Granted it went out at 11:45 last night, but I did finally get my review out of "I Believe The Children Are Our Future" out on blogcritics.  I'm really proud of what I came up with this review, far more than "Fallen Idols."  I even wrote in under miraculous circumstances, in between the Chinese fire drills going on at work these days and the fact that Halloween is next week and the temporary insanity has already kicked in with my children.  So, enjoy it, and please tell me either there or here how full of crap I am.

Also, I'm thrilled to link to Mo Ryan's review in her The Watcher blog.  It seems this site got a very positive mention and a link to the Sam Fans vs. Dean Fans article.  I wrote that after the fighting broke out in her blog, so I really appreciate the mention.  Even though I've gotten many accolades and appreciate them all, this is the first time a member of mainstream media has recognized this site and my work as a blogger.  I'm truly honored.

Also, Sablegreen provided the link to Buddy TV and their speculation about season six.  While I agree wholeheartedly with the analysis, I was pretty vocal on this subject this summer and then put it to rest, but I'll give my two cents. 

Season six is a done deal.  The economics are too good, ratings decline or not.  This comes from my knowledge of the business.  If a show makes money (no matter what the network), it isn't going anywhere, especially if it is made by the studios of one of the network owners.  Now, it might not be unheard of that it ends up on Fridays with Smallville (which is likely also getting a tenth season) or in place of that show should it be determined to be too expensive to renew. 

The CW can finally claim that it has a hit on its hands in The Vampire Diaries.  It's big in demos and ratings, something a home grown CW show has never done before.  Their prior successes have all come from the old WB and UPN networks.  No matter what the hype, Gossip Girl is not a ratings hit. They have some bold new ideas in development that are more reminiscient of the old WB.  Teens are still king, but rich teen skank shows are not.  They know they have to phase out the old shows.  Smallville must go first and the one show in the biggest jeopardy right now believe it or not is America's Next Top Model.  It is not an in-house show and the contract with Tyra Banks' production company expires this year.  It's already getting very expensive and it's losing ratings.  If it's not cost effective, they will cut it loose.  One Tree Hill isn't getting any younger either and eventually the cast and crew will want to call it quits.  However, it still has some shelf life.  

So, given that and holes created by The Beautiful Life and the likely death of Melrose Place, there's still plenty of room for a solid performer like Supernatural in the lineup.  Especially since the only show that could possibly take the crowded competition of Thursdays at 9pm is The Vampire Diaries, and that would get clobbered by the shared demographic of Grey's Anatomy.  The show creatively is doing well too, which means plenty of International and DVD opportunties for Warner Brothers.

Of course I agree with John Kubicek, it's way too early to be talking season six.       

That's all for now! 
Okay, I had a silly moment today where I started putting this stuff down off the top of my head.  I do it all the time at work, it's called "Fun Facts Day," but I've never done a Supernatural one before.  Anyway, here's the results, in no particular order.  It isn't much, but Mondays are the best days for silliness. 

Supernatural Fun Facts
Eric Kripke figured out about the seventh episode into season one that the urban legends idea wasn't going to work for the rest of the series. Or the rest of the season. The chemistry between Jared and Jensen was too great, so the emphasis switched to the brothers. He also picked an Impala over his initial idea of a 65 Mustang because with an Impala, "You can put a body in the trunk." 
Ever wonder why Kripke Enterprises is Scrap Metal and Entertainment? Simple, the original Kripke Enterprises, based out of Toledo, Ohio (Eric's home town) is his dad's scrap metal business. When Eric got into TV production, the business expanded. That scrap metal arm of the business still exists today in  the second dirtiest city in Ohio, next to Youngstown. (I'm from this state, I'm allowed to kid!)
Sam and Dean both have died on May 2nd, Sam's birthday, which proves that Sam has had some pretty sucky birthdays. We won't even talk about what happens around Halloween. 

Sam has been known to take massive beatings. (Lifted straight from I love that!). 
Hmm, it smells like a Thursday...looks like a Thursday...acts like a Thursday, it must be Thursday!!  Oh, and it's one of those magical 22 Thursdays each year we are blessed with.  Yes, I'm talking about episode night.

So, after you see the episode in whatever time/space you're in, take a few minutes to share your reaction.  If you're like me, I'll be watching it more than once, so multiple reactions are allowed.  Heck, even one word comments like "great" work. 

Rules, no fighting, no disrespect, no wishing someone dead, and NO COMMENTS about Sam and Dean and their apologies thing.  If you're still having issues with that, please go to the Sam Fans vs. Dean Fans article. 

Okay, happy episode everyone.  See you later this evening!
Then: Sam and Dean fight. Dean calls Sam and they’re back together.

Now: Oh boy, this must be a "Monster of The Week" episode. We’re starting with two tools that have “about to die” written all over them. One very enthusiastic guy has something to show the other guy. He uncovers the sweet looking Porsche, but I don’t “ooh and ah” over it like these guys because I’m not a big foreign car enthusiast. I would have been more impressed with a classic American convertible. You know, James Dean might still be alive if he was driving a longhorn Cadillac. Think about it.

Anyway, it’s Little Bastard, or one damn good replica. The one guy is now a puddle of goo over it. The other guy admits he paid a lot for it, but the numbers match. He gets in the car and we so know he’s about to become toast. Bloody toast. The other guy fetches the video camera and while he does he hears and engine revving and squealing of tires. He goes back in with camera rolling and his friend is dead like James Dean, head smashed in high impact into the corner of the broken windshield. Blood rolls down the logo “Little Bastard,” which makes no sense to me since that’s the back of the car and the dude was bleeding all over the windshield. Hmm, I smell a title card coming.

