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EW Ultimate Guide to Supernatural

Family Don't End With Blood

Featuring a chapter from Nightsky!

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Alice Jester


Alice Jester is the founder, editor-in-chief, head writer, programmer, web designer, site administrator, marketer, and moderator for The Winchester Family Business.  She is a twenty-two year IT applications and database expert with a penchant for creative and freelance writing in her spare (ha!!) time.  That's on top of being a wife, mother of two active kids, and three loving (aka needy) pets. 

She fell into this completely by accident.  While thumbing through the channels one Thursday evening in September 2007, she came across the final minutes of this show she never heard of on a network she never heard of.  The sight of two gorgeous guys, a heart breaking dramatic moment, and a bitchin' classic car compelled her to find out more about this show.  After spending a few months catching up on seasons 1, 2, and part of 3 through DVDs and iTunes, Alice wrote an article in homage to her new favorite show.  "Supernatural: How A Show Manages To Succeed Despite Its Network" was a big hit and it got Alice a regular feature on writing about her favorite show every week.

As grateful as Alice is to Blogcritics, there were limitiations to what could be done there and Alice got grander visions for more.  She wanted to do articles that didn't have word limits, featured screencaps and video clips, and captured topics that otherwise would be lost on blogcritics' massive content.  The idea for the discussion based fan site was born.  We do more than report Supernatural news and fan activities.  We pride ourselves on our daily content of analysis, reviews, games, slideshows, and just plain crazy fun. 

Alice is also the founder, editor-in-chief, head writer, etc. for our sister site, TV For The Rest of Us.  It's a great place to explore her love of other shows, as well as a great place to maintain Alice's vast interview archive.  

 Alice's Articles



  • Hi! I'm Nightsky! I'm the Managing Editor, Social Media Manager (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), Live Tweet Moderator, reviewer and feature writer for The Winchester Family Business! I am also a member of TV Fanatic's weekly roundtable review of Supernatural.

    Before joining the Supernatural Family, I worked for 22 years at a global consulting firm, first as a management consultant, then later as the director of human resource, program management, marketing and global research teams. I loved working with fabulously talented people all over the world, but after years of long hours, high pressure and rigorous demands, I quit corporate life to raise my children. That was in 2001. Fast forward to early 2012, when surfing through channels one morning I found reruns of a show about two brothers who drive around America fighting evil. On that day, my life changed in ways I could never have imagined.

    I think the whole experience of belonging to ANY fandom is a completely mind-blowing adventure! Having worked in male-dominated fields my whole life, I was thrilled to find people who freely express their inner selves and squee over bromance, good vs. evil showdowns, everyday people being heroes and two *rather good looking* guys! After my first Supernatural convention, I was driven to share my shock and awe in a two-part essay that The WFB was brave enough to post, and my second life calling, that of being a writer, began. My first published book, Fan Phenomena: The Twilight Saga was released in late 2016. Please share in my cross-fandom excitement by following its Facebook page @FanPhenomenaTwilight and my personal Twitter account @LSAngel2.  You can read about this whole miraculous transition in my chapter in Family Don't End With Blood, published in May 2017. 


japanese gardenPercysowner is Associate Administrator for the Winchester Family Business and currently in charge of "Supernatural" News and Spoilers articles.  She also handles the episode previews.

Percysowner originally didn't watch "Supernatural" because horror wasn't her thing. She kept hearing how wonderful it was and decided to give season two a shot. She had just signed up for Netflix (3 discs at one time) and season one of "Supernatural" was released in time for her to get the discs, binge watch and be ready for season 2. The rest was history. She's been watching it ever since.

She started writing for Winchester Family Business when she began to become disillusioned by the show. She figured doing something to contribute to fandom would help her care about the show more than complaining.

Percysowner's Articles


Karen is our resident games expert and sometimes poet, finding extraordinary ways to share her love for Supernatural.  She's married with one child, who’s in her first year of University.  She's from Southern Ontario and has worked for a large company for the past 30 years.  She found Supernatural the night they aired "Nightmare" and was immediately hooked. However due to shift work and a temperamental VCR, she was only able to catch a few episodes the first season and about half the second.  She was finally able to find the first season on DVD and caught up before season two’s came out. By the start of season three she had a digital box that she could record from and hasn't missed an episode since.

