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“How am I then a villain?”: Crowley as Supernatural’s Shakespearean Antagonist (Part One of Four)

Part One: Seasons Five and Six

"Cannot be ill, cannot be good." - Macbeth, Act I, Scene 3

Villains and heroes share one important trait - they often act to build a better world, to right perceived wrongs, to bring justice to an unjust system. They diverge, many times, in motivation. Heroes tend to act from a place of common good, a common good that is shared by the audience, whereas the villain acts from a place of common good not shared by the audience. Good villains (and heroes) are not easy to create. There is always the danger of caricaturism, of creating one-dimensional personalities that speak words but are unconvincing in both action and motivation. Good villains are ambiguous - they require the audience to sympathize, perhaps even empathize, with their acts. One of the best writers of both heroes and villains was William Shakespeare, and this essay seeks to align some of Shakespeare’s most complicated villains with Supernatural’s most complicated villain, Crowley. I hope to delve into Crowley to show how he echoes a long line of valued antagonists, how he inherits and translates the villain for today’s genre audience.

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Supernatural: Erasing the Past, Present and Future

Editor's Note: Gail Z. Martin, a Supernatural fan and member of The WFB Family, recognized a very interesting theme ("thread" to those of you who follow my "Threads" review series) within the season 12 stories. As she considered her idea, a pattern for the entire Supernatural series emerged. Please join me in welcoming her and enjoy reading the persuasive case she presents for a strategy that has been used by every Winchester, Castiel and many of our favorite Supernatural characters! - Nightsky


I’m a big fan of Nightsky’s ‘Threads’ feature. As she and I were tweeting about the show, I brought up a ‘thread’ of my own that she hadn’t mentioned, so she invited me to write about it.

The theme is ‘erasure’, as in wiping something out completely - in some cases, as if it never existed. Erasure seems to be a big undercurrent in Season 12, although when I started to think about it, I see examples throughout the series. Whenever erasure happens or is attempted, it never goes well.

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Memorable Moments: Supernatural 12.08 "Lotus"

Welcome back to the "Memorable Moments" series for Supernatural season 12! Once again I have put together a photographic recap of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from the show. This week I'm featuring 12.08 "Lotus"! The "Best" categories vary from episode to episode depending on what has transpired.  I hope you enjoy this visual review of the Winchesters and friends! When you're finished, please share what your picks would be.  

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Threads! Supernatural 12.15 "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell"

The Morning After

I thoroughly enjoyed “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”. Happily, I was totally engrossed in the Sam and Dean portion of the story. The hellhound special effects, the mystery surrounding the hound’s target, then the intended victim’s claim to not have sold her soul all kept me intrigued. Dean and Crowley’s conversations and the Impala talks between Sam and Gwen were also layered with implications for their characters and the show so I was emotionally and intellectually engaged.

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