Everything we know about Supernatural Season 13 Episode 20.

The Morning After

Depressed. That’s how Supernatural’s "Funeralia” made me feel. Really. I can’t shake it.

There were two concurrent plotlines in “Funeralia”. The first was Castiel’s story – Heaven, Naomi, 9 angels left in all of the universe and the brown outs of Heaven. This story was about hopelessness, giving up and death. It was also highly problematic in its canon content but let’s save that for later.

The other story line was Rowena’s – pain, power, family, friendship. While the basis of this story was a parent’s grief, it was the more beautiful of the two stories. It was based in raw emotion, seeking redemption for mistakes and finding compassionate support from friends who understand remorse from their own transgressions.

Everything ends.  After two weeks of scattershot plotting, blatant disregard for already established boundaries and canon, continuity once again tossed out the window for fan pandering and sensationalism, and not to mention stories that fail to capture any imagination or interest, the one promising takeaway I got out of all that was Naomi’s sad sentimental words, “Everything ends.”
I think this is the first video where I'm more pleased with the recap skit than the review.
 THEN:  Castiel is watching the night sky fill with falling stars, i.e. angels, Rowena, Dean with Billie as the new Death, then Gabriel killing Asmodeus and  choosing to leave instead of joining Team Free Will.


NOW:  It's a fancy art gallery in Portland, Oregon. Rowena, in a classy black gown, is enjoying a drink with her male companion when her phone rings.  It's Sam, Dean, and Cas calling from the bunker.  They need her to help rescue their family and confront the archangel Michael.  Rowena stays flirty and friendly but isn't interested in helping.  She calls them her beautiful Musketeers and hangs up, then approaches a society lady, gushes about meeting her, but then quietly references a newspaper article.  This bothers the woman, but Rowena sweeps away after leaving her purse for the woman to hold.  She dances a dramatic tango with her large companion; then, during one dramatic dip, her eyes glow purple and her hand shoots out.  The woman bursts into flame and burns alive.

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