Happy 13th year of the Winchesters and all the weird, chaotic, dramatic - often emotionally overwhelming adventures that we have had together! As we go forward into what undoubtedly promises to be new and as yet unexplored territory with Sam and Dean - alternate worlds and what-if universes - I thought it would be fun to look back at just how far we've come over these 13 years. 

To truly appreciate the long and winding road our brothers and Baby have travelled, I'm excited to introduce you to my new article series, "The Boys are Back in Town"! Each piece in this series will peer into the past at where we were during corresponding episodes of each season of Supernatural , so episode 1 of every season, episode 2 of every season, etc.: what hunt, what state, what discovery the boys made oh so many moons ago. Some things were so shocking once upon a time, weren't they?

Without further ado, let's get started with episode 1 and look at the what, where and who of each season opener over the last 12 (!) years...

Speak of the devil; Jack reunites with the Winchesters in this quite serviceable Supernatural episode.  Lacking in some ways, but great in others…let’s review, shall we?

And that folks, is how we do a mid-season finale Supernatural style! Drama, visual effects, emotional impact and some serious new-level, edge of the cliff moments at the end that left this viewer breathless and excited.

The Morning After

Supernatural’s season 13 mid-season finale, “The Bad Place”, was nothing less than mind-blowing, on multiple levels. First and foremost, the episode was intense. It wove together several stories, each focusing on a unique, well-written character who faced a crossroad in their life. Each person’s anguish at having to make difficult choices in crisis situations filled the hour with deep emotion – emotion that was transferred very effectively to the audience through fabulous acting and heart-pounding music. Season 13’s character creation has been truly impressive.

This episode titled “The Bad Place” begins with two people making out in an art studio. There’s a knock on the door and Jack is there. Apparently Disaster Artist is a dreamwalker. Come on, he so looks like Disaster Artist James Franco. Anyway, Jack is like yo, you walk in dream, here’s some money and hack the other world for me, okay? Franco is a poor artist so he’s like sure, man. Then there’s like some ritual that includes a really small hot tub. Franco enters the other world and wants back out but Jack hitches a mind ride and then appears to electrocute poor Franco with his devil juice.

We're heading into the mid-season finale for Supernatural. Here's what we know.

Alright, I’m so happy to report that Supernatural has done it again.  Whatever those special qualities are that makes our show such a wonderful trip; they’re all here.  We have a gem of an episode that’s definitely delightful.

Things aren’t what they appear and trust is a tricky game: such were the lessons in this week’s episode of Supernatural. A reasonably well delivered episode, “The Scorpion and the Frog” had highs and lows and was certainly nothing quite like I expected going in.