Catching Up With Current and Former BTS Personnel
Marvel is going all out with the final issue of Robbie's Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme. This Sorcerers Supreme exclusive goes widescreen for the book’s grand finale
Robbie's work on the Marvel Legacy Primers is being previewed. Exclusive: X-Men Gold, Venom, And More Marvel Legacy Primers Revealed.
 Robbie is also helping celebrate Jack Kirby
Robbie Thompson was interviewed about how Jack Kirby's artwork affected and inspired him.
The Camera Division had a brief interview with Jenny Klein on her film The Last Meal.
 We can now see former producer in charge of post production, Todd Aronauer's, pilot Poor Todd.

POOR TODD from Todd Aronauer on Vimeo.

 Show Tidbits
Supernatural was included in Hidden Remote's 101 Television Shows to Watch Before You Die.
 Great news for fans in Mexico!
An adlib by Jensen Ackles made Den of Geek's list of 14 Memorable Improvised Moments on Scripted TV.
 Conventions, Cast Appearances and Fandom
 Fans in London will be able to get together to celebrate Supernatural.
We are proud to announce LAZARUS LONDON, our second event following on from the highly successful LAZARUS MANCHESTER, where fans can gather together for a day filled with fun supernatural... ly themed activities, including karaoke, pop quizzes, cosplay and tabletop games, exclusive gifts, competitions, and more!