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mallenaMallena, otherwise known as Michelle, (she responds to either) is a life-long television addict, reader, and science fiction/fantasy nerd.  Imagine her surprise when she found out, in her 50’s, that she was also a writer.  Who knew?  One day she decided to watch a long-put-off show called Supernatural on Netflix.  Her life was never the same.  Commenting about SPN on the WFB is lots of fun and she made some great friends here, but the cherry on top is getting to join the staff and write reviews.


Mallena lives in Northern Utah with her husband and three adult children.  An empty nest is never going to happen, though, because her autistic daughter will always live at home.  One day, her other daughter and her son will finish college, get married, and move out of the house…hopefully.  Mallena also enjoys making jewelry, working in her rock garden, and crocheting.  She’s also pretty handy with a glue gun and shiny metallic sharpies.  She can type pretty fast, but didn’t really enjoy secretarial work, so she instead had a variety of odd jobs and later, became a stay-at-home cook, cleaner, shopper, hobbyist, and writer.


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