Wayward Sisters is about to air in less than a week, here's what people are saying.

Wayward Sisters is about to air in less than a week, here's what people are saying.

Here at The Winchester Family Business, we like to follow distinguished alum and their new endeavors.  We are pretty excited to see our long time friend Sera Gamble hit another milestone today, the third season premiere of her critically acclaimed show The Magicians.  

Welcome to the "Memorable Moments" series for Supernatural episode 13.02 "The Rising Son". Once again, I put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from this episode. The list varies from episode to episode depending on what transpired.  I hope you enjoy it and share what your picks would be!

Jensen Ackles and his wife Danneel Harris Ackles will be opening The Family Business Beer Company on Wednesday, January 10, 2018! 

Everyone once in a while, we like to check out other CW shows.  Primarily, the superhero shows.  Believe if or not, "Supernatural" isn't the only show on the network!  Nate and Alice especially watch "Arrow" (okay, maybe just Alice), "The Flash," "Supergirl," (okay, maybe just Nate) and "Legends of Tomorrow."  So what happens when we both catch up during the holiday with this year's four part series crossover, "Crisis on Earth X"?  Lots of opinions, that's what!  

Since a new year has just begun, I’m taking a trip down memory lane to review the premieres and the finales of Supernatural.  Which ones were the most memorable and flowed smoothly into the next season?  Let’s find out.


"All the seven deadly sins are man's true nature. To be greedy. To be hateful. To have lust. Of course, you have to control them, but if you're made to feel guilty for being human, then you're going to be trapped in a never-ending sin-and-repent cycle that you can't escape from.” ― Marilyn Manson

Here he comes. Last of the Princes of Hell. Asmodeus' character in Supernatural actually follows his real life mythology counterpart fairly well, as you will see later. That is why it was pretty easy to get an idea for this article, yet still it is little bit complex. Because he is the demon of lust, I chose that word as the theme for this article. It also connects the story to the seven deadly sins that are related to the same word as well. I collected a lot information about all three princes from real mythology and how they connect to the sins. I also found two videos that fit and they are pretty great. There is one extra video about Jack at the end of the article. It was too good to pass  up!