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Nightsky's New Book!

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altNightsky is the Managing Editor, Social Media Manager (Twitter and Facebook), Live Tweet Moderator, reviewer and feature writer for The Winchester Family Business!

After receiving an Engineering Degree from Purdue University, Nightsky began her career as a consultant for a global management consulting firm. She later transitioned to directing human resource, program management, marketing and research organizations, which she found to be her true calling. She loved working with fabulously talented people all over the world, but after 22 years of long hours, high pressure and rigorous demands, she quit corporate life to raise her two children. That was in 2001. Fast forward to early 2012, when surfing through channels one morning she found reruns of a show about two brothers who drive around America fighting evil. On that day, her life changed in ways she could never have imagined.

Nightsky thinks the whole experience of belonging to ANY fandom is a completely mind-blowing adventure! Having survived in male-dominated fields her whole life, Nightsky has been amazed and thrilled to find people who freely express their inner selves, squeeing over bromance, good vs. evil showdowns, everyday people being heroes and *ahem* two rather good looking guys. After attending her first Supernatural convention, she was driven to share her experience through a two-part essay that the WFB was brave enough to post, and her second life calling, that of being a writer, began.

Nightsky has always been fascinated with words, and how the exact word can convey a richness of thought and emotion. She is currently producing a book on Twilight, which is scheduled to be published late 2016. Twihards and Twilight Moms are encouraged to email Nightsky to get connected to updates on this project!

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