Wheee, episode two! To quote Dean from this episode, the hits just keep on coming. More angst for Winchesters, more end of the world saga, more fans left curled up in a ball at the end trying to recover from all the drama and distress. In other words, another classic.

It all begins with another musical montage, but instead of the seriously awesome "Lonely Is The Night" we got in "Are You There God It's Me Dean Winchester," we get a pretty lame "Long Long Way From Home" from Foreigner. Okay, really lame. The song really worked in "After School Special" but not as a prologue for the end of days. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I'll just end with that and move on.

One thing I do like is when the "Now" segment gets right to the Winchester saga and doesn't try to tease with the monster of the week. It starts with Bobby in a wheelchair, somberly looking out the window, while Sam stands in the doorway with concern. Oh, did I mention Phil Sgriccia is directing this? This means we're gonna get some pretty unique shots, like Bobby looking sad in the foreground while Sam watches in the background. Not unique for this show, but it's still really awesome in terms of emotional impact.

SPN 0004

Dean arrives and mentions it's been three days now for Bobby. "We need to cheer him up. Maybe I'll give him a backrub." Sam isn't laughing because it's sinking in for him that Bobby might not bounce back this time. Dean looks at Sam with an "are you sure?" and Sam's return glare confirms it. Dean sadly accepts. These guys have gotten so good at nonverbal communication what they do is often better than words. I'll be transcribing a lot of non-verbal exchanges in this one. Sam changes the subject by asking what Dean's got in the large yellow envelope he's holding. It seems Dean went to radiology and got himself a chest x-ray. "Needless to say, the doctors are baffled." Sam pulls out the picture and whoa! That's more than just some little sigil. That's apocryphal graffiti on every single inch. "Holy crap!" Sam exclaims as he examines the x-ray with eyes bulging out of his head. "Yeah, well Cas carved you one too," Dean mentions just for those two or three people that didn't catch on that Castiel did that to both of them last week.

SPN 0026
Sam gets a call. It's Castiel. Sam tells him where they are and the next shot has Castiel walking towards them. "Cell phone, really?" Dean asks. "Since when do you need to reach out and touch someone?" While that's a clever line Dean, I think you know why. Castiel will point it out anyway. They're hidden from all angels, including him. "Enough foreplay," Bobby says interrupting. "Get over here and lay your damn hands on."

The shot goes to Sam, Castiel, and Dean looking at Bobby with concern. Of course this is the part where I start giggling profusely because this is the scene Misha told us about at Comic Con. The scene where he has to walk in between Sam and Dean to go to talk Bobby and Jared kept grabbing his ass and tripping him out of camera view to get him to screw up. Okay, back to the serious stuff. Oh, hold on... I hope that makes the gag reel.

Anyway, Castiel can't heal Bobby. He's cut off from Heaven and some things he can do, some things he can't. Bobby is not taking this news well. "You're telling me you lost your mojo just in time to get me stuck in this trap for the rest of my life?" Castiel says he's sorry, Bobby tells him to shove it up his ass. Uh, Bobby, he could get that power back someday. Don't burn bridges.

Dean lightens the mood. "Well at least he's talking now." "I heard that!" Bobby shouts back. Well good, he's not deaf. Castiel gets things moving, since he doesn't have much time. Dean's plan to kill Lucifer, it's foolish. It won't work. He thinks he has the solution. There is someone strong enough to fight Lucifer other than Michael. Sam asks who. Oh come on Sam, even I know the answer by now. The one resurrected him and put Sam and Dean on that airplane. G-o-d. Ring a bell? Castiel is going to find God. Well, I suppose he does have better connections, but still…hefty order. I smell a George Burns joke coming in the future.

Title sequence. Good teaser!

Back to the room where they've all gone in and Dean has closed the door. Yeah, this might be better served as a private conversation, even though everything leading prior has been for all ears. Castiel theorizes that since God isn't in Heaven, he must be somewhere. Dean thinks the plan is harebrained and we know so because he breaks out a joke. "Try New Mexico, I hear he's on a tortilla." Castiel looks puzzled by the advice. "No, he's not on any flatbread." Oh, I hope Castiel isn't too humanized. I absolutely love those reactions that only an angel that doesn't get humanity can do. Then Dean calls him "Chuckles". That must be Dean's code word for "no sense of humor." I love it when he uses that.

Dean gets to his point though, and it's not pretty. "Even if there is a God, he's either dead, and that's the generous theory, or he's up and kicking and doesn't give a rat ass about any of us." Castiel looks mad. Dean goes on ranting like he normally does. They're at the end of days there and God is probably somewhere drinking booze out of a coconut. Now Castiel has had enough, and even tells Dean "enough." This isn't a theological issue, it's strategic. Dean calls it a pipe dream, and good thing for him Castiel doesn't send him zooming into the wall. Instead, he says something better! He gets into Dean's face and flashes those commanding angel eyes of his. "I killed two angels this week, my brothers. I'm hunted, I rebelled, and I did all of it for you. And you failed. You and your brother destroyed the world and I lost everything for nothing. So keep your opinions to yourself." Whoo! I absolutely love the cadence of that last line. He's an angel on the edge!


Dean takes this all in with some guilt, so Bobby keeps the conversation moving asking if he came there for something. Yes, an amulet. A very rare and powerful amulet. It burns hot in God's presence. Bobby doesn't have one and come on, everyone watching already knows which one he wants. After all, the boards for four years have been harping on Kripke and company to explain the significance of Dean's amulet. This is long overdue and has been sitting on the writers white board for some time.

Castiel turns to Dean with those oh so special angel eyes, and Dean's shocked to find it's his amulet. Castiel even asks nicely, "May I borrow it?" Dean's quick reaction is predictable, no. So, Castiel stops being polite. "Dean, give it to me." Dean looks horrified like he's about to give up his best friend, which essentially he is since it's one of his two greatest possessions, but one more long look at the seriousness of Castiel's face and he agrees. He takes it off his neck, gazes at it in the palm of his hand, and before handing it to Cas instructs, "don't lose it." Castiel takes it from him and Dean is not happy. "Well great, now I feel naked." Hmm, Dean naked. That vision in my mind is so powerful I don't even notice Castiel flying away. I snap out of it during Bobby's parting words. "When you find God, tell him to send legs!"

Next scene is Rufus Turner, yes Rufus Turner from season three's "Time Is On My Side," with an automatic weapon firing against someone. He helps a wounded teenager while they duck behind a car and then calls Bobby. They're in River Pass, Colorado. Bobby tries to get more info, but the sound of guns going off is a good enough message for him. The phone cuts dead. Next scene is the Impala showing up in River Pass, and I'm sorry, there's no quick way to get from anywhere in Ohio to Colorado by car. They could have been there in 24 hours if they drove straight. The time lapses in this show!