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EW Ultimate Guide to Supernatural

Family Don't End With Blood

Featuring a chapter from Nightsky!

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japanese gardenPercysowner is Associate Administrator for the Winchester Family Business and currently in charge of "Supernatural" News and Spoilers articles.  She also handles the episode previews.

Percysowner originally didn't watch "Supernatural" because horror wasn't her thing. She kept hearing how wonderful it was and decided to give season two a shot. She had just signed up for Netflix (3 discs at one time) and season one of "Supernatural" was released in time for her to get the discs, binge watch and be ready for season 2. The rest was history. She's been watching it ever since.

She started writing for Winchester Family Business when she began to become disillusioned by the show. She figured doing something to contribute to fandom would help her care about the show more than complaining.

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