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EW Ultimate Guide to Supernatural

Family Don't End With Blood

Featuring a chapter from Nightsky!

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altIn real life, Bardicvoice is Mary Dominiak, a 50-something voice artist recording audiobooks at her home in Northern Virginia when she isn't touring the USA with a restored WWII B-17 bomber. She's an occasional fiction writer, a former career Federal civil servant, and a non-practicing lawyer. As if that wasn't enough, she's also a television production junkie fascinated by the entire process of how stories are taken from concept to script to screen. Mary watched Supernatural from the beginning, but stupidly didn't fall head-over-heels for it until seeing Faith made her realize she'd just been viewing the surface, missing the true depth of character beneath. She started blogging the show at the beginning of season two, first on the TV Guide website (back when it had a community feature, now gone) and then on LiveJournal and the fan website, writing in-depth episode reviews. In November 2006, she started posting meta under the umbrella title of Supernatural University, featuring analytical articles exploring topics in psychology, philosophy, theology, law, and myth as they relate to the show. When Alice asked if she'd like to do occasional reviews and open a new Supernatural University campus on Winchester Family Business, she jumped at the chance! 

For Bardicvoice's pre-WFB archives and fanfic, go to Bardic's Descant:

Bardicvoice's Articles 

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