there's a great little list at the end pointing out what we learned from season three.  I've always thought it amusing.  Anyway, a little something to pass the time, thus the Hellatus Time Killer ranking. 
Ranking the seasons:
If you had to choose (and you don’t) which season would you rate as the best?
Season one had its ups and downs and didn’t find its footing until Home and even then, while Asylum, Scarecrow and Faith all were excellent followers there is still the little matter of Route 666 tumbling around in there and The Benders, while fun in its own twisted way, isn’t indicative of how great the show was to become. Season one ultimately is a gold mine for writers to – well, mine in later seasons (and I credit Loflin and Dabb for doing so) but it does not rank as the best season ever. It set the stage, grounded the characters; gave us the look, the feel, the sound, the essence of the show. It’s better than it is not but as far as top to bottom awesome (or beginning to end) there are oo many rough spots for me to give it a rating as the best season

I'm proud to offer another article from another guest columnist!  This one I don't consider a stranger though.  Tigershire was the very first person to post comments on this site when I first started it back in October (back when I used a boring blue and white standard blog template thrown together in a day) and she's remained loyal ever since.  She was kind enough to let me post this here.  This can also be found on her blog site,  As I request with all other guest posts, please do not repost.  Link to this site or Tigershire's site.


The other day while wandering through some older posts a thought crossed my mind. And even though I’d like to think it was a significant lightening bolt type thought, the reality is, it was more like walking down the street and suddenly noticing there’s a 20 story building in a lot you pass every day and thought was still empty.

Anyhoo, the reason for this post. Rock, paper, scissors. Sam and Dean use this game to settle the question of who gets to do (or gets out of doing) certain things.

I’ve picked my four favorite sets, one for each season, and present them below. There’s not much more to this article than that, other than for you to give a quick perusal and then offer your suggestions. 

As we speak, the Supernatural Cast and Crew are back on the set (at least according to the BC Commission Filming Schedule), and to commemorate the occasion, a couple people affiliated with Support Supernatural were kind enough to let me share a part of their annual tradition.  Every year, they send postcards to the cast and crew in Burnaby welcoming them back.  I have two of them to share right here. 

First, this one is from Margaux.  From what I understand, this is from a photo op at Aslyum.  This is amazing!


#5 - The Seven Deadly Sins - "The Magnificent Seven"
Actually, only six of them sucked. Pride wasn't half bad. Sadly, he wasn't the ringleader and only got one moment in the spotlight while taunting Sam. Too bad too, because the idea of using Binsfeld's Classification of Demons was actually a good idea. Obviously, it only worked on paper.  Either that or every decent actor was on vacation during the casting call.
#4 - The Witches Coven - "Malleus Maleficarum"
When you're rooting to have these shallow women wasted, you know, those who were the supposed victims, they suck. Luckily we got our wish.
#3 - Crocatta - "Long Distance Call"
You know what's worse than a monologuing villain? A bad, over-the-top, not at all interesting villain who chews up way too much screen time (time that should have been better served with angsty Winchesters) and whose death was even uninspiring.  Another waste, since the mystery leading up to the Crocatta reveal was interesting.   

#2 - Lilith
I liked the idea of this famous demon as the new big bad, rising up after Azazel met his end. The mythology and her real menacing threat behind the scenes in breaking the seals was fascinating. However, they never got great actresses to play her. In person, she wasn't all the frightening.  The little girls were creepy, but not quite compelling enough. I would mark Katie Cassidy's portrayal the best, and that was marginal. For a such a major big bad, they could have done better. 
#1 - Bela Talbot (By a huge freaking lot)
I hate this bitch. I know that's the point, but there are people like Sylar on Heroes that you love to hate, and there's Bela, who you just want off your screen. She sucked the life out of every scene she was in and that was way too many. No chemistry with Sam, no chemistry with Dean, heck she and her cat didn't even evoke a bond. When she wasn't lifeless, she was just annoying. I blame it all in the writing, for I've seen Lauren Cohen in other things and she's a pretty decent actress. Bela is the reason why "Bad Day At Black Rock" never makes my classics list. She's the reason why I think the end of "Time Is On My Side" is the greatest ever (okay, maybe not, but close). No wonder season four was so great. 
Interesting how four of the five came from Season Three, huh? As the story lines got richer, so did the antagonists. In a few ways though, it backfired.