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EW Ultimate Guide to Supernatural

Family Don't End With Blood

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Alice Jester


Alice Jester is the founder, editor-in-chief, head writer, programmer, web designer, site administrator, marketer, and moderator for The Winchester Family Business.  She is a twenty-two year IT applications and database expert with a penchant for creative and freelance writing in her spare (ha!!) time.  That's on top of being a wife, mother of two active kids, and three loving (aka needy) pets. 

She fell into this completely by accident.  While thumbing through the channels one Thursday evening in September 2007, she came across the final minutes of this show she never heard of on a network she never heard of.  The sight of two gorgeous guys, a heart breaking dramatic moment, and a bitchin' classic car compelled her to find out more about this show.  After spending a few months catching up on seasons 1, 2, and part of 3 through DVDs and iTunes, Alice wrote an article in homage to her new favorite show.  "Supernatural: How A Show Manages To Succeed Despite Its Network" was a big hit and it got Alice a regular feature on writing about her favorite show every week.

As grateful as Alice is to Blogcritics, there were limitiations to what could be done there and Alice got grander visions for more.  She wanted to do articles that didn't have word limits, featured screencaps and video clips, and captured topics that otherwise would be lost on blogcritics' massive content.  The idea for the discussion based fan site was born.  We do more than report Supernatural news and fan activities.  We pride ourselves on our daily content of analysis, reviews, games, slideshows, and just plain crazy fun. 

Alice is also the founder, editor-in-chief, head writer, etc. for our sister site, TV For The Rest of Us.  It's a great place to explore her love of other shows, as well as a great place to maintain Alice's vast interview archive.  

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