What happens when two psychologists get together to analyze Supernatural, in all its complex, co-dependent, traumatizing glory? A new book is written on the subject, of course! In November of 2017, Supernatural Psychology: Roads Less Traveled was released by Sterling Publishing, the originator of the Popular Culture Psychology series of books. The book is the joint project of Dr. Travis Langely, the editor of at least eleven other popular culture psychology books, and Dr. Lynn Zubernis, co-author/editor of four books on Supernatural and a list of other books on psychology and fandoms.

I sat down with Travis and Lynn in July of 2017 to talk about what Supernatural fans should expect from Supernatural Psychology. The conversation that resulted was more a stream-of-consciousness discussion between three fans about the psychology of the show and its characters than a formal interview about a soon to be released book! I share with you the audio recording of our talk so you can hear our enthusiastic love of the show for yourselves, if you'll pardon the background noise (we met during San Diego Comic-Con and private rooms there are non-existent) and our frequently simultaneous remarks that take talking over each other to an art form! We've also transcribed the chat if you prefer reading to listening.

Boy, is the show on a good streak right now.

The Morning After

Cute. That’s the first word that comes to mind to describe Supernatural’s 14.6 episode “Optimism”. Of course, "cute" is how I usually describe Jack, especially when his whole face lights up with his infectious smile. Add in his adorably innocent understanding of courting, dating, love, relationships and “the sex”; a charming, sweet, young girl-next-store who makes “googily eyes” at him; and the 1950’s call back to simpler times in a small town, and “cute” is perfect word for Jack’s adventure into romance. On the flip side, I often see Charlie as cute too. She has an innocence that comes through even when she’s wielding a weapon or facing down a monster. Maybe it’s her disarming wit, or the twinkle that is always in her eyes. She has a goodness about her that can’t be eroded away.

THEN:  Lucifer steals Jack's grace.  Various scenes of Michael, Jack, Lucifer, and AU Charlie.  As the images end, we hear Dean in a voiceover:  "It's all on me -- it's my fault."

What we know about Supernatural season 14 episode 6!

Hello again!  It's finally time for the thrilling conclusion to my convention adventures.  To refresh your memories, during the first weekend of September I ventured into the strange and wonderful world of the FanX Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Part 1 of my report covers Thursday's guests and our excursion into the vendor's area. Part 2 talked about The Hillywood Show, Osric and the rest of Friday's guests. So now, let's do Saturday!

What is there to say about this episode...