I remember very well my reaction the last time we were in this situation in season nine, aka the other back door pilot for “Supernatural.”  After much promotion and anticipation, I sat through one excruciating hour of “Bloodlines,” stunned beyond belief that anyone thought that horrible drivel and total insult to any television viewer was actually being pitched as a possible series, let alone a “Supernatural” episode.  It was an utter piece of trash, easily one of the series worst episodes.  My faith was restored in humanity when CW President Mark Pedowitz passed on the series.  Thank Chuck, that man does have taste!  
This season, when it was announced that “Wayward Sisters” would finally get it’s shot, I didn’t think that was a bad idea.  It had a lot of merit.  In these times of #MeToo a story of female empowerment, fighting against monsters of evil is timely as well as very sorely needed.  Also, it would feature mostly strong female characters we have gotten to know through the years, much better than the random characters thrown at us for the first time in “Bloodlines.”  So, now that the episode has aired, did it work?  Well, it wasn’t as bad as “Bloodlines.”  That’s a very low bar though.  I didn’t hate it, but it in order for this concept to work, it needed to be much better.    

The Morning After

Each week my “Threads” review analyses myth arc and plot themes within Supernatural episodes. This will be a special edition of “Threads”, dedicated not to analyzing the continuing themes surrounding Sam and Dean’s storyline but rather to the new hunting team that arose from Sam and Dean’s legacy. This is the first edition of "Threads" for Supernatural’s potential spinoff series, Wayward Sisters.

“Supernatural” is back, but something is different.  You got it, it’s a very special back door Pilot episode!  There’s only been one of these before and…well…that didn’t go so good.  So, how did tonight’s story fare?  There's a lot to cover and discuss so let's get into it.  
Everything we know about Supernatural Season 13 episode 10 (and that's a lot).

What if Supernatural was the American Dr. Who?
That's not just idle speculation, that was the quote from one of the show runners back in 2014:
The CW midseason returns this week and it comes with the premiere of a new series, DC's "Black Lightning."  DC?  Another superhero show you say?  Yes, but this one doesn't exist in Arrowverse, despite being developed by the same Executive Producer Greg Berlanti.  It also features a popular African American hero from the comics, giving us a twist that has yet to be done in the superhero market that is big on TV right now.  Based on early buzz from the critics previews, this series stands pretty well on it's own.