Sam and Dean are in the Impala and this is where I have to mention I’m really pissed at my local affiliate. Yes WWHO channel 53 in Chillicothe, Ohio, I’m talking to you. For three weeks now, we’ve had nothing but problems with the HD feed with both The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. The Vampire Diaries has been so bad I’ve had to watch it online later because the sound is out for most of the episode. As for Supernatural, no HD, and this week an annoying “Flood Warning” that has obstructed my already squashed view of the Winchesters. No wonder these local stations are swimming in red ink. You’re encouraging us to go online for our viewing! Which I totally did BTW. Screencaps today are courtesy of Amazon Video on Demand and their incredible HD streaming. I highly recommend going this route for all your Supernatural episode needs. When ordering, make sure to click the Amazon advertisement on this site so I get credit for the sale. Proceeds go toward my lunch money.


Thoughts on "Fallen Idols"
Every television show has those episodes that viewers are able to watch without needing to know too much background information or analyzing for subterfuge and foreshadowing. Supernatural has a few of these episodes "“ they're the ones I turn to in first thing in the morning to put on in the background as I'm getting ready for work or tidying up before heading out the door. "Fallen Idols" wasn't an instant classic nor did it build the already epic myths of Supernatural, but all in all, it was light entertainment and it will probably see me out the door one day in the future.
First things first: Paris Hilton wasn't awful and actually, I kind of liked her. I was not one of the fans up in arms about the idea of having Ms. Hilton on the show; I thought the idea of Paris Hilton showing up to the apocalypse fitting, actually. Besides, if our boys have to get tossed around, it's always the most fun to watch when it's done by a tiny blonde in heels half their size. Hilton seemed to be a very good sport in making fun of herself and the meta-humour that Supernatural employs is always enjoyable.
I've decided not to submit my review to blogcritics this week.  It's a pretty light review (to go with a pretty light episode) and one that just didn't need to be shared on that forum.  So enjoy this rare exclusive review from me here!


In a long twenty two episode season, one or two are bound to be "throwaways", aka the episodes that are light on story yet still have a few key moments to keep fans engaged. I've felt cheated by such episodes in the past but I found myself strangely enjoying "Fallen Idols." It’s the Winchester brothers with the training wheels on and I didn't mind the reduced pace one bit. Maybe because Kripke and company managed to put my psyche through a shredder with the previous four episodes of the season. 
The whole episode meant to show the brothers coming to equal ground. There were all sorts of hints that went along with Sam pointing out to Dean that they need to be on the same level. Both have their own laptops now (so cool!). Sam gets to harass Dean at the end about being wailed on by Paris Hilton after Dean earlier makes an offhand comment about Sam’s worship of Gandhi. Sam drives them away in the Impala. 

In sorting through the feedback over last night's episode at other sites, the Sam vs. Dean fans have broken out in skirmishes again. Sure it has been building over the last few weeks, but this time it’s been fueled by a story showing how to work out differences.  Now, let me see if I've got this right:

-      Sam fans think Dean owes Sam an apology for blaming him for starting the apocalypse (which he essentially did last night).
-      Dean fans are offended that Dean "keeps" apologizing to Sam, for he doesn't deserve it after what he did. Sam owes him an apology for everything he put him through last season.
-      Sam fans are mad Sam keeps apologizing. They think he’s apologized enough.
-      Dean fans think Sam is being a whiny brat, especially with the whole "I'm to dangerous to hunt" and "let me grow up" stuff. 
-      Sam fans are mad that Dean was such a jerk last night and thinks so little of his brother.
-      Dean fans are mad that Dean only started treating Sam like an adult after he said something. Sam needs to earn it.
-      Sam fans say Dean is weak. Sam is a saint.
-      Dean fans say Sam is weak. Dean is a saint.
Enough! In honor of these little squabbles, the Batley Townswomen Guild, the visionaries that they are in gruesome historic fights, have decided to devote their annual battle reenactment this year to Supernatural. So here you go, the reenactment of the Battle of Sam fans vs. Dean fans. 
  Oh, I never get tired of that.  Since I've opened the door, here's my say on the matter. Because you knew I'd have one.

It's episode day!  Tonight, a nice light episode.  At least I hope so.  Anymore weepy scenes and I'm going to need a rubber room.  Considering the one scene I saw last night from a Space TV (Canada) preview, we should be laughing. 

Yes, its Paris Hilton.  Yes, she's overexposed and a horrible actress.  The point is though she's not to be taken seriously here.  She even agreed to the role because she loves the show and doesn't want to be taken seriously.  It's tongue and cheek fun, so lets not overanalyze her role in all this.  Enjoy, and share your reactions at the end.  Happy episode!
Yeah, it's been one of those weeks.  My son and I are taking our Taekwondo tests this week which involves some training time.  Yes, besides being a day late on the recap, I totally did not post all those review links I normally do each week.  Yep, I'm lame.

Speaking of which, I just handed out tonight my season one DVD set for loaning around my Taekwondo school.  All my sets are now circulating among students of the school.  Okay, female students.  Maybe a few men too, I have no idea.  I haven't seen season two and three in months!  I'm not complaining though, for Supernatural love among martial artists is not a bad thing.  It all started when word got out about this site, because I'll talk about my blogging, but not my actual IT career.  Go figure.  They checked it out and then started checking out the show.  Yes, I've turned a bunch of hormonally charged females who know how to kick butt into Supernatural fans.  Awesome.  

Anyway, links, right?  Here's my review on blogcritics:
Also, blogcritics has another reviewer now taking a stab at Supernatural episodes.  Check out what Sahar has to say:

Let's not forget bardicvoice.  As usual, something to think about:

You know of any reviews I'm missing?  Please share in the comments.  This show evokes all sorts of opinions!