It's New Years, and as we face another year of intense Winchester drama, action and strife, I found it appropriate to take a bit of time to remember the year gone by.  Here's my look at the top ten moments from 2015, aka the second part of season ten and the first part of season eleven, ranked from ten to one.   

10.  Sam’s Renewed Faith - “Form and Void”

s11e02 309

It’s a refreshing sight to see, and a side of Sam we haven’t seen since around season two.  Sam has a history of faith and getting disappointed by that faith time and time again.  I think dying, going to Heaven, and being told that God doesn’t think the destruction of the Earth is his problem was probably the deal breaker.  

Here is Sam though at his darkest hour, dying and being told for by a reaper flat out that there is no more chances of EVER coming back from death.  So what does he do?  He prays.  That triggers the visions that haunt him through the entire first half of the season.  Somehow, he also pulls it together in time to save his life, but we all expected he’d do that.