Karen's Articles


Elle is a dedicated Supernatural lover who has carted her beloved and well-worn SPN DVDs around the world and back  many time since discovering Supernatural on her journey to replace the other love of her life, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Devoted to the WFB from the start, Elle is thrilled to have a place to share theories, rambles and obsessiveness with a community that not only understands it, but shares and embraces the Winchester way.

Elle's Articles


lindaBookdal thinks a lot about Supernatural, probably too much. In her real life persona Bookdal teaches writing and reads too many books. She's a bluestocking really. She found Supernatural after season five's finale and she's never looked. Well, that's not true. She has looked back and wondered who the heck was the girl before this show. Bookdal writes here because Alice was kind enough to let her post her wandering metas. 

Bookdal's Articles


altIn real life, Bardicvoice is Mary Dominiak, a 50-something voice artist recording audiobooks at her home in Northern Virginia when she isn't touring the USA with a restored WWII B-17 bomber. She's an occasional fiction writer, a former career Federal civil servant, and a non-practicing lawyer. As if that wasn't enough, she's also a television production junkie fascinated by the entire process of how stories are taken from concept to script to screen. Mary watched Supernatural from the beginning, but stupidly didn't fall head-over-heels for it until seeing Faith made her realize she'd just been viewing the surface, missing the true depth of character beneath. She started blogging the show at the beginning of season two, first on the TV Guide website (back when it had a community feature, now gone) and then on LiveJournal and the fan website, writing in-depth episode reviews. In November 2006, she started posting meta under the umbrella title of Supernatural University, featuring analytical articles exploring topics in psychology, philosophy, theology, law, and myth as they relate to the show. When Alice asked if she'd like to do occasional reviews and open a new Supernatural University campus on Winchester Family Business, she jumped at the chance! 

For Bardicvoice's pre-WFB archives and fanfic, go to Bardic's Descant:

Bardicvoice's Articles 

Lilah Kane

Lilah avatarOne Finnish recruit reporting for duty! Lilah saw few episodes of "Supernatural" here and there and remembers them making an impact but because of many reasons she couldn't start to watch at that point of her life. Years went by and life situations changed a lot during that time. She was unemployed a long time until she got a job as a graphic designer.  "Supernatural" was the push to make her learn new things and get back to writing that she loves and designing things in her free time. Her husband's brother tried to push them to watch "Supernatural" and they finally did. And she can say that without Netflix it would have been pretty hard. 

Lilah loves movies and TV shows and as genres she enjoys mostly, fantasy, Science fiction, action and horror. She can safely say that nowadays she does "All things Supernatural" and learns new things every day because of it. 

Lilah's Articles


WednesdayOkie Dokie. All about me.

Descriptors:SPN Fan/ Meta; Writer; Feminist; Flm. St.

Favorite Episodes:So many. Tough Question.

1.15 “The Benders” John Shiban ~Nothing’s scarier than real.
3.11 “Mystery Spot” Jeremy Carver/Emily McLaughlin ~Funnier every time, even if Sam ends up in a “Season 10 dark place.”
4.01 “Lazarus Rising” Eric Kripke ~Brilliant plotting. Although we can’t see Cas he’s there trying to give Dean everything he wants.
4.16 “On the Head of a Pin” Ben Edlund ~Dark. The end tears me up.
9.03 “I'm No Angel” B. Buckner & Eugenie RossLeming ~The human condition.

Least Favorite Episodes:

8.04 “Bitten” 9.04 “Slumber Party” Robbie Thompson ~Both revisited in Season 10. Arrgh!

Character You Most Resemble:Somewhere between Sam and Rowena. Metatron?

Favorite Character:Baby! (You can't split J2)

Biggest Show Criticisms:1) The Network/Producers need to double SPN’s budget.  SPN earned and deserves it.
2) More women, especially directors and writers.

A Question no one ever asks you:“Can you tell us what you really think, Wednesday?”

