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EW Ultimate Guide to Supernatural

Family Don't End With Blood

Featuring a chapter from Nightsky!

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Lilah avatarOne Finnish recruit reporting for duty! Lilah saw few episodes of "Supernatural" here and there and remembers them making an impact but because of many reasons she couldn't start to watch at that point of her life. Years went by and life situations changed a lot during that time. She was unemployed a long time until she got a job as a graphic designer.  "Supernatural" was the push to make her learn new things and get back to writing that she loves and designing things in her free time. Her husband's brother tried to push them to watch "Supernatural" and they finally did. And she can say that without Netflix it would have been pretty hard. 

Lilah loves movies and TV shows and as genres she enjoys mostly, fantasy, Science fiction, action and horror. She can safely say that nowadays she does "All things Supernatural" and learns new things every day because of it. 

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