Um, okay…well.  That’s one way to kick off a season ending arc.  
I’m going to admit, my level of engagement in this season has been casual at best.  For me to try and chase down all the violations of continuity and character behavior that are being done to service stories that aren’t adding up would be too much of an exercise at this point.  It’s also completely futile.  It boils down to are you enjoying the story or not?  Put me in the “not” camp. 

So much to say about this episode – and it’s all good. “Beat the Devil” opened strong and carried the momentum to the final seconds, delivering strength, emotions and all the nitty, gritty in between. The telltale signs of nearing the finale – in particular that “Beat the Devil” primarily followed one storyline through the entire episode. Episode twenty in this season of worthwhile episodes wasn’t perfect, but it certainly hit all the right high notes.

The Morning After


Supernatural’s first installment in season 13’s triple threat finale, “Beat the Devil”, was an emotionally grueling hour that left fans physically and psychologically wrecked. The most intense scenes were so jarring, I suspect writer Robert Berens specifically designed the script to answer the question, “Is it possible to incapacitate an entire fandom at once?”  Some fans thought the shock effect was a cheap ploy to artificially induce sympathy with pointless drama. While there may be some truth to that, I don’t care. I loved every heart pounding, mouth gaping, muscle aching, body trembling moment of it!

Then:  We see Lucifer speaking of wanting back his son Jack and remaking the world in his image together.  We see Rowena's blackened corpse as well as some quick shots of Sam and Rowena tortured by Lucifer, followed by a quick reminder of Gabriel and how they are trying to get a team together to save Jack and Mary.


Everything we know about Supernatural season 13 episode 21.


What better way to celebrate Sammy than to *admire* some of the very best shots of him throughout the years! 

For those of you that really want to know more of the Trickster/Gabriel/Loki backstory in Supernatural; this episode is a good one. For me, though, I never wondered about Gabriel’s story of going from an angel to a being who is such a jokester. Now, I’m still not very interested in that story.