A Question everyone asks you:“Are you really a witch?” I haven’t boiled any cats alive, but I certainly understand the temptation.

What’s in it for your readers?:I don’t ask rhetorical questions. I want answers. I hate missing apuzzle piece. Sometimes, I really need the
readers to give input to solve it. 10 viewers see it 10 different ways. What’s yours?

Wednesday's Articles


mallenaMallena, otherwise known as Michelle, (she responds to either) is a life-long television addict, reader, and science fiction/fantasy nerd.  Imagine her surprise when she found out, in her 50’s, that she was also a writer.  Who knew?  One day she decided to watch a long-put-off show called Supernatural on Netflix.  Her life was never the same.  Commenting about SPN on the WFB is lots of fun and she made some great friends here, but the cherry on top is getting to join the staff and write reviews.


Mallena lives in Northern Utah with her husband and three adult children.  An empty nest is never going to happen, though, because her autistic daughter will always live at home.  One day, her other daughter and her son will finish college, get married, and move out of the house…hopefully.  Mallena also enjoys making jewelry, working in her rock garden, and crocheting.  She’s also pretty handy with a glue gun and shiny metallic sharpies.  She can type pretty fast, but didn’t really enjoy secretarial work, so she instead had a variety of odd jobs and later, became a stay-at-home cook, cleaner, shopper, hobbyist, and writer.


Mallena's Articles

Far Away Eyes

AmericanFlagTongueFar Away Eyes has been hooked on Supernatural ever since seeing the show air on TNT in 2010. Her first episode was “Scarecrow,” and it was love at first sight. The car, the classic rock, the brotherly bond, the tongue in cheek comedy and heartbreaking stories---sometimes in the same episode---fascinated her extensively. Far Away Eyes had to go back to the beginning and learn just who Sam and Dean were. Over time it has become her “Happy Place,” and she is a devoted viewer. She found The Winchester Family Business thanks to the TV Guide article and has been sharing her thoughts in reviews and various articles for them ever since. 
She has had the great opportunity to attend four Supernatural Conventions, and enjoys meeting the cast responsible for making her all time favorite show. Even more, she loves meeting other fans---mostly those she's met through various online fandom connections. Far Away Eyes treasures the friendships forged through mutual love for Supernatural.
In her life outside Supernatural, Far Away Eyes is a 30 something known as Allison. She hails from the Midwest, in Southwest Minnesota. Currently she works in retail sales (big box department) mostly in the backroom, dealing with the vendors and trucks first hand. She is currently trying to find a way to make writing a full time career and move into the next phase of her life. 
Far Away Eyes earned a BA in Creative Writing from Southwest Minnesota State University in 2006. When she's not writing about Supernatural, she's writing fiction. She's currently working on a novel that she hopes to have published someday. At the same time, she's also considering going to grad school for Library Science so she can become a true Woman of Letters. In her down time, Far Away Eyes also embroiders, usually working on Supernatural related projects. 
Twitter: @farawayeyes4

Far Away Eyes' Articles


Metamorphic Rocks

MetamorphicRocksDrawn to science fiction/fantasy dramas at a young age, Metamorphic Rocks (AKA Roxanne) spent many days after school tearing through the house wearing cardboard bulletproof bracelets and swinging her paper truth lasso around as Wonder Woman.  Other days she preferred to fight crime by running in slow motion and throwing giant rocks (pillows) as The Bionic Woman.  She moved on to horror movies, bravely staying up weekend nights to watch  classic monsters like Dracula and The Wolfman (nothing’s more terrifying than Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein), then, as a grown up and very serious about her pretend worlds, followed up with The X-Files, Lost, and The Walking Dead.

She found the Winchester brothers on an autumn night in 2009, and was completely drawn in by the story, but most especially by Sam and Dean’s unique relationship.  A while later, she found the Supernatural fandom, and a while after that, submitted her first article to The WFB.

Metamorphic Rocks lives in Maryland with her husband and three young sons. When not indulging her passion for genre TV or trying to contain the massive ball of collective energy that is her boys, she works as an occupational therapist at a sub-acute rehabilitation facility.  She’s also a licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor. 

Metamorphic Rocks' Articles

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