Most Outrageous Dean Winchester Line/Moment
SPN 0389 
"Ladies Drink Free"
There’s always a crop of good Dean Winchester lines each season.  But, this year’s winner is both a line and a moment, one that sets up something that we all have been DYING to see for years...only to be cruelly robbed.  Ah well, at least it happened, even if it was off camera.  Sam and Dean while on a case finally stay at a nice hotel, courtesy of the British Men of Letters.   I present to you, this precious piece of dialogue.  
SPN 0392
Dean:  Man. Those pillows, right?  The little chocolates that they put on? I mean, I'm ruined, Sam.  Those limey sons of bitches ruined me. I even took a swim this morning.
Sam: You brought a swimsuit?
Dean:  No.
Sam:  Ugh.
SPN 0393
It may be “UGH” to you Sam, but to me, I'm kicking the couch over how unfair missing that scene was.  I'm also cackling over the visual.  I’m sure someone filled in the gap with fan fiction.  
Best Teaser of Supernatural Season 12
"Stuck in the Middle (With You)"
This is easily one of the stand out episodes of the season, one that is unique enough where it will be remembered for the ages.  When an episode kicks off with a brilliant and dead-on homage to Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs" with fast paced dialogue so outrageous that it eventually leads to our wayward angel sniffing the waitress to see if she really does smell like food, not to mention the camera deftly moving 360 degrees around the table to catch what everyone is doing (a lot), then jumps into the future showing Mary helping a badly wounded Castiel, well, let's just say it's an attention getter.  You definitely want to know what happens next.  Turns out quite a bit.    
SPN 0153
Worst Teaser of Supernatural Season 12
12.02 0012 Bed 
“Mamma Mia”  
12.17 0055 test 
“The British Invasion”
Both episodes and their teasers have one thing in common, completely asinine plots that not only tell you how bad the episode will be, but it makes you wonder how the same set of writers could get away with openings this horrible.
"Mamma Mia" is particularly troubling because it shows Sam and Toni in bed after Sam is shown upset and defeated in his basement dungeon the episode before.   Turns out, Toni roofied Sam for information.  Not only was that plot twist not clever or interesting, it was outright offensive and insensitive to real victims of sexual assault.  For those that think that observation is a little over the top, one cannot deny it was at the very least in poor taste.  
"The British Invasion" kicks off with a Harry Potter ripoff school called Kendricks, and two young boys (one being the young Mick Davies) being terrorized by a headmistress that looks like Dolores Umbridge.  Honestly, I should have turned off the episode right there.  This atrocious backstory still didn't explain why the British Men of Letters were how they were or what drove them there.  Nope, all that happened was a very poor imitation where the students inexplicably kill one another because they were told to.  Don't parents notice when their kids go missing?  I wonder why my intelligence was so brutally assaulted.  
Dishonorable Mention
12.21 0022 
"There's Something About Mary"
This was also a serious contender, but the way Eileen's ridiculous demise was shot wasn't half bad.  Sure it made me mad as hell, but it wasn't as campy as these other two selections.  Still it deserves a mention though because once again it served no purpose to the overall plot.  It was a poor setup just to give Sam and Dean some forced emotional material and the result instead was pure fan outrage.