Best Location For An Episode
Columbus, Ohio!  Why?  I live there.  Nuff said.  In your face Cincinnati!
SPN 0004
Fine, "The One You Were Waiting For" was a weak story and technically the action moved to more pathetic Toledo by mid-episode.  The more troubling part was even the shadiest parts of Vancouver are nicer than Toledo, so the whole setting lost it’s realism for me.  
The real choice is...  
SPN 0496
"Rock Never Dies"
Los Angeles, aka the City of Angels, which is definitely ironic since we sure saw a lot of demons, didn't we?   The setting was a key part of the whole plot, selling Lucifer’s twisted reality that you just need to be a rock star to be a God.  Where else could he have gotten away with what he did?  Bravo to Robert Berens for using the episode to take a pot shot at the shallow nature of the entertainment business, not to mention giving Crowley a setting that made him right at home.  It reminded me why I dislike LA so much.  
Best MOTW of Supernatural Season 12
12.12 0552 YED  
Once upon a time, demons were quite menancing on this show.  You really feared them and their treachery.  One that really stood out was the yellow eyed demon, a higher up in the ranks.  Dean killed Yellow Eyes in spectacular fashion at the end of season two and the demons kept getting more evil and scary...until season six.  Crowley took charge and somehow the creative direction decided that demons were superficial and stupid not to mention extremely disposal with their slimey ambition to climb the corporate ladder of Hell.  One of the worst creative decisions ever on this show. 
So, when Ramiel was introduced, a yellow-eyed demon in exile, I wondered instantly how they could explain this.  We haven't seen his kind since season two!  Turns out writer Davy Perez did his homework and found his golden opportunity.  The yellow eyed demons were all Princes of Hell!  There was more than one!  There are now only three left, Ramiel being one of him.  
I'll tell ya, he did his kind proud.  He was harmless when left alone but once he got mad, he took on his foes with that same unnerving smile as the first yellow eyes, the one that pretty much told you he was going to rip the limbs from everyone's sockets.  He was unstoppable, until Sam killed him with his own weapon.  Too bad, I think he would have been great if he had more of a stint.  Awesome job by Jerry Trimble Jr.  
Worst MOTW of Supernatural Season 12
The British Men of Letters
SPN 1630
I could sit here and dictate how ill conceived the whole idea the British Men of Letters was in one very long essay (and I'm sure I will someday) but I'll tell you why I especially hated that they were the villains.  They were human.  This show has gone there with human villains before but for these guys to dominate so many episodes and so much air time without us truly learning what made them tick and why they were going for world domination (because it's the British thing to do?), I just didn't get why they even existed and by the end I didn't care.  Why did they have to be part of the Men of Letters?  None of it added up and honestly, I hope I never find out.  Enough time has been wasted on them.
Dishonorable Mention
12.19 540 dagon 
Considering Ramiel was so damn good, how did Dagon turn into a weak scenery chewer?  She even got more episodes than him!  So not fair.  She had the potential to be so menancing, like Abaddon's first cousin or something like that.  No such luck. She monologued too much and terrorized a pregnant woman with terrible dialogue.  I guess she got what she deserved in the end, but by that time her end was so damn predictable I just couldn't get into it.  
Best Skin Crawling Moment
SPN 0032  
You know, that kind of blows all kinds of continuity.  How many times have we seen Lucifer in various forms and never once has a cross turned upside dow or a bible catch into flames?  Given how creepy the scene and the whole visual was, I’ll just go with “They should have thought of it sooner.”  It was pretty wicked.  
Honorable Mention
SPN 1538 
"The Memory Remains" 
Dean keeping trapped in the red light freezer with the goat headed cannibal God lurking nearby?  I wouldn't have given it a second thought if it didn't happen earlier to another guy, screaming while no one heard him on the other side, including Sam and Dean.  It freaked me out a bit.  Given the creepiness of the setting (awesome job set designers!) I actually had a pit in my stomach and was worried for the boy!  

Most Humiliating Moment


SPN 0898 


“The British Invasion”

Poor Crowley. How in the world was such a great character, not to mention a great actor like Mark Shepherd, forced to spew this garbage?  

"My loyal...ish subjects, these troubled times, I'm aware there might be some confusion as to where you're supposed to place your loyalty. Even with Lucifer back in the Cage, there are those of you who would try to help him... because he scares you or engorges you. Just the chance that Lucifer could come back, the rumor, would've been enough to keep some of you working against me, undermining me, being a royal pain in my... pert, royal ass. But lo, the beast has been humbled. From his own lips, you will hear proclaimed of the one, true leader of all Hell. See... I didn't just beat the Devil. I tamed him."


Most Gruesome Injury


12.01 332 Sam screaming


“Keep Calm and Carry On”

Duh, this one was kind of obvious. I feel like the injury was cheapened in the end by an off camera angel healing, but blowtorch to the bare foot beats everything (except wood chipper). Too bad it all happened for no good reason whatsoever.  (Actual act of burning foot not shown due to the graphic nature.  Google seriously has a problem with that!)