Dany's Dean birthday list and her follow-up Sam list were so fun, I asked her if I could do a Castiel one to go along because he may a nerd angel, but Castiel is also the hottest angel in the garrison. Ask anyone. Plus, there seems to be a lack of Castiel articles and things in the archives, and it's my new goal to help remedy that! (Yes, I might have developed a bit of a Thing for Castiel. Why do you ask?)

Oh, yes, and be careful not to drool all over your computer because water and electronics do not mix! All right, without further ado, my Top 10 Flavors of Castiel.
Honorable mention: Protective Castiel

vlcsnap 00315

Cass+holy-oil Molotov+ASSBUTT!= win. I love it when he gets protective over Sam and Dean because though they often take him for granted, Cass has their backs no matter what. Also, assbutt? Oh, he's trying so hard but just doesn't get it!
10. Sneaky Castiel

vlcsnap 00148

I love it when Cass tries to be sneaky, even though he just is not smooth at all. The point is that he tries, and it's adorable.
9. Happy Eating Castiel

Castiel almost never smiles, and he NEVER eats, so both of them happening at the same time is fantastic. I don't even care that it's Famine's fault. More of happy eating Cass, please.


#21 Zephra85 2011-03-07 20:15
Drunk Castiel was a winner for me, with his weakness against cell phones being a close second.
#22 Cathia 2011-03-10 06:21
Definitely the bad-ass Castiel!

remeber the scene when he was probing Sammy for his soul? His one move - removing his belt and putting it into Sam's mouth! C'mon, gals - how many had such distressed thoughts like I did?

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