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EW Ultimate Guide to Supernatural

Family Don't End With Blood

Featuring a chapter from Nightsky!

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WednesdayOkie Dokie. All about me.

Descriptors:SPN Fan/ Meta; Writer; Feminist; Flm. St.

Favorite Episodes:So many. Tough Question.

1.15 “The Benders” John Shiban ~Nothing’s scarier than real.
3.11 “Mystery Spot” Jeremy Carver/Emily McLaughlin ~Funnier every time, even if Sam ends up in a “Season 10 dark place.”
4.01 “Lazarus Rising” Eric Kripke ~Brilliant plotting. Although we can’t see Cas he’s there trying to give Dean everything he wants.
4.16 “On the Head of a Pin” Ben Edlund ~Dark. The end tears me up.
9.03 “I'm No Angel” B. Buckner & Eugenie RossLeming ~The human condition.

Least Favorite Episodes:

8.04 “Bitten” 9.04 “Slumber Party” Robbie Thompson ~Both revisited in Season 10. Arrgh!

Character You Most Resemble:Somewhere between Sam and Rowena. Metatron?

Favorite Character:Baby! (You can't split J2)

Biggest Show Criticisms:1) The Network/Producers need to double SPN’s budget.  SPN earned and deserves it.
2) More women, especially directors and writers.

A Question no one ever asks you:“Can you tell us what you really think, Wednesday?”

A Question everyone asks you:“Are you really a witch?” I haven’t boiled any cats alive, but I certainly understand the temptation.

What’s in it for your readers?:I don’t ask rhetorical questions. I want answers. I hate missing apuzzle piece. Sometimes, I really need the
readers to give input to solve it. 10 viewers see it 10 different ways. What’s yours?

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